Jan. 18th

2021 Wins

2021 Earnings
(as of 5/3/21)
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Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


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Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
PCSpeaker Of PeaceArtspeakI'm All InCam's Card Shark ON

PFBlazin BabeBetterthancheddarDune SpeedWestern Ideal ON

PCTrouble's A BrewinBetterthancheddarRespectednbelovedDream Away ON

PFThrone Of HonorBetterthancheddarRed Carpet QueenWestern Hanover ON

PFMiss Dew WriteSportswriterShe's A DewarWestern Ideal ON

PFLight N FancyBettor's DelightSportsfancySportsmaster ON

PCMr GallieBettor's DelightHallie GallieVillage Jolt ON

PFDreamofbettortimesBettor's DelightDreams Are GreatDream Away ON

PFRolling BayouBettor's DelightBenazire Blue ChipArt Major ON

PCFoutBettor's DelightWeeperAllamerican Native ON

PFDeadly DelightBettor's DelightShe's PoisonWestern Ideal ON

PCSilencethewitnessArtspeakThe AssassinatorRichess Hanover ON

PCBoom Town BoyBetterthancheddarBoom Town GirlTotally Western ON

PFFashion ForwardBetterthancheddarFashion GuruRustler Hanover ON

PCPepper Jack FlashBetterthancheddarMery Linny LeeRiverboat King ON

PCTwice PlayedShadow PlayTwo Sides Of LoveSportswriter ON

PCHank The HunkShadow PlayTopless HallBlissfull Hall ON

PCArt GizmoArtspeakGadgets To GoCam's Card Shark ON

TCDevil's ArchArchangelBobbi Jo's ExCR Excalibur ON

PCTake It HomeArtspeakBad SisterBadlands Hanover ON

PCWillin WarriorArtspeakBunker AwayDream Away ON

PCSlick N QuickSportswriterWho Moved The RockLife Sign ON

PCMirrorballArtspeakHappy KimCamluck ON

PCSpeak Of WarArtspeakWarrawee TemplarShadow Play ON

PCGranite BeachSunshine BeachApril May DuneDuneside Perch ON

PFVivie's ArtShadow PlayArts BidArtsplace ON

PCRed CoinBettor's DelightUnred HanoverWestern Ideal ON

PCChesapeake SunriseShadow PlayEnjoy The ViewLife Sign ON

PCMr WilliamArtspeakWilma HallBlissfull Hall ON

TCSip Of SinArchangelHall Of WishesBroadway Hall ON

TFMVP PrincessMy MVPMustalgiaMuscles Yankee ON

PFTwin DelightBettor's DelightTwin B CheeksSportswriter ON

PCShady PlayShadow PlayPleasant RollRoll With Joe ON

PFFace The ShadowsShadow PlayFace To FaceCamluck ON

TCGreat LegendArchangelGreat QuantityCR Commando ON

TFMy GrandMy MVPSummersgrandladyConway Hall ON

PFShadow RiverShadow PlayFresh OutlookCam's Card Shark ON

PCMassive LoveHe's WatchingDreamfair InfinityCamluck ON

TCResolve To WinResolveSensual HallGarland Lobell ON

PCXtra CheeseBetterthancheddarFunny ThreeMach Three ON

TCPrince ArchieArchangelBelle Of The BallMuscles Yankee ON

PFRecycleBetterthancheddarCell PowerWestern Hanover ON

PCTop BunkArtspeakBunkhouse BabeRoyal Mattjesty ON

PCStreet ArtArtspeakBagaholicDragon Again ON

PFPaddy MeltBetterthancheddarHope For PaddyMach Three ON

PFZiziBettor's DelightLola PaloozaWestern Hanover ON

TCYank My HaloArchangelSugarcane YankeeWindsong's Legacy ON

PCArt's LegacyArtspeakLislea PhiaLislea ON

TFAudio MissMy MVPNew DVDLike A Prayer ON

TFNoels MagicArchangelApple MagicKadabra ON

PCWinmebakShadow PlayWinbak SpeediRiverboat King ON

TCBurning ArchArchangelWinbak RobertaPlesac ON

PCCatch The SparkArtspeakCatch The ShowReal Artist ON

PFFree VerseArtspeakMy Perfect RhymeCole Muffler ON

PFSporty Miss BSportswriterBandolera HanoverWestern Hanover ON

PCGrey LinesSportswriterBlack StilletosIf I Can Dream ON

PFWestern FlamesBetterthancheddarWestern CatWestern Hanover ON

PCPebble Beach BroBetterthancheddarWhere's My PebblePonder ON

PFMs Liz CBetterthancheddarElizabeth SpencerWestern Ideal ON

PCTalkaboutagiftArtspeakElegant GiftShadow Play ON

TCFantastic MVPMy MVPRoberta's FantasyAndover Hall ON

PFWrite The RulesSportswriterBig BottomThe Panderosa ON

TCTuscan PrinceKadabraToscaMuscle Mass ON

TCStrong KnightMuscle MassMaiden KnightConway Hall ON

TFMass EnvyMuscle MassLady Love HanoverCantab Hall ON

PCBetter B BoldBetterthancheddarB So LuckyArtiscape ON

PCBettor Bea TerrorBettor's DelightDoctor TerrorWestern Terror ON

TFLady All StarMy MVPLady TiniSand Vic ON

PFBetter Not SassBetterthancheddarNotalkingbackRoyal Mattjesty ON

TFVodka N RosesMy MVPLucerne De VieAngus Hall ON

PCAction ReporterSportswriterLady LynnlyShadow Play ON

PFBrave ChicRoyal MattjestyFit N BadBadlands Hanover ON

PFLatina RoseRoyal MattjestyLatin LiftoffShotgun Scott ON

PFBest ShowShadow PlayThisthatntheotherDream Away ON

PFDon't Test MeSportswriterTesting CenterDragon Again ON

TFFair N FlairArchangelState FairDream Vacation ON

PCLiberty RoyalRoyal MattjestyKimberly's BabyVintage Master ON

PCJournal EntrySportswriterBeaches N DreamsRocknroll Hanover ON

PFDance With TabbyBettor's DelightDancingatnightRocknroll Hanover ON

PCDows UpShadow PlaySo What's UpBadlands Hanover ON

PCFlow WriterSportswriterSassafras GirlBadlands Hanover ON

TFOver YonderMy MVPBlue YonderTagliabue ON

PCHidden ArticleSportswriterCover Up HallBadlands Hanover ON

PCHoly JalapenoBetterthancheddarRoyal DewRoyal Mattjesty ON

TFRainbows LegacyResolveRainbow ViewAngus Hall ON

TFCardio MuscleMuscle MassCardio PumpAngus Hall ON

PCIsland AttitudeShadow PlayBlue ParadiseArtiscape ON

PFFlashy DelightBettor's DelightBest TusslePro Bono Best ON

PFFeelin FancyBetterthancheddarFit N FancyLife Sign ON

PFAshlee's SweetieBetterthancheddarAshlee's WayWestern Hanover ON

PFBet The DeckBetterthancheddarRevival CardsRoyal Mattjesty ON

PCBest ShadowShadow PlayKim's The BestBetterthancheddar ON

PCBrush MarksSportswriterPaints HallBlissfull Hall ON

TCRoman GalleryMuscle MassJ MarieAngus Hall ON

PCRocking The CrownRoyal MattjestyRock N LoveRock N Roll Heaven ON

TCMVP HitMy MVPSummer HitGiant Hit ON

TFAll Girls ClubMy MVPFemales RuleAngus Hall ON

TCAll Star YankeeMy MVPYankee BlondieAmerican Winner ON

PFCharming VixenSportswriterVillage JovialThe Panderosa ON

PFArt NoirShadow PlayMy Little ArtArtsplace ON

PCArty MovesArtspeakIreneonthemovePowerful Toy ON

PFAvalon FreezeBettor's DelightStonebridge FrostyShadow Play ON

PCEarly PlayShadow PlayBefore DawnCambest ON

PCPrince ShadowShadow PlayFast PrincessArtiscape ON

TCSpare ChangeArchangelSpare Me PleaseMuscles Yankee ON

PCRoyal AssentRoyal MattjestyWin D WonThree Wizzards ON

PCBelightedBettor's DelightMaid WestWestern Hanover ON

PFMending FencesArtspeakBridge To TomorrowBettor's Delight ON

PCFixn And MixnBetterthancheddarKate's JoyAllamerican Ingot ON

PCWall Street BellShadow PlayBell Bottom PansNoble Ability ON

^Also Kentucky eligible


*Agent Horse


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