Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete And Raised To Win

Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania. In addition, many yearlings are eligible to the Maryland Standardbred Race Fund. A selection of yearlings are dual-eligible to and they are marked with ^ below.

The 2021 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for more information.

Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates. Click on a sale name to see Winbak Farm’s full roster for that sale.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
9/13 GOSHEN 1 P C Bak To Magic# Boston Red Rocks Magic Card Veeza NY
9/13 GOSHEN 4 P F Doing Marvelous# Bolt The Duer Marvalous Joy Delmarvalous NY
9/13 GOSHEN 5 P F Cruzin The Blues - OUT Heston Blue Chip Merculese Artsplace PA
9/13 GOSHEN 7 P F Bourbon Babe Roll With Joe MIchelle's Ideal Western Ideal NY
9/13 GOSHEN 9 P C Dudewithanattitude - OUT Heston Blue Chip More Power Rusty Western Hanover PA
9/13 GOSHEN 12 T F Winning Paige - OUT Credit Winner Ms Paige Andover Hall NY
9/13 GOSHEN 14 P C Joe Knows Roll With Joe Necessary Element Red River Hanover NY
9/13 GOSHEN 15 P C Bolt On By Bolt The Duer New Hollywood Cam's Card Shark NY
9/13 GOSHEN 19 T F Shift Change Conway Hall Overnight Rail Donerail NY
9/13 GOSHEN 23 T F Poised To Win Andover Hall Pinkcowgirlboots Glidemaster PA
9/13 GOSHEN 25 P C Bravo Sir Roll With Joe Power Again Dragon Again NY
9/13 GOSHEN 27 T F Arresting Beauty Andover Hall Proud Maggie Lindy Lane PA
9/13 GOSHEN 28 P C Extra Rare# Heston Blue Chip Rare Filly Village Connection PA
9/13 GOSHEN 29 T F Six Figure Queen# Conway Hall Revenue Shares Revenue S NY
9/13 GOSHEN 35 T C Muscles Minuteman* Muscles Yankee Sing Me To Sleep Conway Hall NY
9/13 GOSHEN 37 P C Bolting Home - OUT Bolt The Duer Sweet Bonnie Royal Mattjesty NY
9/13 GOSHEN 42 P F Rock On Tina# Boston Red Rocks Tina's Bliss Blissfull Hall NY
9/13 GOSHEN 43 P C Merry Jerry# American Ideal Toy Delight Bettor's Delight NY
9/13 GOSHEN 44 P F Country House# Boston Red Rocks Tug River Della Die Laughing NY
9/13 GOSHEN 49 P C Crime Boss Roll With Joe Unlawful Smile Western Hanover NY
9/13 GOSHEN 52 P F Beantown Lass# Boston Red Rocks Viking Maiden Matt's Scooter NY
9/13 GOSHEN 53 P C Perfect Pour Roll With Joe Village Journal Western Hanover NY
9/13 GOSHEN 55 P C Keep Believing Heston Blue Chip What Fools Believe Western Hanover PA
9/13 GOSHEN 58 P C Jeopardy James# Bolt The Duer Winbak Bet Bettor's Delight NY
9/13 GOSHEN 59 T F Swipe The Stripe Credit Winner Winbak Half CR Excalibur NY
9/13 GOSHEN 62 P F Wishing Rock Boston Red Rocks Writer's Wish Sportswriter NY
9/13 GOSHEN 67 P C Alota Bolt Bolt The Duer Alota Bling Badlands Hanover NY
9/13 GOSHEN 68 P C Rebal Alliance Boston Red Rocks Art Alliance Artiscape NY
9/13 GOSHEN 69 P F I've Got Bling Roll With Joe Artist Jewels Real Artist NY
9/13 GOSHEN 70 P F English Rocks# Boston Red Rocks Ashlee's Spitfire Roll With Joe NY
9/13 GOSHEN 71 P C Boston Bound# Boston Red Rocks Ashleeswayrhighway Bettor's Delight NY
9/13 GOSHEN 72 P F Rollin With Pride Roll With Joe Ashley's Pride The Panderosa NY
9/13 GOSHEN 74 P C Dauntless Dude* Dude's The Man Azorean Sky Rocknroll Hanover NY
9/13 GOSHEN 75 P F Sunshine Chip Heston Blue Chip Balasun The Panderosa PA
9/13 GOSHEN 76 P C Solar Bolt Bolt The Duer Beach Bonnet Camluck NY
9/13 GOSHEN 77 P F Madison Queen# Heston Blue Chip Better Speed Betterthancheddar PA
9/13 GOSHEN 84 T C Night Star Met's Hall Celestial Angel Archangel NY
9/13 GOSHEN 89 P F Boston Jive Boston Red Rocks Dancing Heart Art Colony NY
9/13 GOSHEN 92 P F Mama Donna# Artiscape Donna's Girl Village Jove NY
9/13 GOSHEN 93 P C Gritty Heston Blue Chip Drag N Sand Dragon Again PA
9/13 GOSHEN 105 P F Comedy Nite Bolt The Duer Funny Card Cam's Card Shark NY
9/13 GOSHEN 109 P C He's Heaven Sent# Heston Blue Chip Heavenly Sign Life Sign PA
9/13 GOSHEN 116 P F Mezzo Soprano Heston Blue Chip Keystone Musical No Nukes PA
9/13 GOSHEN 118 P C Magic Chip Heston Blue Chip Kim's Majesty Royal Mattjesty PA
9/13 GOSHEN 120 P F Lady Bolt# Bolt The Duer Lady Of Lust Armbro Mackintosh NY
9/13 GOSHEN 124 P F Red Beauty Rocks# Boston Red Rocks Linden Beauty Armbro Mackintosh NY
9/13 GOSHEN 125 P F Bella Rocks# Boston Red Rocks Lismorebella Camluck NY
9/13 GOSHEN 126 P C Speedfest Heston Blue Chip Lo Gophobia Presidential Ball PA