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Sept. 14th
Sept. 18th

Sept. 25th-26th
Oct. 6th-10th

Oct. 17th
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Nov. 6th-7th
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2020 Earnings
(as of 7/5/20)
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Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


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Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TCEngageResolvePuta Ring On ItAngus Hall ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TCMr FritterMuscle MassMom's Apple PieStriking Sahbra ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFBetter Catch GirlBetterthancheddarCatch The ShowReal Artist ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TCBeyond The StormKadabraRainbow ViewAngus Hall ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFCheddarellaBetterthancheddarModern CinderellaModern Art ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFEzbriesybeautifulBetterthancheddarMichelle's PrayerRed River Hanover ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFFree As Can BeBettor's DelightFree ShowBadlands Hanover ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TFGlobal NewsArchangelGoing GlobalKadabra ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFGrin N SinBettor's DelightSmokin N GrininGrinfromeartoear ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TFGala HaloArchangelGalahad's DamselPine Chip ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFBunker BabeShadow PlayBunkhouse BabeRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFCanvas Of StarsArtspeakFour Starz HorndogFour Starzzz Shark ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TFClassic Magic+KadabraLife ClassAngus Hall ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFCoffee N Bailey'sShadow PlayIrish DayArtiscape ON

11/6-11/7 HARRISBURG MIXED PFShotgun SharkClassic Card SharkBarn Bunny HanoverNo Nukes ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TFFancy QueenKadabraFancy FranAngus Hall ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TCBar BrawlMuscle MassBailey's BreezeAngus Hall ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFBet On SandyBettor's DelightSand SpeedMatt's Scooter ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFBetter Sing ItBetterthancheddarMy Perfect RhymeCole Muffler ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCBorn A RebelBetterthancheddarOutlawed BeautyJK Outlaw ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCUnlacedShadow PlayAll LaceRoll With Joe ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFRoyal Asset Queen+Royal MattjestyKate's JoyAllamerican Ingot ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCShady ArtistShadow PlayArtomatic LoveWestern Ideal ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCSip Of BourbonSunshine BeachDoctor TerrorWestern Terror ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFBetter Double FlipBetterthancheddarDouble FlipBadlands Hanover ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PCEddies CrusadeBettor's DelightWarrawee TemplarShadow Play ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TCBarroom Brawl BoysMuscle MassBar BalladWindsong's Legacy ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCBeat WriterSportswriterThe AssassinatorRichess Hanover ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCTeam MacBettor's DelightSports ChicSportswriter ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TFDivine TwistArchangelTwist Of FaithSand Vic ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFStars N Shadows+Shadow PlayImthebig StarArt Major ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TCForrest+Muscle MassDancing CoedAngus Hall ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCSports AdvisorSportswriterShark TailCam's Card Shark ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFSpeed ThrillsBetterthancheddarDream Of MimiDream Away ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCCheekie PlayShadow PlayTwin B CheeksSportswriter ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PFMighty Melissa+SportswriterRegally ReadyRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCRoyal WatcherRoyal MattjestyTroubled EscapeArtiscape ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCRanger's ShadowShadow PlayMerculeseArtsplace ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT TFHalo N CrownsArchangelRoyal FamilyYankee Glide ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TFJordyn MagicKadabraJj's JordynAngus Hall ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PCKillean CoveySportswriterPlanet OceanCam's Card Shark ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCMaster FencerBetterthancheddarKimberly's BabyVintage Master ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PCVandalizeShadow PlayAcey DeuceyCam's Card Shark ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFBeauty BlingSportswriterAlota BlingBadlands Hanover ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PCContact ZoneBettor's DelightImpact ZoneAmerican Ideal ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT TCSilent EskimoArchangelSweater WeatherDonerail ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT TCIma Standup GuyArchangelSierra FortuneSierra Kosmos ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT TCRenegade GypsyArchangelSea GypsyGlidemaster ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFArt Of The GameArtspeakShe's GameThe Panderosa ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT TCCurrent DangerAngus HallCurrent YieldLike A Prayer ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PFMusic Box NoiseArtspeakBefore DawnCambest ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFPhilly CheeseBetterthancheddarCalico MoonTotally Western ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFTwinkle In HereyeBettor's DelightAshlee's StarWestern Hanover ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFBets On The Beach+Bettor's DelightBeaches N DreamsRocknroll Hanover ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TCAngel's ExpressArchangelDaylon MistressDuke Of York ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TCArch RulerArchangelFemales RuleAngus Hall ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PFRock That BetBettor's DelightWho Moved The RockLife Sign ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFBody ExpressShadow PlayLady LeslieWalton Hanover ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFRoyal BlushRoyal MattjestyWestern CatWestern Hanover ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT TCMr FireworksAngus HallKimco LadyMalabar Man ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCClassic GiftBetterthancheddarElegant GiftShadow Play ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCPlay N Bad+Shadow PlayFit N BadBadlands Hanover ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TFAshes SmokinKadabraSmokin AshAngus Hall ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFBag BingoShadow PlayBagaholicDragon Again ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCBeat ReporterSportswriterBetterthanrevengeQuik Pulse Mindale ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT TCTop DownArchangelJ MarieAngus Hall ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCThree PeaksShadow PlayLislea PhiaLislea ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFBettor DealBettor's DelightUnited IdealAmerican Ideal ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCSenior WriterSportswriterPlace Your BestCambest ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCKolby Two StepBetterthancheddarDancing HeartArt Colony ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PCJims Dream*+ArtspeakB SternBettor's Delight ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCWhiz WitBetterthancheddarAttack The BooksLife Sign ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON TFCrown N HaloArchangelCommando QueenCR Commando ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PFBikini GenieSunshine BeachPleasant Yet BadBadlands Hanover ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFBold PlayShadow PlayNotalkingbackRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFNight LegsShadow PlayDancingatnightRocknroll Hanover ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PFLucky Laura+ArtspeakAdvice ColumnSportswriter ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCBay BriesBetterthancheddarRock N LoveRock N Roll Heaven ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFLolas SunshineSunshine BeachLola PaloozaWestern Hanover ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFAll TerrainArtspeakWinbak SpeediRiverboat King ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCOds Amores+BetterthancheddarTwo Sides Of LoveSportswriter ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCDynomites PeakArtspeakDonna's GirlVillage Jove ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFFiery ShadowShadow PlayLady JenRoyal Mattjesty ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PCRocket Lawyer+ArtspeakLady LynnlyShadow Play ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCMuseum TourArtspeakRare FillyVillage Connection ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCParty VibesShadow PlayStubborn Star PalCam's Card Shark ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCRaising SandSportswriterDrag N SandDragon Again ON

11/3-11/5 HARRISBURG SELECT PCAll In JestBettor's DelightI'm All InCam's Card Shark ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT TFMagic AngelArchangelApple MagicKadabra ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFBig CheddarBetterthancheddarBig BottomThe Panderosa ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCShotgun JerryRoyal MattjestyMichikoJate Lobell ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PFGraceful MovesBettor's DelightIreneonthemovePowerful Toy ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFGrams LilyArtspeakJk CabaretBettor's Delight ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCWords Escape MeArtspeakEscape GirlArtiscape ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PFWine N CheddarBetterthancheddarTina's BlissBlissfull Hall ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCTwenty Four KSportswriterPlatinum ChoiceAdmirals Galley ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT TFQueen Of The FairMuscle MassState FairDream Vacation ON

11/6-11/7 HARRISBURG MIXED PFQueen Of SoulClassic Card SharkBoogie Woogie LandBadlands Hanover ON

10/6-10/10 LEXINGTON PCDesire To FireSportswriterAshlee's SpitfireRoll With Joe ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT PCLead Story LetterSportswriterAwaken The PassionCole Muffler ON

10/17 ONTARIO SELECT TFBuzz FeedMuscle MassSpeed TalkerConway Hall ON

^Dual-eligible to Pennsylvania & Kentucky

+No Stored Stem Cells Available

*Agent Horse


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