2024 Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete...Raised To Win

Winbak Farm yearlings are eligible to lucrative areas including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.

Many yearlings are also eligible to the profitable Maryland Standardbred Race Fund. In addition, a select group of yearlings are dual-eligible to the rich Kentucky program.

The 2024 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for pedigree.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
P F Playatyourownrisk Shadow Play Place Your Best Cambest ON 
T F Massive Victory Muscle Mass Victors Vicky Valley Victor ON 
P C Nugget Hugit Cattlewash Thong Western Hanover ON 
P C Joses Triplets Betterthancheddar Three Accounts Mach Three ON 
P C Harvest Tide Shadow Play Tide Her Over Roll With Joe ON 
P C From The Shadows Shadow Play Twin B Cheeks Sportswriter ON 
P C Two Can Play Shadow Play Twin B Thong Sportswriter ON 
P C Gettinwickedwithit McWicked Upfrontandpersonal Bettor's Delight ON 
P F Runway Diva Betterthancheddar Red Carpet Queen Western Hanover ON 
P F Vanilla Bean Queen Betting Line Redwalls Red River Hanover ON 
T F One Final Wish Archangel Hall Of Wishes Broadway Hall ON 
P F Midnight Bridget Betting Line Midnight Art Artsplace ON 
P F Queen Of The Skies Betting Line Bay Sky Art Major ON 
P F Mc Princess McWicked Believe In Me Roll With Joe ON 
P F Born To Fly Stag Party Free Flight Fran Veeza ON 
P F Latitude McWicked Freedom Crossing Artiscape ON 
P F Happy Tabby Cattlewash Gabby Tabby Western Ideal ON 
P F Amazing Addy Shadow Play Glass Maker Artsplace ON 
T F Cupid Hall Muscle Mass Sensual Hall Garland Lobell ON 
P C Car Wash Blues Cattlewash Badlands Jenna Badlands Hanover ON 
T C Tricky Call Trixton Daylon Mistress Duke of York ON 
P F Clearly Wicket McWicked Kim's Caper Badlands Hanover ON 
P F Utterly Approved Cattlewash Authorize Western Ideal ON  / KY
P F Give Me A Shot Cattlewash Doctor Terror Western Terror ON 
P F Wicked Skyline McWicked Enjoy The View Life Sign ON 
P C Lunar Sport Sportswriter Full Moon Fix Bettor's Delight ON 
T C High Value My MVP Galary Girl Angus Hall ON 
T C Knight Charmer Muscle Mass Maiden Knight Conway Hall ON 
P C Ain't No Bull Cattlewash Makena Hanover Fear The Dragon ON 
T F Frantastic Fran Archangel Fancy Fran Angus Hall ON 
P F Prose Sportswriter Lilli Maid Christian Cullen ON 
P F Frilly Lilly Shadow Play Lillywhites Artiscape ON 
P F Naughty Delight Bettor's Delight Pleasant Yet Bad Badlands Hanover ON 
P C No Hard Feelings Cattlewash Flibbertigibbet Albert Albert ON 
P C Wildcard Bet Betting Line Revival Cards Royal Mattjesty ON 
P C Whats Up Sport Sportswriter So What's Up Badlands Hanover ON 
P C Southern Jazz Bettor's Delight Southwind Jazmin Art Major ON 
P C Dealer's Call Artspeak Flirtwithedealer Cam's Card Shark ON 
P F Rising Shadow Shadow Play Clara Art Major ON 
T F Tricky Missy Trixton Clover Market Broad Bahn ON 
T F Trix N Bubbles Trixton CR Mimosa CR Commando ON 
T F Getmesomeofthat Resolve Craving You Kadabra ON 
T C Ten Pin Archangel Love Tactics Tagliabue ON 
P C Beach Delight Bettor's Delight Bolten Beach Bolt The Duer ON  / KY
P C Bourbon Boy Shadow Play Michelle's Ideal Western Ideal ON 
P F Blushing Joy McWicked Bet On Joy Bettor's Delight ON 
P F Jazzy Jodie Shadow Play Jazz Major Art Major ON 
P F Triple Joy Shadow Play Jenna's Joy Jenna's Beach Boy ON 
P F Jersey Jewel Betterthancheddar Jersey Pearl Dragon Again ON 
T F Wistful Angel Archangel Mustalgia Muscles Yankee ON 
P F Smoked Em Again Betterthancheddar Smokin N Grinin Grinfromeartoear ON 
P F Miss Wiggles Bettor's Delight Winbak Wiggle Well Said ON 
P C Pepper Jack Cheese Betterthancheddar Lady Jackie Badlands Hanover ON 
T C Fourth Gear Archangel Late Shift Majestic Son ON 
T F Blaze Of Gloria Archangel Half Filthy Kadabra ON 
P F Maxi Gallie McWicked Hallie Gallie Village Jolt ON 
P F Sugarhowugetsofly Stag Party Respectednbeloved Dream Away ON 
P C Oil On Canvas Cattlewash Acrylic Art Major ON 
T C Hologram Trixton Apple Magic Kadabra ON 
T C Guard The Gold My MVP Guard My Heart Archangel ON 
P C Wicked Irish McWicked Hope For Paddy Mach Three ON 
P C Fresh Flip Sportswriter Flip For Love Riverboat King ON 
P C Hall Of Fear Sportswriter Marietta Hall Cambest ON 
T C Yacht Club Trixton Moms Apple Pie Striking Sahbra ON 
P C All Booked Up Artspeak Open Book Test Real Desire ON 
P C Spare Betting Line Regally Ready Royal Mattjesty ON 
P C Artic Circle Bettor's Delight Stonebridge Frosty Shadow Play ON 
P F Kosmic Krisp McWicked Krushed Apple Western Terror ON 
T F Life Is Great Resolve Life Class Angus Hall ON 
T F Misty Vodka My MVP Misty Kristy Andover Hall ON 
T F Sweetest Trix Trixton Mom's Sweetie Pie Donerail ON 
P F Playing The Town Shadow Play Movie Town American Ideal ON 
P C Beach Shadow Shadow Play Beach Burn Somebeachsomewhere ON 
P F Batten Down McWicked Bunker Away Dream Away ON 
P F Weekend Delight Bettor's Delight Bunkhouse Babe Royal Mattjesty ON 
T F Emerald Shoes Green Manalishi S Dancing Slippers Angus Hall ON 
P F Cold Brew Sue Shadow Play Dreamlands Latte Artsplace ON 
P F Poisonous Delight Bettor's Delight She's Poison Western Ideal ON  / KY
T F Divine Royal Archangel Spruce Creek Muscle Hill ON 
P F Lady Helena Cattlewash St Helena American Ideal ON 
P C Wick Of Luck McWicked B So Lucky Artiscape ON 
P C Toast The Coast Betting Line Beaches N Dreams Rocknroll Hanover ON 
T C Thor B Good My MVP Charming Julieann Lucky Chucky ON 
P C Cabo San Lucas Bettor's Delight Spring Break Dream Away ON 
T C Beach Concert Green Manalishi S Summer Sis Swan For All ON 
P F Lady Finalist Sportswriter Dance Off Royal Mattjesty ON 
P C Bettor's Storm Bettor's Delight Serena Said Well Said ON 
T F Matty's Halo Archangel Order By Matilda Tom Ridge ON 
P C Coopers Hill Betterthancheddar Warrawee Templar Shadow Play ON 
P F Sporting The Speed Sportswriter Better Speed Betterthancheddar ON 
T F Flashy Fuchsia My MVP Blazing Fuchsia Conway Hall ON 
P F Sunshine Bridge Shadow Play Bridge To Tomorrow Bettor's Delight ON 
P F A Clean Deal Cattlewash Ideal Talker Western Ideal ON 
P C Quiet Wyatt Betterthancheddar Free Admission Powerful Toy ON 
T C Southern Cowboy Archangel Georgia Baby Mutineer ON 
P C Better Script Betterthancheddar Lady Writer Sportswriter ON 
T C Toss Of The Dice Archangel Roll Sevens Chapter Seven ON 
P C Liquid Bettor's Delight Sporty Juliana Well Said ON 
T F Lily Rein Archangel New Leaf Muscles Yankee ON 
P F Janets Story McWicked New Writer Sportswriter ON 
P F Writing The Play Shadow Play Novel Writer Sportswriter ON 
T F Charming Donna Trixton Tantalizing Donna Donerail ON