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Sept. 9th
Oct. 2nd-6th

Oct. 13th-14th
Nov. 5th-7th

Nov. 8th-9th
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2018 Earnings
(as of 4/25/18)
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Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.


In 2018, Bolt The Duer’s first-crop yearlings will sell.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


Please click on a yearling’s name for more information.

Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam Type State
PCBuy InWestern IdealBuy In HanoverCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PCFind Your WheelWestern IdealFreezer CashCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PFSporty JulianaWell SaidSportsfancySportsmaster Yearling PA

PFDashing DonnaDelmarvalousElla MaeArtsplace Yearling PA

PFShotgun PersuasionWestern IdealMerculeseArtsplace Yearling PA

TCSaratoga SunriseYankee GlideDay At The SpaAndover Hall Yearling PA

PFDr SarahWell SaidDatefortheballPresidential Ball Yearling PA

PFSophie's DestinyDelmarvalousTina's BlissBlissfull Hall Yearling PA

PCWell Done SonWell SaidJenna's JoyJenna's Beach Boy Yearling PA

PCPerfectly SaidWell SaidMy Perfect RhymeCole Muffler Yearling PA

PCBook WiseWell SaidOpen Book TestReal Desire Yearling PA

TCHe's ExplosiveExplosive MatterKimco LadyMalabar Man Yearling PA

TFAshlee’s Angel Andover HallAshlee’s Dream Dream Vacation Yearling PA

TCMia JeffSebastian K SMia StellinaCR Commando Yearling PA

TCSaint SebastianSebastian K SManalapanMr Vic Yearling PA

TCBoom CityExplosive MatterDoin The CityConway Hall Yearling PA

PFAgeless GraceWell Said Hasty PulseQuik Pulse Mondale Yearling PA

PFDream DancingA Rocknroll DanceClearly FoxyRoyal Mattjesty Yearling PA

PCKing SpencerSweet LouElizabeth SpencerWestern Ideal Yearling PA

TCJovial JerryDonato HanoverMet's InnMutineer Yearling PA

TCPardon My WayDonato HanoverMiss Michelle HKing Conch Yearling PA

TFMuzzle The YakkerExplosive MatterBaileys BreezeAngus Hall Yearling PA

PCOld PalDelmarvalousStubborn Star PalCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PFMovie MavenWell SaidBetterthanrevengeQuik Pulse Mindale Yearling PA

TCAmerican WhiskeyAndover HallGreat QuantityCR Commando Yearling PA

PFBethany BeautyDelmarvalousRare FillyVillage Connection Yearling PA

TCBig NudgeDonato HanoverVictors VickyValley Victor Yearling PA

TFBig Screen QueenAndover HallVideo QueenClassic Photo Yearling PA

TCDetonatedExplosive MatterMs KristinDonerail Yearling PA

PCAce The DealWestern IdealAcey DeuceyCam’s Card Shark Yearling PA

PCTeam BestSomebeachsomewhereSports ChicSportswriter Yearling PA

TFMaggie's IdealAndover HallMaggie's LegacyWindsong's Legacy Yearling PA

TFMartinisonthebayAndover HallLady TiniSand Vic Yearling PA

PCBo KnowsWell SaidJennys MoneyDragon's Lair Yearling PA

PFIdeal StyleWestern IdealTiger StyleLife Sign Yearling PA

PFShake N GoWestern IdealShake It For MeArt Major Yearling PA

PFShark IdeaWestern IdealShark LadyCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

TFFloating On AirYankee GlideLucerne De VieAngus Hall Yearling PA

PCFreedom WriterWell SaidGive Me LifeLife Sign Yearling PA

PCRoad Ready WesWestern IdealHallie GallieVillage Jolt Yearling PA

PFGabby TabbyWestern IdealMidnight ArtArtsplace Yearling PA

TCJive Ninety FiveAndover HallNinety Five JanetMuscles Yankee Yearling PA

PCWell ReceivedWell SaidPink Is PerfectCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PFCowgirl LillyWestern IdealSand SpeedMatt's Scooter Yearling PA

TFAlittlebitofsugar Donato Hanover Sugarcane Yankee Windsong’s Legacy Yearling PA

TFAmazing Allison Sebastian K S Galahad’s DamselPine Chip Yearling PA

PCYou So FunnyDelmarvalousFunny CardCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PFTristate WonderDelmarvalousWin D WonThree Wizzards Yearling PA

*Agent Horse

2018 Yearling Sale Dates & additional sale information will be posted when available.