Winbak Farm Horses For Sale

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Please call Jeff Fout at 443.945.0507 for information on racehorses for sale and 410.885.3059 for information on broodmares, yearlings and weanlings for sale.

Name Age Sire Dam Type Gait Record/Earnings
South Sea Breeze 3C Southwind Frank Sea Gypsy Racehorse T BT2:00.4f-'21 ($1,615)
Name Age Sire Dam Type Gait Record/Earnings
#1212, Top Photo (Agent) 14M S J's Photo Top Chip BBM T 3, 1:57.2f; 1:56.2f ($91,585)
#1127, Allerage Belle (Agent) 9M Conway Hall Bourbon Belle BBM T 3, Q1:58f ($24,997)
#1197, Mckees Angel (Agent) 4M Archangel Top Photo BBM T 2, 1:57s; 3, 1:54.2s -'20 ($66,935)
#1329, Thelegendcontinues (Agent) 2G Archangel Top Photo BBM T
#1458, Fuzzy Angel (Agent) 3F Archangel Energy Drink BBM T 3, 1:56.3h -'21 ($56,445)
#1459, Queso Relleno (Agent) 4M Betterthancheddar Hay Macarena BBM P p, 2, 1:52.2s; 4, 1:51.4s -'21 ($132,968)
#1460, Beach Moment (Agent) 3F Control The Moment Beach Bretta BBM P p, 2, 1:57.2f; 3, 1:53.3h -'21 ($42,683)
#1503, Bet Mine (Agent) 3C Betting Line Pleasant Yet Bad BBM P p, 2, 1:52.3f; 3, 1:52.2f -'21 ($37,768)
#1504, Bolt Power (Agent) 3C Bolt The Duer Pulse Power BBM P p, 3, 1:52.2h -'21 ($47,244)
#1505, Major Makover (Agent) 3G Art Major Mako Wish BBM P p, 2, Q1:56s; 3, 1:53.2s -'21 ($96,813)
#1506, Mr Charisma (Agent) 3G Betterthancheddar Village Jovial BBM P p, 2, 1:53.2s -'20 ($31,871)
#1507, Muscle Jack (Agent) 3G Muscle Mass J Marie BBM T 3, 1:54.3f -'21 ($40,449)
#1508, Truffles Too (Agent) 3G Donato Hanover Truffles BBM T 2, 1:56.3f; 3, 1:54.4f -'21 ($37,732)
#1526, Bronze Yankee (Agent) 4G Muscles Yankee Brontease BBM T 3, 1:56.1f; 4, 1:54.3f -'21 ($91,039)
#1527, Groovy Joe (Agent) 4H Roll With Joe Chotat Milk BBM P p, 2, 1:52f; 3, 1:48.4s -'20 ($393,110)
#1543, Carrythetorchman (Agent) 3C American Ideal Kattimon BBM P p, 2, 1:55.4h; 3, Q1:55.1 -'21 ($106,672)
#942, Heaven's Gate Two (Agent) WC Archangel Allerage Belle BBM T
BLOODED HORSE SALE 11/16 - 11/18
Name Age Sire Dam Type Gait Record/Earnings
Awaken The Passion 15M Cole Muffler Tising Tising blooded P
Bad Girl Blues WF Heston Blue Chip Unlawful Smile blooded p
Bell's Secret WF Artspeak Clara blooded P
Candid Maner 14M Donerail Candidcamerakosmos blooded T
Fun Fact WF Artspeak Fun Filly blooded P
Fun Filly 11M Cam's Card Shark Village Jovial blooded P p, 3, 1:56.4f; BT1:54.4 ($20,037)
JoJos Fire WF Roll With Joe Awaken The Passion blooded P
Keg Party WC Stag Party Wilma Hall blooded P
Purrfect Boss WC Boston Red Rocks Purrfect Diva blooded p
Rock N Love 9M Rock N Roll Heaven Flip For Love blooded P BT1:56.4h ($5,251)
Royal Lady Les 14M Royal Mattjesty Lady Leslie blooded P
Spare Me Please 15M Muscles Yankee Maggie Spur blooded T 3, 2:00.2s; BT1:59.2s ($9,534)
Sparkle In WF Heston Blue Chip Spark Out blooded P
Sparkmyinterest 4M Betterthancheddar Spark Out blooded P
Timeless Party WC Stag Party Art Alliance blooded P
Tina's Turn WF Classic Card Shark Tina's Bliss blooded P
Unlawful Smile 13M Western Hanover Outlawed Beauty blooded P BT1:59.4f
Winbak Half 16M CR Excalibur About Half Quick blooded T 2, 2:03.3h; 3, Q2:00.1s; 4, 1:57.4f; BT1:57.3s ($52,257)