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Sept. 9th
Oct. 2nd-6th

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Nov. 5th-7th

Nov. 8th-9th
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2018 Earnings
(as of 5/21/18)
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In 2018, Bolt The Duer’s first-crop yearlings will sell.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


Please click on a yearling’s name for more information.

Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
9/10 GOSHEN PCA Bolt Of LuckBolt The DuerLuck Runns OverBadlands Hanover NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBuy InWestern IdealBuy In HanoverCam's Card Shark PA

9/10 GOSHEN PCFind Your WheelWestern IdealFreezer CashCam's Card Shark PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFSporty JulianaWell SaidSportsfancySportsmaster PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFQueen PaigeMuscles YankeeCommando QueenCR Commando NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCMr ArchArchangelMom's Apple PieStriking Sahbra ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFGround ControlArt MajorThongWestern Hanover NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TCEscape The FireAngus HallRunaway MadonnaCR Renegade ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TCProud LookAngus HallProud MaggieLindy Lane ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TCRealmenwearpinkArchangelPinkcowgirlbootsGlidemaster ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCHearts Over AcesBadlands HanoverNine Of HeartsCam's Card Shark ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFSupreme ChapterChapter SevenSupreme DishMalabar Man NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCMid ChapterChapter SevenWinbak HalfCR Excalibur NY

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED PFDashing DonnaDelmarvalousElla MaeArtsplace PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFShotgun PersuasionWestern IdealMerculeseArtsplace PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFThe Tricks on MeBolt The DuerDominatricksMagical Mike NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFPardon Me PleaseChapter SevenSpare Me PleaseMuscles Yankee NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFUptown ClassicCredit WinnerClasicaly DesignedLindy Lane NY

9/10 GOSHEN PFTalk Show ChicaHeston Blue ChipNotalkingbackRoyal Mattjesty NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFLady At ArmsMuscles YankeeMaiden KnightConway Hall NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFJoe's SignRoll With JoeTug River DellaDie Laughing NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCAmerican RebelAmerican Ideal Restive HanoverThe Panderosa NY

9/10 GOSHEN PFAmerican RoseAmerican IdealSantino’s RosaThe Panderosa NY

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED PFBag Of JewelsRoddy’s Bags Again Artist JewelsReal Artist DE

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCSaratoga SunriseYankee GlideDay At The SpaAndover Hall PA

9/10 GOSHEN PCFlow With JoeRoll With JoeHidden PlayShadow Play NY

9/10 GOSHEN PCBolt RulerBolt The DuerJK CabaretBettor's Delight NY

9/10 GOSHEN PCLatin KingHeston Blue ChipLatin LiftoffShotgun Scott NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFSeel The DarkShadow PlayRafaella SeelsterCamluck ON

9/10 GOSHEN PFDr SarahWell SaidDatefortheballPresidential Ball PA

9/10 GOSHEN TFBlazing FuchsiaConway HallFuchsia SeelsterCheyenne Spur NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFDouble PlayShadow PlayLady LeslieWalton Hanover ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCLou's DelightBettor's DelightLinden BeautyArmbro Mackintosh ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCWell Done SonWell SaidJenna's JoyJenna's Beach Boy PA

9/10 GOSHEN PCPerfectly SaidWell SaidMy Perfect RhymeCole Muffler PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCBabbling Art MajorFlibbertigibbet Albert Albert NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBeach Blanket BookSportswriterBeach BonnetCamluck ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCBeach BrewHeston Blue ChipI Love The BeachShotgun Scott NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCBet On A DreamBetterthancheddarLa DaydreamerAbercrombie ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFBet On JulyBettor's DelightFreedom CrossingArtiscape ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFZipping ByShadow PlayBy The ZipArtiscape ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFBodylikeabackroadAmerican IdealMs HarringtonCamluck NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCFirst PowerAmerican IdealPower AgainDragon Again NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFLiberty BellaAmerican IdealLismorebellaCamluck NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFMovie TownAmerican IdealNew HollywoodCam's Card Shark NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFLizzie's LanguageClassic Card SharkZip Zip BoomRocknroll Hanover ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCViking EraVintage MasterViking MaidenMatt's Scooter ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFVillage ArtistArt MajorVillage MadonnaRocknroll Hanover NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCThird ShiftChapter SevenOvernight CommandCR Commando NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCBook WiseWell SaidOpen Book TestReal Desire PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFRoll On The OddsRoll With JoeOdds On The HatLife Sign NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCHe's ExplosiveExplosive MatterKimco LadyMalabar Man PA

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFPlay My GameShadow PlayGame TableCam's Card Shark ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCNight DelightBettor's DelightDancingatnightRocknroll Hanover ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCCard SwapClassic Card SharkShe's DeterminedThe Panderosa ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCRaise You TwentyClassic Card SharkRoyal Lady LesRoyal Mattjesty ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFAladywithpowerArt MajorMore Power RustyWestern Hanover NY

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED PCAmerican NitroBadlands NitroJet AmericaAllamerican Native DE

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCArt Fund American IdealArt AccountArtsplace NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TCAussie LoverAngus HallHis MistressMutineer ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFBanker ChicConway HallBankers AuditWall Street Banker NY

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED PCElite RetreatDream AwayWild RetreatAllamerican Ingot DE

9/10 GOSHEN TCSummertime MuscleMuscles YankeeSummer HitGiant Hit NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCWinning PlayShadow PlayWinbak BetBettor's Delight ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFHidden ViewBettor's DelightEnjoy The ViewLife Sign ON

9/10 GOSHEN PFLynnly's MomBolt The DuerLady Kimberly LynnCam's Card Shark NY

9/10 GOSHEN TFBrawny BabeMuscles YankeePromising DivaBroad Bahn NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCRoyal ChapterChapter SevenRoyal FamilyYankee Glide NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFTwist Of LuckConway HallTwist Of FaithSand Vic NY

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED TCAll LiesPolitical Briefing Bobbi Jo's ExCr Excalibur DE

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFAshlee’s Angel Andover HallAshlee’s Dream Dream Vacation PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCPlaying TrixTrixtonMustalgiaMuscles Yankee NJ

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCMia JeffSebastian K SMia StellinaCR Commando PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCSaint SebastianSebastian K SManalapanMr Vic PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFCraving YouKadabraBack On TrackDonerail ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCTrue BrewKadabraFashion TangoTom Ridge ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCBoom CityExplosive MatterDoin The CityConway Hall PA

9/10 GOSHEN TCBronze YankeeMuscles YankeeBronteaseBalanced Image NY

9/10 GOSHEN TCClassic ConConway HallClassical StrikeStriking Sahbra NY

9/10 GOSHEN PCElusive GentHeston Blue ChipEscape GirlArtiscape NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFExpress WriterSportswriterRed Carpet QueenWestern Hanover ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCLunar LaunchVintage MasterCalico MoonTotally Western ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCNeed To SpeedArchangelSpeed TalkerConway Hall ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFLook N FabulousBetterthancheddarLooknforagirllikeuNo Nukes ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCHetalkstoangelsArchangelJ MarieAngus Hall ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCLand Of BluesBadlands HanoverCoed BluesArturo ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFLady ReporterSportswriterI'm All InCam's Card Shark ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TCDior HallAngus HallDior KosmosS J's Photo ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFGuard My HeartArchangelHeartbeat HanoverDonerail ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFLand Of ParadiseBadlands HanoverBlue ParadiseArtiscape ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCKeep Your PromiseConway HallPromising DealPromising Catch NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFAgeless GraceWell Said Hasty PulseQuik Pulse Mondale PA

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED PFDream DancingA Rocknroll DanceClearly FoxyRoyal Mattjesty PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFRoyal PeachRoyalty For LifeGeorgia BabyMutineer ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TCFavorite CanadianGlidemasterTybridgeGarland Lobell ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TCConstitution HallAngus HallIndependent DameRoyal Strength ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCMy Pal JoeRoll With JoePH DiagnosisAmerican Ideal NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBreakout SessionHeston Blue ChipTroubled EscapeArtiscape NY

9/10 GOSHEN PCRock N Roll MomentBolt The DuerRock N LoveRock N Roll Heaven NY

9/10 GOSHEN PFFinely TunedHeston Blue ChipPuccini Blue ChipMagical Mike NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCIrish PrinceRoyal MattjestyFamily LoveWestern Hanover ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCLand Of RoyaltyRoyal MattjestyBoogie Woogie LandBadlands Hanover ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFBetter BidBetterthancheddarArts BidArtsplace ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBig City NewsSportswriterLondon EyeWestern Ideal ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFZipline RoyalRoyal MattjestyTopless HallBlissfull Hall ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCKing SpencerSweet LouElizabeth SpencerWestern Ideal PA

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED TFPlayoff SeasonCR CommandoPostseasonMuscles Yankee DE

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFFiery AshMuscle MassSmokin AshAngus Hall ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFTuned UpMuscle MassLife ClassAngus Hall ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCJovial JerryDonato HanoverMet's InnMutineer PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCPardon My WayDonato HanoverMiss Michelle HKing Conch PA

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFEclipse DayShadow PlayAmerican TailAmerican Ideal ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCIrish CheddarBetterthancheddarArmbro OcaseyAbercrombie ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFPassion N BluesHeston Blue ChipAwaken The PassionCole Muffler NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFLuck B MineBettor's DelightB So LuckyArtiscape ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFMuzzle The YakkerExplosive MatterBaileys BreezeAngus Hall PA

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCMr CheesemanBetterthancheddarBandolera HanoverWestern Hanover ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFComing Your WayRoyal MattjestyZipadeedoodahCastleton Success ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCBlazing JoeRoll With JoeJersey PearlDragon Again NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFMovie MavenWell SaidBetterthanrevengeQuik Pulse Mindale PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFSmart GirlRoll With JoeWisdomArtsplace NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFBolt Of SpeedBolt The DuerWinbak SpeediRiverboat King NY

9/10 GOSHEN PCWinning ChipHeston Blue ChipWinbak Las VegasArtsplace NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFAcrylic Art MajorMaid WestWestern Hanover NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCAmerican WhiskeyAndover HallGreat QuantityCR Commando PA

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFBack To OzClassic Card SharkPowerful Dorothy Powerful Toy ON

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED PFCuonthebackstretchBadlands NitroSee You HanoverCam's Card Shark DE

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCTake The CreditCredit WinnerLove TacticsTagliabue NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFQueso RellenoBetterthancheddarHay MacarenaArtsplace ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCGab In MotionArchangelCall Me HazelCall Toll Free ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFClassic HeartClassic Card SharkDancing HeartArt Colony ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCJournalisticSportswriterEnchanted BeautyWestern Ideal ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFBrave BeckyVintage MasterFun FillyCam's Card Shark ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCVintage VinylVintage MasterColie HanoverNo Pan Intended ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBall ThreeShadow PlayMichelle’s DreamArtsplace ON

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED PFBethany BeautyDelmarvalousRare FillyVillage Connection PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBetter B SwiftBettor's DelightSwift N ShoutRocknroll Hanover ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBettor FocusBettor's DelightRoyal DistractionRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TCBeyond The LensAngus HallCandidcamerakosmosS J's Photo ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCBig NudgeDonato HanoverVictors VickyValley Victor PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFBig Screen QueenAndover HallVideo QueenClassic Photo PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBionic ManShadow PlayThe AssassinatorRichess Hanover ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCRockstar HeavenRocknroll HeavenNot EnoughGrinfromeartoear NJ

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFDreamadreamformeBetterthancheddarDream SeekerWestern Hanover ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCSound TrackCredit WinnerCabaret HallGarland Lobell NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCSolid ManBadlands HanoverIn SolidIn The Pocket ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFChili PepperHeston Blue ChipPaper CutNorthern Luck NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCDetonatedExplosive MatterMs KristinDonerail PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFWiggle DelightBettor's DelightWiggle HanoverLife Sign ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFOld School GrooveRoll With JoeIdeal ObservationWestern Ideal NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFFree Flyin TicketBetterthancheddarFree TicketQuik Pulse Mindale ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TCHall Of SecretsAngus HallDont Tell My GirlMutineer ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TCPowerful SpiritArchangelTracy My LoveDream Vacation ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFLaura's LoveBetterthancheddarFit N BadBadlands Hanover ON

9/10 GOSHEN PCAbstraction Artiscape Lo Gophobia Presidential Ball NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCAce The DealWestern IdealAcey DeuceyCam’s Card Shark PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFAmerican ArrowAmerican IdealLadyjack Cam’s Card Shark NY

9/10 GOSHEN PCBankers VaultBolt The DuerMargie's SongAlbatross NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFYankee GirlfriendMuscles YankeeDaylon MistressDuke Of York NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCTeam BestSomebeachsomewhereSports ChicSportswriter PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFMaggie's IdealAndover HallMaggie's LegacyWindsong's Legacy PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFMartinisonthebayAndover HallLady TiniSand Vic PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCLucky SevensChapter SevenMom's Sweetie PieDonerail NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCConway EmperorConway HallShipps EmpressKing Conch NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCMedal CountConway HallMedallistGlidemaster NY

9/10 GOSHEN PFBottle Of RedHeston Blue ChipRed ZinfandelAllamerican Native NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCBo KnowsWell SaidJennys MoneyDragon's Lair PA

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFGot PowerRoyal MattjestyCell PowerWestern Hanover ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFLock Her Up*Bolt The DuerSomewhere SecretSomebeachsomewhere NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFIdeal StyleWestern IdealTiger StyleLife Sign PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFHeavenly SkiesArchangelTravelin SupergirlKadabra ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCPrince TeaserShadow PlayMy Little ArtArtsplace ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFShake N GoWestern IdealShake It For MeArt Major PA

9/10 GOSHEN PFShark IdeaWestern IdealShark LadyCam's Card Shark PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFTipsy GypsyMuscles YankeeSea GypsyGlidemaster NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFBolten BeachBolt The DuerBeach BrettaBeach Towel NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCHe's ThriftyShadow PlayTriple FantasyIsland Fantasy ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFFloating On AirYankee GlideLucerne De VieAngus Hall PA

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED PCNext Treasure*ArtzinaTreasure ValleyRoddy's Bags Again DE

9/10 GOSHEN PCHeart Throb KidQuik Pulse MindaleWestern BeautyWestern Hanover NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFStunning LookAmerican IdealShes A PansationNo Pan Intended NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFWishful DreamsAmerican IdealMako WishCam's Card Shark NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCGenius ManArt MajorUnred HanoverWestern Ideal NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCDay DelightBettor's DelightKim's Royal DayRoyal Mattjesty ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCFreedom WriterWell SaidGive Me LifeLife Sign PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCRoad Ready WesWestern IdealHallie GallieVillage Jolt PA

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFHappy LynnlyShadow PlayMery Linny LeeRiverboat King ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCDuly NotedBolt The DuerSowhatsyourpointCam's Card Shark NY

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED PFBook ListShadow PlayBook OrderThree Wizzards ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCWorld WonderBetterthancheddarClandestineWestern Hanover ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCCoin FlipRoyal MattjestyDouble FlipBadlands Hanover ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCPress TimeSportswriterFlirtwithedealerCam's Card Shark ON

9/10 GOSHEN PFGirl Has GameHeston Blue ChipDonna's GirlVillage Jove NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFRock Star HannahRoll With JoeFeelinglikeastarArtiscape NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFTop Of Her TradeBolt The DuerCareer SuccessPresidential Ball NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFClassical MusicCredit WinnerClassical GinnyDonerail NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFStar Of My ShowCredit WinnerLove To FlauntAngus Hall NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBlake's ChipHeston Blue ChipGlass MakerArtsplace NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFShesnofoolagainDragon AgainWhat Fools BelieveWestern Hanover OH

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED PCBlazing ArtArtzinaFire One UpRustler Hanover DE

9/10 GOSHEN TFCharming JulieannLucky ChuckyQueen JuliaSand Vic NY

9/10 GOSHEN TFShe'sgotwingsLucky ChuckyEnergy DrinkMalabar Man NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFMach Mine BlueMach ThreeBenazire Blue ChipArt Major ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFBreak The DealAmerican IdealSpring BreakDream Away NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCGone Before DawnAmerican IdealBefore DawnCambest NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFIdeal KattimonAmerican IdealKattimonAstreos NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFBolt Of BeautyBolt The DuerNatural LuckCamluck NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFRoyalty WinnerCredit WinnerNew RoyaltyGiant Hit NY

9/10 GOSHEN PFElegant NoelleHeston Blue ChipElegant GirlAllamerican Ingot NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFRWJ ParadeRoll With JoePillageRoyal Mattjesty NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFSassy MichelleRoll With JoeMichelle's IdealWestern Ideal NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCAlota ChipsHeston Blue ChipAlota BlingBadlands Hanover NY

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED TCCurrent CommandCR CommandoCurrent YieldLike A Prayer DE

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED TCGo CommandoCR CommandoMs MarshmalaMalabar Man DE

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED TCHis Leading EdgeCR CommandoRadical MissyMr Lavec DE

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED TCBlazin PoliticsPolitical BriefingAdore EleanorConway Hall DE

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFShoes GaloreAmerican IdealBagaholicDragon Again NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFUnstoppable HallAmerican IdealMarietta HallCambest NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TFGolden GavelArchangelGaelic MistressStriking Sahbra ON

9/10 GOSHEN PCGroovy JoeRoll With JoeChotat MilkJate Lobell NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCFresh DuerBolt The DuerFresh OutlookCam's Card Shark NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBlank StareBolt The DuerHypnotizeArtiscape NY

9/10 GOSHEN PCLust For PowerHeston Blue ChipLady Of LustArmbro Mackintosh NY

9/10 GOSHEN PCScotty DBolt The DuerLeavea SmileBlissfull Hall NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCBrake CheckBadlands HanoverSlow Down RitaLaag ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFFashion BloggerSportswriterFashion GuruRustler Hanover ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFMississippi MomentCredit WinnerMississippi DreamDream Vacation NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFGabby TabbyWestern IdealMidnight ArtArtsplace PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFSpark PlugConway HallStarter UpMuscles Yankee NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCMy LandBadlands HanoverHer Own ArtArturo ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCBook SevenChapter SevenTantalizing DonnaDonerail NY

9/10 GOSHEN PFSelfmademillionairBolt The DuerMade Of MoneyAbercrombie NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCBest BrewBetterthancheddarIrish DayArtiscape ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCJive Ninety FiveAndover HallNinety Five JanetMuscles Yankee PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFImthebigsisMach ThreeImthebig StarArt Major ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFThree BabesMach ThreeBunkhouse BabeRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFThree TiarasMach ThreePrincess CallieWestern Hanover ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCWords MatterMuscle MassJJ's JordynAngus Hall ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCSwipe ItCredit WinnerForm FittingMuscles Yankee NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBrushcutHeston Blue ChipLove That CutPresidential Ball NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCWell ReceivedWell SaidPink Is PerfectCam's Card Shark PA

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFSatdnite JukeboxShadow PlayJukebox MoneyJK Outlaw ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFMajor BurnArt MajorBeach BurnSomebeachsomewhere NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFPacific DelightBettor's DelightPacific PhillyPacific Fella ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFBNBBolt The DuerMom's BellaQuik Pulse Mindale NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFSparkmyinterestBetterthancheddarSpark OutBadlands Nitro ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCRollnthejoeRoll With JoeSweet BonnieRoyal Mattjesty NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCTrick CardRoll With JoeMagic CardVeeza NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCCheap Night OutShadow PlayFree AdmissionPowerful Toy ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCModern WriterSportswriterModern CinderellaModern Art ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TCAny Ol' Barstool Muscles Yankee Bar BalladWindsong’s Legacy NY

9/10 GOSHEN TFSpring QueenCR ExcaliburSpring Lane JoanieBaltic Speed NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFFlirty FortyAmerican IdealLove You FortyArtsplace NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFHidden CoveAmerican IdealSun N SandAstreos NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFRoyal AbbyRoyal MattjestyAberdakaraAbercrombie ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCMaster TreatyVintage MasterArt AllianceArtiscape ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFPrideinmystrideSportswriterAshley's PrideThe Panderosa ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFRoll With AmyRoll With JoeBalasunThe Panderosa NY

9/10 GOSHEN PFSilver DustBolt The DuerSilver DialingHi Ho Silverheels NY

9/10 GOSHEN PFFrills N LaceHeston Blue ChipPrincess LaceArtsplace NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFCowgirl LillyWestern IdealSand SpeedMatt's Scooter PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFFull DeckRoll With JoeWild DreamDream Away NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFAlittlebitofsugar Donato Hanover Sugarcane Yankee Windsong’s Legacy PA

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT TFAmazing Allison Sebastian K S Galahad’s DamselPine Chip PA

9/10 GOSHEN PCArt NukemArtiscapeMama NukesNo Nukes NY

9/10 GOSHEN PFAshlee’s DayBolt The DuerAshlee’s CourtQuik Pulse Mindale NY

11/9-11/10 HARRISBURG MIXED PCYou So FunnyDelmarvalousFunny CardCam's Card Shark PA

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFDivine EssenceVintage MasterWu Wei HanoverArt Major ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFJazz MajorArt MajorWishfor RocknrollRocknroll Hanover NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFWiggle It GirlArt MajorWinbak WiggleWell Said NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PFClassic PattyClassic Card SharkWinbak PattyShotgun Scott ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFIn The NewsSportswriterWinbak IsabellaWestern Hanover ON

9/10 GOSHEN PCBlue Ray WillieBolt The DuerBlue RaeBrowning Blue Chip NY

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PCWinter DuerBolt The DuerBoogie Woogie FluArmbro Mackintosh NY

9/10 GOSHEN TCVery CandidConway HallCandid ManerDonerail NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFBridge Of KissesHeston Blue ChipStonebridge KissesArtiscape NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCDoc FanelliBadlands HanoverRafanelliIncredible Finale ON

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED PCHidden FigureVintage MasterHidden CostCam's Card Shark ON

9/10 GOSHEN PFLady CenturionBolt The DuerCenturyJenna's Beach Boy NY

9/10 GOSHEN PFLet Freedom RollRoll With JoeFreedom AwayDream Away NY

10/14-10/15 LONDON SELECTED TCOnonekneeArchangelPuta Ring On ItAngus Hall ON

11/6-11/8 HARRISBURG SELECT PFShe's Got GameHeston Blue ChipShe's GameThe Panderosa NY

Sale Dates

Goshen - 9/9

Lexington - 10/2-10/6

London - 10/13-10/14

Harrisburg - 11/5-11/17

Har. Mix - 11/8-11/9


*Agent Horse