2023 Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete...Raised To Win

Winbak Farm yearlings are eligible to 7 slot-enriched areas including Delaware, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.

In addition, many yearlings are eligible to the profitable Maryland Standardbred Race Fund. Two yearlings are dual-eligible to the lucrative Kentucky program.

The 2023 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for pedigree.

Sale assignments and yearling videos will be posted closer to sales season.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
T F All Star Angel My MVP Celestial Angel Archangel ON
P C Wicked Move McWicked Ireneonthemove Powerful Toy ON
T F Missi Is Zippy Archangel Mississippi Dream Dream Vacation ON
P C Bet I Will Bettor's Delight Kutekatie Real Artist ON
P C Silverwalls Betterthancheddar Redwalls Red River Hanover ON
P F Nola's Bet Bettor's Delight Ponder Dat Ponder ON
P F Better Than Wicked McWicked Betterthanrevenge Quik Pulse Mindale ON
P F Windsor Patty Sportswriter Hope For Paddy Mach Three ON
P C Mr Mcsmartypants McWicked Smart Girl Roll With Joe ON
T F Tricky Trish Trixton Supreme Dish Malabar Man ON
T F Abby's Medal The Bank Medallist Glidemaster ON
P C Poutining Me On Betterthancheddar Artomatic Love Western Ideal ON
P F April Shadows Shadow Play April May Dune Duneside Perch ON
T C Lunar Halo Archangel Puta Ring On It Angus Hall ON
T C Check Master The Bank Life Class Angus Hall ON
T F Dance On By The Bank Dancing Slippers Angus Hall ON
P F Sunshine Play Shadow Play Bunker Away Dream Away ON
P F Play Pal Shadow Play Thisthatntheother Dream Away ON
P C Happy Play Shadow Play Respectednbeloved Dream Away ON
T F Forbidden One My MVP His Mistress Mutineer ON
P F Good Pride McWicked Ashley's Pride The Panderosa ON
T F Special Scent Archangel Some Kinda Special Cantab Hall ON
P F Garden Belle Stag Party Mom's Bella Quik Pulse Mindale ON
P C Bunkhouse Boss McWicked Bunkhouse Babe Royal Mattjesty ON
P C Top Dealer McWicked Acey Deucey Cam's Card Shark ON
P C Devil's Wish McWicked Rocknroll Wishes Rocknroll Hanover ON
P F Pink Sky Shadow Play Pink Is Perfect Cam's Card Shark ON
P F Parkavenuejanet McWicked Parkavenuejulieann Bettor's Delight ON
P F Wicked Jenny McWicked Jenna's Delight Bettor's Delight ON
P F Sweet Sister McWicked Bet On Sis Bettor's Delight ON
P C Boyd Bay Jimmy Freight Bay Sky Art Major ON
P C Jimmys Sauce Jimmy Freight Twin B Salsa Art Major ON
P F Perfectly Chic Betterthancheddar Fit N Bad Badlands Hanover ON
P F Wicked Road McWicked Ashleeswayrhighway Bettor's Delight ON
P F Mermaids Tail Betterthancheddar Shark Tail Cam's Card Shark ON
P F Front Burner Jimmy Freight Bettor's Burn Bettor's Delight ON
P F Vivs Freight Train Jimmy Freight Full Moon Fix Bettor's Delight ON
P F Hope Swings Shadow Play I'm All In Cam's Card Shark ON
P F Mimi's Honor Shadow Play Mimi's Delight Bettor's Delight ON
P F Beautiful Smile Bettor's Delight Qrakmeup Blue Chip Sunshine Beach ON
P F All My Wishes McWicked Regal Wish Cam's Card Shark ON
T F Wings Of Green Green Manalishi S Sensual Hall Garland Lobell ON
P C Better My Heart Betterthancheddar Where The Heart Abercrombie ON
P F Delightful Account Bettor's Delight Three Accounts Mach Three ON
T C Heavens Fire Archangel Fiery Ash Muscle Mass ON
P F Wicked Craving McWicked Ms Mac N Cheese Badlands Hanover ON
P F Frilly Freight Jimmy Freight So What's Up Badlands Hanover ON
T F Marie H My MVP J Marie Angus Hall ON
T F Core Resolve Resolve Apple Magic Kadabra ON
T C Fast Snap Archangel Candidcamerakosmos S J's Photo ON
T F Its Not My Vault The Bank Mom's Apple Pie Striking Sahbra ON
T F Angel Mistress The Bank Daylon Mistress Duke Of York ON
P F Selfie Stick McWicked My Little Art Artsplace ON
T C Rising Interest The Bank Pardon Me Please Chapter Seven ON
P C Willie B Bettor's Delight Smokin N Grinin Grinfromeartoear ON
T F Julies Angel Archangel Charming Julieann Lucky Chucky ON
P F Power Of Pink Sportswriter Pink Ideal Western Ideal ON
P F Grooms Princess Stag Party Royal Distraction Royal Mattjesty ON
P F Epic Party Stag Party Power Again Dragon Again ON
P C Rule The Day Bettor's Delight Kim's Royal Day Royal Mattjesty ON
T C Bank On Lucas The Bank Lucerne De Vie Angus Hall ON
T F Diva Queen The Bank Not A Diva Muscles Yankee ON
P F Beach Fever Shadow Play Beaches N Dreams Rocknroll Hanover ON
P C Sports Power Sportswriter More Power Rusty Western Hanover ON
P F Speed Writer Sportswriter Ashlee's Star Western Hanover ON
P F Darlene's Angel Betterthancheddar Aladywithpower Art Major ON
T F Trix At The Ritz Trixton Promising Diva Broad Bahn ON
T C Macthenight Trixton Mackenzie Hall Cantab Hall ON
P F Mai Tide McWicked Tide Her Over Roll With Joe ON
P F Newswriter Sportswriter Maranatha Hanover No Pan Intended ON
P C Wicked Express McWicked Shes A Pansation No Pan Intended ON
T C Double Arch Archangel Kristen Y Malabar Man ON
T F Cowgirlslikebling The Bank Pinkcowgirlboots Glidemaster ON
P F Mcsweetie McWicked Bay Girl Royal Mattjesty ON
T C Lord Timmins Trixton Northern Hope Angus Hall ON
T F Sweet Swirl Muscle Mass Ms Paige Andover Hall ON
T C Influencer Muscle Mass JJ's Jordyn Angus Hall ON
P C Backup Plan Betterthancheddar Free Flight Fran Veeza ON
T F Party Trix Trixton Love To Flaunt Angus Hall ON
T C Elusive Ruler Trixton Females Rule Angus Hall ON
P F Lady Liz Sportswriter Lady Jackie Badlands Hanover ON
P C Tito N Cheddar Betterthancheddar She's A Dewar Western Ideal ON
T F Teller's Choice The Bank Tosca Muscle Mass ON
P F Julieann Kapelle Betterthancheddar Family Love Western Hanover ON
P F Twice The Fun Jimmy Freight Two Sides Of Love Sportswriter ON
P F Wicked Words McWicked Novel Writer Sportswriter ON
P F Expresso Beans McWicked Express Writer Sportswriter ON
P F Dear Abbey Betterthancheddar Advice Column Sportswriter ON
P C Precious Freight Jimmy Freight Warrawee Templar Shadow Play ON
P F Freight Train Baby Jimmy Freight Lady Lynnly Shadow Play ON
P F Mcgraph McWicked Graphene Rocknroll Hanover ON
P C Wicked Royal McWicked Crown Apple Western Ideal ON
P C Chillin N Spillin Bettor's Delight Ideal Talker Western Ideal ON
P F Plastic Fantastic Bettor's Delight Acrylic Art Major ON
T C Ten Barrel Trixton Maggie's Ideal Andover Hall ON
T C Bank On Brett The Bank Melissa's Angel Archangel ON
P F Top Cut Shadow Play Love That Cut Presidential Ball ON
P C Paper Shadow Shadow Play Paper Cut Northern Luck ON
T C Pierre In Paris Archangel French Doll Donerail ON
T F Banks A Million The Bank Craving You Kadabra ON
P C National Tier Betterthancheddar Heavenly Sign Life Sign ON
T F Ms Kirsi Muscle Mass Kirsi Hanover Donato Hanover ON
T F Clever Tactics Trixton Love Tactics Tagliabue ON
P F Sports Bonnet Sportswriter Beach Bonnet Camluck ON
T C Knight At Arms The Bank Maiden Knight Conway Hall ON
P F Better In Heels Betterthancheddar Black Stilletos If I Can Dream ON
T C Nashville Hit The Bank Overnight Hit Giant Hit ON
P F Zero Shadow Play Testing Center Dragon Again ON
P C Tip Of Time Shadow Play Timeless Beauty Dragon Again ON
P F Wicked Chip McWicked Benazire Blue Chip Art Major ON
P F McJazz McWicked Southwind Jazmin Art Major ON
P F Jess's Bright Idea Bettor's Delight Clear Idea American Ideal ON
P C Tap To Play Shadow Play Bet On Joy Bettor's Delight ON
P C Rowan Rocks Shadow Play Michelle Rocks Rocknroll Hanover ON
P C Wicked Wiggle McWicked Dancingatnight Rocknroll Hanover ON
P C Amazing Mac McWicked Amazing Control Shadow Play ON
P C Writers Streak Shadow Play New Writer Sportswriter ON
P C Hide The Wick McWicked Twin B Thong Sportswriter ON
P F Delightful You Bettor's Delight Feelinglikeastar Artiscape ON
P F My Wicked Heart McWicked Hearts N Flowers Artiscape ON
P F Fluid Shadow Play Hypnotize Artiscape ON
P F Kiss Cam Bettor's Delight Stonebridge Kisses Artiscape ON
P F Wickedly Smart McWicked Badlands Jenna Badlands Hanover ON
P F Dream Shot Sportswriter The Assassinator Richess Hanover ON
P C Sterling Choice Betterthancheddar Platinum Choice Admirals Galley ON
P C Bettor's Zone Bettor's Delight Impact Zone American Ideal ON
P C Gouda Man Betterthancheddar Lilli Maid Christian Cullen ON
P C Doctor Wicked McWicked Doctor Terror Western Terror ON
P F Writers Way Sportswriter Logan's Girl Roddy's Bags Again ON
P C Blazing Infinity Bettor's Delight Dreamfair Infinity Camluck ON
T F Miss My Kiss Archangel Missy Lane Lindy Lane ON