Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete And Raised To Win

Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania. In addition, many yearlings are eligible to the Maryland Standardbred Race Fund. A selection of yearlings are dual-eligible to and they are marked with ^ below.

The 2021 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for more information.

Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates. Click on a sale name to see Winbak Farm’s full roster for that sale.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 1 T F My Grand My MVP Summersgrandlady Conway Hall ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 3 P F Don't Test Me Sportswriter Testing Center Dragon Again ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 5 P C Silencethewitness Artspeak The Assassinator Richess Hanover ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 8 P C Hank The Hunk Shadow Play Topless Hall Blissfull Hall ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 10 P C Twice Played Shadow Play Two Sides Of Love Sportswriter ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 12 P F Western Flames Betterthancheddar Western Cat Western Hanover ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 14 P C Pebble Beach Pro Betterthancheddar Where's My Pebble Ponder ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 16 P C Slick N Quick Sportswriter Who Moved The Rock Life Sign ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 17 P C Mr William Artspeak Wilma Hall Blissfull Hall ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 19 P C Royal Assent Royal Mattjesty Win D Won Three Wizzards ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 21 T C Burning Arch Archangel Winbak Roberta Plesac ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 23 T F Noels Magic Archangel Apple Magic Kadabra ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 25 P C Granite Beach Sunshine Beach April May Dune Duneside Perch ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 27 P C Take It Home Artspeak Bad Sister Badlands Hanover ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 29 P C Street Art Artspeak Bagaholic Dragon Again ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 30 P F Sporty Miss B Sportswriter Bandolera Hanover Western Hanover ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 32 P C Early Play Shadow Play Before Dawn Cambest ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 34 P C Grey Lines - OUT Sportswriter Black Stilletos If I Can Dream ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 36 P C Island Attitude Shadow Play Blue Paradise Artiscape ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 38 T C Devil's Arch Archangel Bobbi Jo's Ex CR Excalibur ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 40 P C Boom Town Boy Betterthancheddar Boom Town Girl Totally Western ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 41 P F Mending Fences Artspeak Bridge To Tomorrow Bettor's Delight ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 43 P C Willin Warrior Artspeak Bunker Away Dream Away ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 45 P C Top Bunk Artspeak Bunkhouse Babe Royal Mattjesty ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 47 P C Catch The Spark Artspeak Catch The Show Real Artist ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 49 P C Hidden Article Sportswriter Cover Up Hall Badlands Hanover ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 51 P C Talkaboutagift Artspeak Elegant Gift Shadow Play ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 53 P F Dreamofbettortimes Bettor's Delight Dreams Are Great Dream Away ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 55 P C Prince Shadow Shadow Play Fast Princess Artiscape ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 56 P F Brave Chic Royal Mattjesty Fit N Bad Badlands Hanover ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 58 P C Xtra Cheese Betterthancheddar Funny Three Mach Three ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 60 P C Art Gizmo Artspeak Gadgets To Go Cam's Card Shark ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 64 P C Mirrorball Artspeak Happy Kim Camluck ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 69 P C Speaker Of Peace Artspeak I'm All In Cam's Card Shark ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 71 P C Massive Love He's Watching Dreamfair Infinity Camluck ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 73 P C Arty Moves Artspeak Ireneonthemove Powerful Toy ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 79 P C Liberty Royal Royal Mattjesty Kimberly's Baby Vintage Master ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 81 P C Best Shadow Shadow Play Kim's The Best Betterthancheddar ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 83 P C Action Reporter Sportswriter Lady Lynnly Shadow Play ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 85 T F Lady All Star My MVP Lady Tini Sand Vic ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 88 P F Latina Rose Royal Mattjesty Latin Liftoff Shotgun Scott ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 90 P C Art's Legacy Artspeak Lislea Phia Lislea ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 93 T F Vodka N Roses My MVP Lucerne De Vie Angus Hall ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 95 P C Pepper Jack Flash Betterthancheddar Mery Linny Lee Riverboat King ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 99 P C Mr Gallie Bettor's Delight Hallie Gallie Village Jolt ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 100 P F Free Verse Artspeak My Perfect Rhyme Cole Muffler ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 103 T F Audio Miss My MVP New DVD Like A Prayer ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 105 P F Better Not Sass Betterthancheddar Notalkingback Royal Mattjesty ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 109 P C Brush Marks Sportswriter Paints Hall Blissfull Hall ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 115 T F Rainbows Legacy Resolve Rainbow View Angus Hall ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 118 T C Fantastic MVP My MVP Roberta's Fantasy Andover Hall ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 120 P C Rocking The Crown Royal Mattjesty Rock N Love Rock N Roll Heaven ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 122 P C Holy Jalapeno Betterthancheddar Royal Dew Royal Mattjesty ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 126 P F Miss Dew Write Sportswriter She's A Dewar Western Ideal ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 128 P C Dows Up Shadow Play So What's Up Badlands Hanover ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 130 T C Spare Change Archangel Spare Me Please Muscles Yankee ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 132 T F Fair N Flair Archangel State Fair Dream Vacation ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 134 T C MVP Hit My MVP Summer Hit Giant Hit ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 136 P C Belighted Bettor's Delight Maid West Western Hanover ON
9/26 ONTARIO SELECT 136 P C Speak Of War Artspeak Warrawee Templar Shadow Play ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 171 P C Red Coin Bettor's Delight Unred Hanover Western Ideal ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 261 P C Bettor Bea Terror Bettor's Delight Doctor Terror Western Terror ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 314 P F Light N Fancy Bettor's Delight Sportsfancy Sportsmaster ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 347 T C Tuscan Prince Kadabra Tosca Muscle Mass ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 355 P F Rolling Bayou Bettor's Delight Benazire Blue Chip Art Major ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 415 P F Deadly Delight Bettor's Delight She's Poison Western Ideal ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 460 P C Fout Bettor's Delight Weeper Allamerican Native ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 469 T C All Star Yankee My MVP Yankee Blondie American Winner ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 472 P F Flashy Delight Bettor's Delight Best Tussle Pro Bono Best ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 489 P C Shady Play Shadow Play Pleasant Roll Roll With Joe ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 498 P C Winmebak Shadow Play Winbak Speedi Riverboat King ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 536 P F Vivie's Art Shadow Play Arts Bid Artsplace ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 549 P C Journal Entry Sportswriter Beaches N Dreams Rocknroll Hanover ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 560 T F Over Yonder My MVP Blue Yonder Tagliabue ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 568 T F Cardio Muscle Muscle Mass Cardio Pump Angus Hall ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 574 P F Recycle Betterthancheddar Cell Power Western Hanover ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 575 P F Best Show Shadow Play Thisthatntheother Dream Away ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 591 P C Chesapeake Sunrise Shadow Play Enjoy The View Life Sign ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 616 P F Ms Liz C Betterthancheddar Elizabeth Spencer Western Ideal ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 618 T F MVP Princess My MVP Mustalgia Muscles Yankee ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 620 P F Face The Shadows Shadow Play Face To Face Camluck ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 622 P F Fashion Forward Betterthancheddar Fashion Guru Rustler Hanover ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 631 P F Shadow River Shadow Play Fresh Outlook Cam's Card Shark ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 639 T F Mass Envy Muscle Mass Lady Love Hanover Cantab Hall ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 649 P F Blazin Babe Betterthancheddar Dune Speed Western Ideal ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 654 P F Dance With Tabby Bettor's Delight Dancingatnight Rocknroll Hanover ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 658 P C Better B Bold Betterthancheddar B So Lucky Artiscape ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 658 P F Paddy Melt Betterthancheddar Hope For Paddy Mach Three ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 669 P C Wall Street Bell Shadow Play Bell Bottom Pans Noble Ability ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 676 P C Fixn And Mixn Betterthancheddar Kate's Joy Allamerican Ingot ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 676 P F Write The Rules Sportswriter Big Bottom The Panderosa ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 681 T C Roman Gallery Muscle Mass J Marie Angus Hall ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 691 P F Throne Of Honor Betterthancheddar Red Carpet Queen Western Hanover ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 694 P F Zizi Bettor's Delight Lola Palooza Western Hanover ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 703 T C Strong Knight Muscle Mass Maiden Knight Conway Hall ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 706 T C Resolve To Win Resolve Sensual Hall Garland Lobell ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 714 P F Twin Delight Bettor's Delight Twin B Cheeks Sportswriter ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 730 P F Art Noir Shadow Play My Little Art Artsplace ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 739 P C Flow Writer - OUT Sportswriter Sassafras Girl Badlands Hanover ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 755 P F Ashlee's Sweetie Betterthancheddar Ashlee's Way Western Hanover ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 778 P F Bet The Deck Betterthancheddar Revival Cards Royal Mattjesty ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 791 T C Prince Archie Archangel Belle Of The Ball Muscles Yankee ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 814 T C Yank My Halo Archangel Sugarcane Yankee Windsong's Legacy ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 816 T F All Girls Club My MVP Females Rule Angus Hall ON
11/8-11/10 HARRISBURG 822 P F Avalon Freeze Bettor's Delight Stonebridge Frosty Shadow Play ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 824 T C Great Legend Archangel Great Quantity CR Commando ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 831 T C Sip Of Sin Archangel Hall Of Wishes Broadway Hall ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 873 P F Feelin Fancy Betterthancheddar Fit N Fancy Life Sign ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 884 P C Trouble's A Brewin Betterthancheddar Respectednbeloved Dream Away ON
10/5-10/9 LEXINGTON 895 P F Charming Vixen Sportswriter Village Jovial The Panderosa ON