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Sept. 8th
Sept. 13th

Sept. 18th-21st
Oct. 1st-5th

Oct. 19th-20th
Nov. 4th-6th

Nov. 7th-8th
2019 Wins

2019 Earnings
(as of 8/19/19)
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Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Indiana, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


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Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TFKristen's Dove+Andover HallKristen YMalabar Man PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TCHand Me A Victory+Andover HallVictors VickyValley Victor PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFFilly Speaks+ArtspeakFilly's VictoryJenna's Beach Boy PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFAlways Be True+Always B MikiMarietta HallCambest PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TCHall It In+Cantab HallMet's InnMutineer PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFOcean's Apart+Western IdealPlanet OceanCam's Card Shark PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCBar Harbor+SomebeachsomewhereWeeperAllamerican Native PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFArtistic Cut+ArtspeakPaper CutNorthern Luck PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TFSide Sway+Donato HanoverU Wanna LindyS J's Photo PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TCSouthern FashionDonato HanoverWinbak BratMuscles Yankee PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCBest Chance+Sweet LouChancey LadyCamluck PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCCyrus Peak+ArtspeakLislea PhiaLislea PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFSomewhere Onthebay+ArtspeakBeach BurnSomebeachsomewhere PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TCIndian Lane+Bar HoppingMissy LaneLindy Lane PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TCExplosive Hall+Explosive MatterKimco HallAndover Hall PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TFAbove The Clouds+Explosive MatterMiss Michelle HKing Conch PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TCFrench Hops+Bar HoppingLucerne De VieAngus Hall PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TFBelair Beauty+Andover HallBelle Of The BallMuscles Yankee PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PFBet On Chrissy+Betting LineSports ChicSportswriter PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON TFOutta Style+Donato HanoverMets LifeKadabra PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCBali Beach+SomebeachsomewhereHallie GallieVillage Jolt PA

10/1-10/5 LEXINGTON PCBet Mine+Betting LinePleasant Yet BadBadlands Hanover PA

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT W13PFMiss Tango+ArtspeakNF SalsaBlissfull Hall PA

9/8 GOSHEN 36TFFuture Fame Girl+Andover HallSpare Me PleaseMuscles Yankee PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 39PFBeach Front Babe+Betting LineMy Little BeachSomebeachsomewhere PA

9/8 GOSHEN 62TFFireworks Magic+Explosive MatterBeach MagicDream Vacation PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 99PCBeach Front Villa+SomebeachsomewhereVillage MadonnaRocknroll Hanover PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 308TCSouth Sea Breeze+Southwind FrankSea GypsyGlidemaster PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 318PFFive More Minutes+Betting LineSmokin N GrininGrinfromeartoear PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 502PFHalo N Horns+Western IdealHeavenly SignLife Sign PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 581TFMisty Kristy+Andover HallMs KristinDonerail PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 663PFGrip N Win+Betting LineSpring BreakDream Away PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 706TCTruffles Too+Donato HanoverTrufflesChocolatier PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 788PCArtist Best+ArtspeakBetterthanrevengeQuik Pulse Mindale PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 811TCAndy Can+Andover HallCandidcamerakosmosS J's Photo PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 837TCMr Jeff+Andover HallDaylon MistressDuke Of York PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 861TFDivainthereddress+Andover HallFashion TangoTom Ridge PA

11/4-11/6 HARRISBURG SELECT 871PCHe Isa Heart Break+Western IdealGadgets To GoCam's Card Shark PA

+Stored Stem Cells Available


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*Agent Horse

#Eligible in Kentucky also


Sale Dates

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Goshen: 9/8


Ohio Jug: 9/13


onGait: 9/18-9/21

*No hip numbers available for Winbak's OnGait lineup


Lexington: 10/1-10/5


London: 10/19-10/20


Harrisburg: 11/4-11/6


Har. Mixed: 11/7-11/8


*Updated earnings & records highlighted as of 8/1 for Goshen, Ohio Jug & onGait


*Updated earnings & records highlighted as of 9/1 for Lexington, Harrisburg & Harrisburg Mixed