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Sept. 13th
Sept. 25th-26th

Oct. 6th-10th
Oct. 17th-18th

Nov. 2nd-4th
Nov. 5th-6th
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Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


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Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
PCGo With The RollRock N Roll HeavenFashion GuruRustler Hanover NY

PCBridgestoneHeston Blue ChipStonebridge KissesArtiscape NY

PCKnockin Boots TooHeston Blue ChipCalistaFalcons Future NY

PFIn A DazeHeston Blue ChipHypnotizeArtiscape NY

PFIma BlastHeston Blue ChipSiobhanBeach Towel NY

TFBlazin ChallyConway HallGreat QuantityCR Commando NY

TFDevious MaidDevious ManMaiden KnightConway Hall NY

PCLenda Hand ManAmerican IdealAshleeswayrhighwayBettor's Delight NY

PFBuy One Get OneRoll With JoeDouble IdealWestern Ideal NY

PFClear The WayBolt The DuerClaraArt Major NY

PFCutting HumorHeston Blue ChipLatin LiftoffShotgun Scott NY

PFHestonspurrfectHeston Blue ChipPurrfectly BadBadlands Hanover NY

PCJersey JusticeHeston Blue ChipJersey PearlDragon Again NY

PCPower BluHeston Blue ChipPower AgainDragon Again NY

PCBuy The FirmBolt The DuerBuy In HanoverCam's Card Shark NY

TFSeven DishesChapter SevenAngie's DishAngus Hall NY

TFCandidmemoryConway HallCandidcamerakosmosS J's Photo NY

TCBack Ofthe BayDevious ManAurora BayGlidemaster NY

PFHouse HuntHuntsvilleWishfora FullhouseCam's Card Shark NY

PFApril AngelAmerican IdealRoyal DistractionRoyal Mattjesty NY

PCArmed BanditHeston Blue ChipBandolera HanoverWestern Hanover NY

PFDancing DreamRoll With JoeCover Up HallBadlands Hanover NY

PCPowered Up BodyBolt The DuerMore Power RustyWestern Hanover NY

PCBlaz N ChipHeston Blue ChipCrystal BlazeGeartogear NY

PCAin't He SpecialAmerican IdealKim's Royal DayRoyal Mattjesty NY

TFVivian's CrownConway HallKim's Big CrownDonerail NY

PFEdith RoseRock N Roll HeavenBidforakissBadlands Hanover NY

PCBurning FlameRock N Roll HeavenSpark OutBadlands Nitro NY

PCAccountedRock N Roll HeavenAccountableArtsplace NY

PFBest DivaRoll With JoePurrfect DivaBadlands Hanover NY

PCTitle CutRock N Roll HeavenLove That CutPresidential Ball NY

PFStrike The GavelRock N Roll HeavenEternal JusticeJate Lobell NY

TFDuel CommandMuscles YankeeOvernight CommandCR Commando NY

PFSpinoff TimeBolt The DuerTopless HallBlissfull Hall NY

TFShy StellaChapter SevenMia StellinaCR Commando NY

PFShake It GirlRock N Roll HeavenShes A PansationNo Pan Intended NY

TFSeven CupidsChapter SevenLove TacticsTagliabue NY

TFCordial LadyCredit WinnerLady TiniSand Vic NY

PFHolly HallHeston Blue ChipWilma HallBlissfull Hall NY

PFAmerican TicketAmerican IdealFree TicketQuik Pulse Mindale NY

PCStreet BeatsAmerican IdealLinden BeautyArmbro Mackintosh NY

PCPop Quiz DayAmerican IdealOpen Book TestReal Desire NY

PCStroll PatrolAmerican IdealWalk SoftlyAllamerican Native NY

PFArrive In StyleBolt The DuerElegant GirlAllamerican Ingot NY

TCRaise The ScoreCredit WinnerCR MimosaCR Commando NY

TCGrand SpaE L TitanDay At The SpaAndover Hall NY

PFBettors Forty LuvRoll With JoeLove You FortyArtsplace NY

PFClear As GlassAmerican IdealGlass MakerArtsplace NY

PCDefensive PlayerHeston Blue ChipSelinas's JoyDragon Again NY

PFNite Time DealAmerican IdealMidnight ArtArtsplace NY

PFBlueberry ShakeHeston Blue ChipChotat MilkJate Lobell NY

PCImprobableHeston Blue ChipJukebox MoneyJK Outlaw NY

PFRockin JetRock N Roll HeavenJet AmericaAllamerican Native NY

PFOpt OutAmerican IdealWinbak BetBettor's Delight NY

PCCollege All StarAmerican IdealCoed BluesArturo NY

TFMissy DiorMuscles YankeeDior KosmosS J's Photo NY

PFMusical RowRock N Roll HeavenLuck Runns OverBadlands Hanover NY

PCThe Crowd Loves MeHeston Blue ChipAll The LadiesShadow Play NY

TCChromeo RomeoE L TitanMs PaigeAndover Hall NY

PCRoll With The FlowRoll With JoeStreisands PlaceArtsplace NY

PFAshlee's SupremeHeston Blue ChipAshlee's CourtQuik Pulse Mindale NY

TCFast N MightyMuscles YankeeDatzfastCR Commando NY

TFBak A WinnerCredit WinnerRoberta's FantasyAndover Hall NY

PCSnappy ChipHeston Blue ChipSnappy PlayShadow Play NY

PFChances Are IdealAmerican IdealChancey LadyCamluck NY

PCFlip My ChipHeston Blue ChipRestive HanoverThe Panderosa NY

PFFlip The ScriptAmerican IdealTesting CenterDragon Again NY

PFSafe N FreeRock N Roll HeavenHidden CostCam's Card Shark NY

PCJitterbug FlipRock N Roll HeavenSweet BonnieRoyal Mattjesty NY

PCWhiskey TangoRock N Roll HeavenMatilda HallCambest NY

PCUncontestedAmerican IdealRoyal Lady LesRoyal Mattjesty NY

PFI Like RoseRock N Roll HeavenRed ZinfandelAllamerican Native NY

TCExotic ChapterChapter SevenExotic FormMalabar Man NY

TFFlaunt It To WinitCredit WinnerLove To FlauntAngus Hall NY

PCBlue Collar ManBolt The DuerCelebrate AmericaAllamerican Native NY

PCBoltageBolt The DuerPillageRoyal Mattjesty NY

TFDevious PromisesDevious ManPromising DivaBroad Bahn NY

PFRiver BelleHeston Blue ChipTug River DellaDie Laughing NY

PFTime To RoarHeston Blue ChipTiger StyleLife Sign NY

PCTexas TuxedoRock N Roll HeavenDatefortheballPresidential Ball NY

PCBlue LabelBolt The DuerHasty DewarCambest NY

PFMy StandardsBolt The DuerLilli MaidChristian Cullen NY

TCAccountant's DreamCredit WinnerAshlee's DreamDream Vacation NY

PFAin't She SpecialAmerican IdealI'm Just SpecialCamluck NY

TFAll The CreditCredit WinnerMedallistGlidemaster NY

PCChariot DriveHeston Blue ChipElizabeth SpencerWestern Ideal NY

PCJoint AccountAmerican IdealArt AccountArtsplace NY

PFCenter AttractionAmerican IdealArt CenterArt Major NY

PFMiss Blue BellAmerican IdealBlue ParadiseArtiscape NY

^Dual-eligible to Pennsylvania & Kentucky

+No Stored Stem Cells Available

*Agent Horse


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