2023 Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete...Raised To Win

Winbak Farm yearlings are eligible to 7 slot-enriched areas including Delaware, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.

In addition, many yearlings are eligible to the profitable Maryland Standardbred Race Fund. Two yearlings are dual-eligible to the lucrative Kentucky program.

The 2023 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for pedigree.

Sale assignments and yearling videos will be posted closer to sales season.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
P F Bet She Can Rock Boston Red Rocks Winbak Speedi Riverboat King NY
P C Courtly Classic Courtly Choice Reba Dobie Ponder NY
P F Lovely Pebble Roll With Joe Where's My Pebble Ponder NY
P F Airflow Speed Boston Red Rocks Pulse Power Quik Pulse Mindale NY
P C Groovin Will Roll With Joe Who Moved The Rock Life Sign NY
T C Happy Jack B Chapter Seven Exotic Form Malabar Man NY
T F Met's Heart Met's Hall Cardio Pump Angus Hall NY
T F Hall Of Ashes Met's Hall Smokin Ash Angus Hall NY
T F Market Rate Met's Hall Current Yield Like A Prayer NY
P F American Sassie American Ideal Sassafras Girl Badlands Hanover NY
P C Spirit Of Freedom American Ideal Face To Face Camluck NY
P R Noodle Mania Courtly Choice Use Your Noodle Artzina NY
P C Alabama Lucky Huntsville B So Lucky Artiscape NY
P C Enjoy Your Flight Huntsville Enjoy The View Life Sign NY
T F Calculus Risk Devious Man K Squared Hanover Muscle Mass NY
P C Cyberknife American Ideal Upfrontandpersonal Bettor's Delight NY
P F Mrs Cheese American Ideal Ms Cheesman Betterthancheddar NY
P F Vivie's Wish American Ideal Lillywhites Artiscape NY
P F Mom's Point American Ideal Bullet Point McArdle NY
T F Wet Spring Met's Hall Summer Sis Swan For All NY
P C Roundnroundwego Boston Red Rocks Easy De Vie No Pan Intended NY
P F Cover The Crown Courtly Choice Always Covers Bettor's Delight NY
T C Nicky M E L Titan Victors Vicky Valley Victor NY
T F Devious Babe Devious Man Georgia Baby Mutineer NY
P C Beach Choice Courtly Choice Beach Burn Somebeachsomewhere NY
T C Steamy Seven Chapter Seven Commando Queen CR Commando NY
P C Marvin's Choice Courtly Choice Marvalous Joy Delmarvalous NY
P C Happy Jim American Ideal Happy Kim Camluck NY
P C Courtly Blue Courtly Choice Blue Paradise Artiscape NY
P C Courtinsession Courtly Choice Freedom Crossing Artiscape NY
P F Gold Leaf American Ideal Purrfect Bags Roddy's Bags Again NY
P F American Fancy American Ideal Sportsfancy Sportsmaster NY
P C Scrappy Ideal American Ideal Best Tussle Pro Bono Best NY
P F Royal Roll Roll With Joe Fast Princess Artiscape NY
P F All Hail The Queen Courtly Choice Red Carpet Queen Western Hanover NY
P F Win With Lynnly # American Ideal Arielle Lynn Somebeachsomewhere NY
P F Freeze Warning American Ideal Stonebridge Frosty Shadow Play NY
P F Ideal Amy American Ideal Roll With Amy Roll With Joe NY
T C Lucario * E L Titan Sing Me To Sleep Conway Hall NY
T C El Commando E L Titan Mia Stellina CR Commando NY
P F Tennis Queen Roll With Joe Serena Said Well Said NY
T F Fit N Pretty Chapter Seven Fitness Girl Muscles Yankee NY
P C Fly With Joe Roll With Joe View Of The Land Badlands Hanover NY
P C Speed Club Roll With Joe Dune Speed Western Ideal NY
P C Panic Room American Ideal Troubled Escape Artiscape NY
P F Courtly Maiden Courtly Choice Maid West Western Hanover NY
P F Idyllic Walk American Ideal Walk Softly Allamerican Native NY
P C American Boxer American Ideal Thong Western Hanover NY
T F Happy Noel Met's Hall Roberta's Fantasy Andover Hall NY
P F Singers Choice Courtly Choice Keystone Musical No Nukes NY
T C Global Twist Met's Hall Twist Of Faith Sand Vic NY
P C Fast Choice Courtly Choice Fashion Guru Rustler Hanover NY
P C Fun King Courtly Choice KG Delight Northern Luck NY
T F Seven Charms Chapter Seven Mets Life Kadabra NY
P C Hard Court Courtly Choice Big Bottom The Panderosa NY
T C Moon Lite Stroll Met's Hall Starlit Eyes CR Commando NY
P F Courtyard Courtly Choice Makes You Wonder Jenna's Beach Boy NY
P C Jersey Pike Roll With Joe Jersey Pearl Dragon Again NY
P F Commonwealth Ave Boston Red Rocks Delightful Play Shadow Play NY
P C Midnight Silver Boston Red Rocks Unred Hanover Western Ideal NY
P C Wishful Ideal American Ideal Mako Wish Cam's Card Shark NY
P C American Salute American Ideal Dreams Are Great Dream Away NY
P C Victory Joe Roll With Joe Flibbertigibbet Albert Albert NY
P F Choiceofthetown Courtly Choice Movie Town American Ideal NY
P C Courts On Fire Courtly Choice Ashlee's Spitfire Roll With Joe NY
P C Silky Choice Courtly Choice Silk Pajamas Bettor's Delight NY
P F Special Pieces Courtly Choice Gadgets To Go Cam's Card Shark NY
P C Ima Perfect Choice Courtly Choice Ideal Paper American Ideal NY
P F Fast N Free Roll With Joe Wilma Hall Blissfull Hall NY
P F Bean Town Girl Boston Red Rocks My Perfect Rhyme Cole Muffler NY