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2021 Wins

2021 Earnings
(as of 2/15/21)
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Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


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Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
9/25-9/26 ONGAIT W3PCBlue Collar ManBolt The DuerCelebrate AmericaAllamerican Native NY

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT W4PCTexas TuxedoRock N Roll HeavenDatefortheballPresidential Ball NY

9/14 GOSHEN 5TFBlazin Chally~Conway HallGreat QuantityCR Commando NY

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT W5PFStrike The GavelRock N Roll HeavenEternal JusticeJate Lobell NY

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT W6PCGo With The RollRock N Roll HeavenFashion GuruRustler Hanover NY

9/14 GOSHEN 6PCBlue LabelBolt The DuerHasty DewarCambest NY

9/14 GOSHEN 9PFRockin JetRock N Roll HeavenJet AmericaAllamerican Native NY

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT W10PFMusical RowRock N Roll HeavenLuck Runns OverBadlands Hanover NY

9/14 GOSHEN 10PCImprobableHeston Blue ChipJukebox MoneyJK Outlaw NY

9/14 GOSHEN 12TFVivian's Crown~Conway HallKim's Big CrownDonerail NY

9/14 GOSHEN 14PFCutting HumorHeston Blue ChipLatin LiftoffShotgun Scott NY

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT W15PFI Like RoseRock N Roll HeavenRed ZinfandelAllamerican Native NY

9/14 GOSHEN 16PFMy StandardsBolt The DuerLilli MaidChristian Cullen NY

9/25-9/26 ONGAIT W16PCBurning FlameRock N Roll HeavenSpark OutBadlands Nitro NY

9/14 GOSHEN 18PCTitle Cut+~Rock N Roll HeavenLove That CutPresidential Ball NY

9/14 GOSHEN 22PCWhiskey Tango~Rock N Roll HeavenMatilda HallCambest NY

9/14 GOSHEN 30PCBoltage~Bolt The DuerPillageRoyal Mattjesty NY

9/14 GOSHEN 34PFHestonspurrfect~Heston Blue ChipPurrfectly BadBadlands Hanover NY

9/14 GOSHEN 35TFBak A WinnerCredit WinnerRoberta's FantasyAndover Hall NY

9/14 GOSHEN 38PFShake It GirlRock N Roll HeavenShes A PansationNo Pan Intended NY

9/14 GOSHEN 39TFSly Tiger*+Credit WinnerSing Me To SleepConway Hall NY

9/14 GOSHEN 40PCSnappy ChipHeston Blue ChipSnappy PlayShadow Play NY

9/14 GOSHEN 45PCJitterbug FlipRock N Roll HeavenSweet BonnieRoyal Mattjesty NY

9/14 GOSHEN 46PFSpinoff Time~Bolt The DuerTopless HallBlissfull Hall NY

9/14 GOSHEN 47PFRiver Belle~Heston Blue ChipTug River DellaDie Laughing NY

9/14 GOSHEN 54PFHolly Hall~Heston Blue ChipWilma HallBlissfull Hall NY

9/14 GOSHEN 55PFOpt Out~American IdealWinbak BetBettor's Delight NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 58TFSeven DishesChapter SevenAngie's DishAngus Hall NY

9/14 GOSHEN 59PCAccountedRock N Roll HeavenAccountableArtsplace NY

9/14 GOSHEN 62PCThe Crowd Loves Me~Heston Blue ChipAll The LadiesShadow Play NY

9/14 GOSHEN 65PFAshlee's Supreme~Heston Blue ChipAshlee's CourtQuik Pulse Mindale NY

9/14 GOSHEN 67PCArmed BanditHeston Blue ChipBandolera HanoverWestern Hanover NY

9/14 GOSHEN 68PFEdith Rose~Rock N Roll HeavenBidforakissBadlands Hanover NY

9/14 GOSHEN 74PCBuy The FirmBolt The DuerBuy In HanoverCam's Card Shark NY

9/14 GOSHEN 75PCKnockin Boots TooHeston Blue ChipCalistaFalcons Future NY

9/14 GOSHEN 76TFCandidmemoryConway HallCandidcamerakosmosS J's Photo NY

9/14 GOSHEN 78PFClear The WayBolt The DuerClaraArt Major NY

9/14 GOSHEN 79PCBlaz N Chip~Heston Blue ChipCrystal BlazeGeartogear NY

9/14 GOSHEN 81TCFast N Mighty - OUTMuscles YankeeDatzfastCR Commando NY

9/14 GOSHEN 83TFMissy Dior~Muscles YankeeDior KosmosS J's Photo NY

9/14 GOSHEN 88PFArrive In Style~Bolt The DuerElegant GirlAllamerican Ingot NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 131PCAin't He SpecialAmerican IdealKim's Royal DayRoyal Mattjesty NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 158PFAmerican TicketAmerican IdealFree TicketQuik Pulse Mindale NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 194PFChances Are IdealAmerican IdealChancey LadyCamluck NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 199PFApril AngelAmerican IdealRoyal DistractionRoyal Mattjesty NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 217PFHouse HuntHuntsvilleWishfora FullhouseCam's Card Shark NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 234PCBridgestoneHeston Blue ChipStonebridge KissesArtiscape NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 254TFSeven CupidsChapter SevenLove TacticsTagliabue NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 342TFShy StellaChapter SevenMia StellinaCR Commando NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 402PCStroll PatrolAmerican IdealWalk SoftlyAllamerican Native NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 406TCGrand SpaE L TitanDay At The SpaAndover Hall NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 431PFClear As GlassAmerican IdealGlass MakerArtsplace NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 436PFAin't She SpecialAmerican IdealI'm Just SpecialCamluck NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 440PCLenda Hand ManAmerican IdealAshleeswayrhighwayBettor's Delight NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 455TCChromeo RomeoE L TitanMs PaigeAndover Hall NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 488PCPop Quiz DayAmerican IdealOpen Book TestReal Desire NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 491TFDuel CommandMuscles YankeeOvernight CommandCR Commando NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 507PCJoint AccountAmerican IdealArt AccountArtsplace NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 517PCUncontestedAmerican IdealRoyal Lady LesRoyal Mattjesty NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 519TFFlaunt It To WinitCredit WinnerLove To FlauntAngus Hall NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 520PFNite Time DealAmerican IdealMidnight ArtArtsplace NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 541PFBest DivaRoll With JoePurrfect DivaBadlands Hanover NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 548PCRoll With The FlowRoll With JoeStreisands PlaceArtsplace NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 563PFFlip The ScriptAmerican IdealTesting CenterDragon Again NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 564TFDevious PromisesDevious ManPromising DivaBroad Bahn NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 605PCChariot DriveHeston Blue ChipElizabeth SpencerWestern Ideal NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 621PFCenter AttractionAmerican IdealArt CenterArt Major NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 622PCSixinsix*^American IdealInanotherworldArtsplace NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 623TCAccountant's DreamCredit WinnerAshlee's DreamDream Vacation NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 628TCBack Ofthe BayDevious ManAurora BayGlidemaster NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 634TFDevious MaidDevious ManMaiden KnightConway Hall NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 640PCPower BluHeston Blue ChipPower AgainDragon Again NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 655PCJersey JusticeHeston Blue ChipJersey PearlDragon Again NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 660TFAll The CreditCredit WinnerMedallistGlidemaster NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 666PCCollege All StarAmerican IdealCoed BluesArturo NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 670PFDancing DreamRoll With JoeCover Up HallBadlands Hanover NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 673TCRaise The ScoreCredit WinnerCR MimosaCR Commando NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 674PFIn A DazeHeston Blue ChipHypnotizeArtiscape NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 703PFIma BlastHeston Blue ChipSiobhanBeach Towel NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 717PFBuy One Get OneRoll With JoeDouble IdealWestern Ideal NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 720PCFlip My ChipHeston Blue ChipRestive HanoverThe Panderosa NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 769TFCordial LadyCredit WinnerLady TiniSand Vic NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 779PCStreet BeatsAmerican IdealLinden BeautyArmbro Mackintosh NY

11/3-11/5 THE BLACK BOOK 787PFBettors Forty LuvRoll With JoeLove You FortyArtsplace NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 796PFBlueberry ShakeHeston Blue ChipChotat MilkJate Lobell NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 806PCDefensive PlayerHeston Blue ChipSelinas's JoyDragon Again NY

10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 816PFTime To RoarHeston Blue ChipTiger StyleLife Sign NY

^Also Kentucky eligible


+No Stored Stem Cells Available


~Yearlings are located at Winbak Farm of NY


*Agent Horse


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