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Sept. 10th
Oct. 3rd-7th

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Oct. 14th-15th
Nov. 6th-10th

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2017 Earnings
(as of 4/24/17)
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Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


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Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam Type State
PCShadow TailShadow PlayShark TailCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PCHi Tech GadgetMach ThreeGadgets To GoCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PCClinical TrialShadow PlayEternal DesireReal Desire Yearling ON

PCAbout The SouthShadow PlayBest Of DaylonArmbro Emerson Yearling ON

PCSend A NoteHeston Blue ChipAttack The BooksLife Sign Yearling NY

TCRx For SuccessCredit WinnerCR MimosaCR Commando Yearling NY

PCLock The DoorWestern IdealLexi B MoodyDragon Again Yearling PA

PCPure Clear BetterthancheddarRomancing The SeaBeach Towel Yearling ON

TCTrump Card ChuckyLucky ChuckyMiss CourtneyMalabar Man Yearling NY

PCJojo's PlaceRoll With JoeAngel PlaceArtsplace Yearling NY

PCZip Zip WillWe Will SeeZip Zip BoomRocknroll Hanover Yearling OH

PCFive Oclock IdeaWestern IdealMargarita MondayPonder Yearling PA

PCWriter RocksSportswriterRocknroll WishesRocknroll Hanover Yearling ON

PCBetter Than BootsBetterthancheddarWestern ScarletWestern Ideal Yearling ON

PCBetter Than CashBetterthancheddarKattimonAstreos Yearling ON

PCBetter Than FastBetterthancheddarFast PrincessArtiscape Yearling ON

TCBrief CallPolitical BriefingCall Me HazelCall Toll Free Yearling DE

TCDeep DiverPolitical BriefingLavabowlMr Lavec Yearling DE

PCPal's AgainRoddy's Bags AgainStubborn Star PalCam's Card Shark Yearling DE

PCHead Over BootsRoyal MattjestySpark OutBadlands Nitro Yearling ON

TCEqual MoneyChapter SevenKristen YMalabar Man Yearling NY

TCRap RoyaltyKadabraDoin' The CityConway Hall Yearling ON

PCTails AwayVintage MasterDaylon TempoCamluck Yearling ON

PCJack NationAmerican IdealLadyjackCam's Card Shark Yearling NY

PCLevi's IdealAmerican IdealKim's CaperBadlands Hanover Yearling NY

PCOfficer JimAmerican IdealFreedom CrossingArtiscape Yearling NY

PCRock AmericaAmerican IdealWho Moved The RockLife Sign Yearling NY

TCTryin To ScoreAngus HallHit On MeGiant Hit Yearling ON

PCSports BetSportswriterWinbak BetBettor's Delight Yearling ON

TCRushin VodkaExplosive MatterDancing SlippersAngus Hall Yearling PA

PCMc PatDelmarvalousWinbak PattyShotgun Scott Yearling PA

TCExplosive FormExplosive MatterExotic FormMalabar Man Yearling PA

PCArtie's IdealAmerican IdealMidnight ArtArtsplace Yearling NY

PCBrad's BuddyHeston Blue ChipSiobhanBeach Towel Yearling NY

PCWhiskey N CokeDelmarvalousJodi St LaurentLife Sign Yearling PA

PCLouie VDelmarvalousMom's BellaQuik Pulse Mindale Yearling PA

PCGifted GeorgeDelmarvalousShark LadyCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PCYachtsmanMach ThreeBoogie Woogie LandBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

TCCheeky ChuckyLucky ChuckyProud MaggieLindy Lane Yearling NY

TCDream NationArchangelMississippi DreamDream Vacation Yearling ON

PCGossip GuySportswriterFlibbertigibbetAlbert Albert Yearling ON

PCFuture BetBettor's DelightMichelle's DestinyArtsplace Yearling ON

TCHappy HenrikMuscles YankeeSummersgrandladyConway Hall Yearling NY

PCGarrett's GuideHeston Blue ChipHoliday GuideVillage Jove Yearling NY

TCFortune's WayConway HallSierra FortuneSierra Kosmos Yearling NY

PCLight WindArt MajorVillage MadonnaRocknroll Hanover Yearling NY

PCLinden ArtArt MajorLinden BeautyArmbro Mackintosh Yearling NY

PCMajor MarkArt MajorFlirtwithedealerCam's Card Shark Yearling NY

PCLively LarryBadlands HanoverMichikoJate Lobell Yearling ON

PCDealer's TableAmerican IdealHasty PulseQuik Pulse Mindale Yearling NY

PCDial DaysAmerican IdealSmart DialingAbercrombie Yearling NY

PCBack RoadRoll With JoeRoyal DistractionRoyal Mattjesty Yearling NY

PCRecord YearShadow PlayStreisands PlaceArtsplace Yearling ON

PCBag Of FigsShadow PlaySass NewtonStorm Compensation Yearling ON

TCCandid HallAngus HallCandidcamerakosmosS J's Photo Yearling ON

TCHe's Got GameAngus HallMaggie's LegacyWindsong's Legacy Yearling ON

PCRoots N WingsSportswriterHeavenly SignLife Sign Yearling ON

PCBetter EarlBetterthancheddarBad SisterBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

PCNo Ordinary ManBetterthancheddarHypnotizeArtiscape Yearling ON

PCRoad To HestonHeston Blue ChipElegant GirlAllamerican Ingot Yearling NY

TCData GeekConway HallDior KosmosS J's Photo Yearling NY

PCCount The DiceRoll With JoeAccountableArtsplace Yearling NY

PCCardinal ViewVeezaSuperior SkiesVillage Jove Yearling DE

PCWind Sun N FireDelmarvalousWindsun CapriceCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PCWheel Of The WorldBetterthancheddarLow Country LoveAllamerican Ingot Yearling ON

TCMr PieArchangelMom's Apple PieStriking Sahbra Yearling ON

PCMajor MarchArt MajorMach You And MeMach Three Yearling NY

PCThe First StepBetterthancheddarMery Linny LeeRiverboat King Yearling ON

PCShadow RoyalShadow PlayLady Kimberly LynnCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PCMaintenance ManBettor's DelightDouble FlipBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

PCMadetobekingRoyal MattjestyLilli MaidChristian Cullen Yearling ON

PCLifetime DelightBettor's DelightLifetime MemberLife Sign Yearling ON

PCJeff's JourneyShadow PlayAlota BlingBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

PCSeersucker SuitAmerican IdealMichelle's DreamArtsplace Yearling NY

PCSouthern SuccessAmerican IdealKG DelightNorthern Luck Yearling NY

PCBad N RoyalBadlands HanoverRoyal Lady LesRoyal Mattjesty Yearling ON

PCBlissful RoadRoll With JoeBlissful MaddieBlissfull Hall Yearling NY

PCBlu CrewHeston Blue ChipCrew AngelAbercrombie Yearling NY

PCIdeal LookerWestern IdealOutlawed BeautyJK Outlaw Yearling PA

PCWell StatedWell SaidClaraArt Major Yearling PA

PCSmart TalkerWell SaidWishfora FullhouseCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PCSimple MiraclesDream AwayReincarnationNo Nukes Yearling DE

TCWicked WizardKadabraMet's RivalPine Chip Yearling ON

PCCovered BridgeAmerican IdealStonebridge KissesArtiscape Yearling NY

PCWasted TimeVintage MasterBidforakissBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

TCTravel WinnerCredit WinnerTravelin SupergirlKadabra Yearling NY

TCSteel DealChapter SevenHeartbeat HanoverDonerail Yearling NY

TCRailroad ManConway HallLady LionelDonerail Yearling NY

PCMusic NoteHeston Blue ChipKeystone MusicalNo Nukes Yearling NY

PCIrish ForeverDragon AgainIrish DayArtiscape Yearling OH

TCFlame CaliburCR ExcaliburWinbak FlameDonerail Yearling NY

PCRide Captain RideCaptaintreacherousRestive HanoverThe Panderosa Yearling PA

TCRunway WonderGiant HitRunaway MadonnaCR Renegade Yearling DE

PCWalking TrailWestern IdealWalk SoftlyAllamerican Native Yearling PA

PCHe's A RollinA Rocknroll DanceLislea PhiaLislea Yearling PA

PCStar DogSportswriterFour Starz HorndogFour Starzzz Shark Yearling ON

PCGold CaseBetterthancheddarPrincess CallieWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PCCustom CutShadow PlayLove That CutPresidential Ball Yearling ON

PCBettor's VictoryBettor's DelightFilly's VictoryJenna's Beach Boy Yearling ON

PCBettor's Parlay Bettor's DelightParlay HanoverWestern Ideal Yearling ON

PCBettor's AccountBettor's DelightArt AccountArtsplace Yearling ON

PCHillbilly RichHeston Blue ChipHornby LuckyDexter Nukes Yearling NY

PCMr VeeVeezaVella HanoverCam Fella Yearling DE

TCMarch On JoeMutineerBobbi Jo's ExCR Excalibur Yearling NY

PCItalian MasterVintage MasterAll ItalianAllamerican Ingot Yearling ON

PCCaptain SeriousBetterthancheddarShipps BikiniNo Pan Intended Yearling ON

PCWild ShadowShadow PlayWild MemoryDragon's Lair Yearling ON

PCThree WestMach ThreeMaid WestWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PCQuick NickBetterthancheddarMade Of MoneyAbercrombie Yearling ON

PCPepperonyourtongueBettor's DelightNotalkingbackRoyal Mattjesty Yearling ON

PCMakin The PaperBettor's DelightPaper CutNorthern Luck Yearling ON

TCLights Come OnChapter SevenStarlit EyesCR Commando Yearling NY

PCKing Of The BallHeston Blue ChipDatefortheballPresidential Ball Yearling NY

PCBet The ChipsHeston Blue ChipBet On SisBettor's Delight Yearling NY

PCRich By StateVintage MasterNine Of HeartsCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

TCCandid CriticArchangelCandid ManerDonerail Yearling ON

TCBeer HallConway HallLady TiniSand Vic Yearling NY

PCAwaken The ShadowShadow PlayAwaken The PassionCole Muffler Yearling ON

TCTrue CustomKadabraJ MarieAngus Hall Yearling ON

PCMaster DeanVintage MasterGennifers FlowerPresidential Ball Yearling ON

PCSharp WriterSportswriterToy DelightBettor's Delight Yearling ON

PCJet Bags JimRoddy's Bags AgainJet AmericaAllamerican Native Yearling DE

PCNumbered AccountRoddy's Bags AgainMathamomicsJaguar Spur Yearling DE

PCBoys TurnShadow PlayBunny DanceAllamerican Native Yearling ON

TCFit For DutyDonato HanoverFitness GirlMuscles Yankee Yearling PA

TCBonfire BashAngus HallBonfire HanoverMr Lavec Yearling ON

TCSam's GlideYankee GlideCR Sister SuzieRoyal Troubador Yearling PA

TCBlue Max InnYankee GlideMet's InnMutineer Yearling PA

TCAround TownAngus HallSummer HitGiant Hit Yearling ON

TCCrazy Every TimeCrazedBar BalladWindsong's Legacy Yearling NY

TCWings Of SpeedArchangelIndependent DameRoyal Strength Yearling ON

TCTeam JackMuscle MassiveSugarcane YankeeWindsong's Legacy Yearling PA

TCDesign WinnerCredit WinnerClasicaly DesignedLindy Lane Yearling NY

TFSpring In ParisExplosive MatterFrench DollDonerail Yearling PA

TFEmpress CrownChapter SevenShipps EmpressKing Conch Yearling NY

PFCome On OverBadlands HanoverOdds On WhiteySportsmaster Yearling ON

PFTina's SisterBadlands HanoverTina's BlissBlissfull Hall Yearling ON

PFView Of The LandBadlands HanoverEnjoy The ViewLife Sign Yearling ON

PFArtist VisionArt MajorObserve MeCambest Yearling NY

PFSerena SaidWell SaidSelinas's JoyDragon Again Yearling PA

PFBetterthanbadBetterthancheddarFit N BadBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

PFDelightful TrystaBettor's DelightMichelle's PrayerRed River Hanover Yearling ON

PFDelightful GemBettor's DelightBefore DawnCambest Yearling ON

PFAngel BlueHeston Blue ChipSams AngelNobleland Sam Yearling NY

TFAngel StatusArchangelHis MistressMutineer Yearling ON

TFAnniversary MagicLucky ChuckyBeach MagicDream Vacation Yearling NY

TFSassy LynnlyYankee GlideKimco LadyMalabar Man Yearling PA

TFMuscle N BeautyMuscles YankeeCabaret HallGarland Lobell Yearling NY

PFPaper BagRoddy's Bags AgainSt Mattricks WayMatt's Scooter Yearling DE

PFSkyhigh AmbitionShadow PlayBuy In HanoverCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PFShe's GiftedRoyal MattjestyShe's GameThe Panderosa Yearling ON

PFAge Is A NumberVintage MasterI'm All InCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PFAngel HandsBettor's DelightBandolera HanoverWestern Hanover Yearling ON

TFNot A RoyalRC RoyaltyNot A DivaMuscles Yankee Yearling NY

PFLovely LauraPonderShe's PoisonWestern Ideal Yearling PA

PFDiplomaBetterthancheddarPH DiagnosisAmerican Ideal Yearling ON

PFFree ExchangeBetterthancheddarFree AdmissionPowerful Toy Yearling ON

PFOpen RouteVintage MasterEscape GirlArtiscape Yearling ON

TFCelestial AngelArchangelClassical StrikeStriking Sahbra Yearling ON

TFDon't ConfessArchangelDont Tell My GirlMutineer Yearling ON

PFFinal EscapeArtiscapeFun FillyCam's Card Shark Yearling NY

TFCommand The DayCR CommandoDeanna TroyDream Of Glory Yearling DE

TFOvernight ExpressCR CommandoOvernight RailDonerail Yearling DE

PFLovely DonnaBetterthancheddarFamily LoveWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PFLove's DelightBettor's DelightLove You FortyArtsplace Yearling ON

TFGreat QualityGlidemasterGreat QuantityCR Commando Yearling ON

PFCinderella DelightBettor's DelightModern CinderellaModern Art Yearling ON

PFNew WriterSportswriterNew HollywoodCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PFCafe SocietyBetterthancheddarBunkhouse BabeRoyal Mattjesty Yearling ON

PFDanceathonA Rocknroll DanceThongWestern Hanover Yearling PA

PFJo Jo RollsRoll With JoeVillage JovialThe Panderosa Yearling NY

PFBeturbottomdollarBettor's DelightBell Bottom PansNoble Ability Yearling ON

PFFull Moon FixBettor's DelightBalasunThe Panderosa Yearling ON

PFTurncoatBadlands HanoverTurn For The BestCambest Yearling ON

PFRock It HallieA Rocknroll DanceHallie GallieVillage Jolt Yearling PA

PFSteamy IdeaWestern IdealDreams Are GreatDream Away Yearling PA

PFHumble N KindAmerican IdealWilma HallBlissfull Hall Yearling NY

PFBehavenmyselfBadlands HanoverCorelVillage Jiffy Yearling ON

PFTerrific TrishHeston Blue ChipFeelinglikeastarArtiscape Yearling NY

TFSweet ChapterChapter SevenMom's Sweetie PieDonerail Yearling NY

PFAshlee SparklesArt MajorAshlee's StarWestern Hanover Yearling NY

PFWriters WishSportswriterMako WishCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

TFDonna's HallAndover HallTantalizing DonnaDonerail Yearling PA

PFDance ObsessionA Rocknroll DanceWhere The Heart IsAbercrombie Yearling PA

TFI Met A GirlCR RenegadeEmily's ProgramProgram Speed Yearling MD

PFBeautiful LizDragon AgainEnchanted BeautyWestern Ideal Yearling OH

PFStay BeautifulHeston Blue ChipKate's JoyAllamerican Ingot Yearling NY

PFRoll With MimiRoll With JoeDream Of MimiDream Away Yearling NY

TFAshlees RoyalRoyalty For LifeSmokin AshAngus Hall Yearling ON

PFChrisann's MagicVintage MasterJk CabaretBettor's Delight Yearling ON

TFMiss StellinaExplosive MatterMia StellinaCR Commando Yearling PA

PFEarn My StripesMach ThreeTiger StyleLife Sign Yearling ON

PFExhibitionAmerican IdealMy Little ArtArtsplace Yearling NY

PFVintage VixenVintage MasterClearly FoxyRoyal Mattjesty Yearling ON

PFVintage SmileVintage MasterElectric SmileDie Laughing Yearling ON

PFBoogie RollRoll With JoeBoogie Woogie FluArmbro Mackintosh Yearling NY

TFYoga QueenMuscles YankeeMarie E HanoverSierra Kosmos Yearling NY

TFTraveling JanetConway HallNinety Five JanetMuscles Yankee Yearling NY

TFQuiet HeiressMutineerSavannah MontanaMalabar Man Yearling NY

PFLady Neigh NeighBettor's DelightSantino's RosaThe Panderosa Yearling ON

PFLoyal LoveRoyal MattjestyPrincess LaceArtsplace Yearling ON

PFRoyalty AgainRoyal MattjestyHere AgainAmerican Ideal Yearling ON

PFRoyal LowRoyal MattjestyLo GophobiaPresidential Ball Yearling ON

PFSomebody's DreamShadow PlayElla MaeArtsplace Yearling ON

PFSwift AllisonArt MajorSwift N ShoutRocknroll Hanover Yearling NY

PFTriple DipBetterthancheddarTriple FantasyIsland Fantasy Yearling ON

PFThree ChipsMach ThreeBenazire Blue ChipArt Major Yearling ON

PFRhyme N RollA Rocknroll DanceMy Perfect RhymeCole Muffler Yearling PA

TFJordans AngelArchangelJJ's JordynAngus Hall Yearling ON

TFMelissa's AngelArchangelToo Fast For MathMutineer Yearling ON

PFOutsider ArtShadow PlayArt AllianceArtiscape Yearling ON

PFNovel WriterSportswriterWishfor RocknrollRocknroll Hanover Yearling ON

PFRevival CardsRoyal MattjestyFit N FancyLife Sign Yearling ON

TFOrder MattieAngus HallOrder By MatildaTom Ridge Yearling ON

TFRebellious LadyAngus HallRadical MissyMr Lavec Yearling ON

TFClass AngelArchangelLife ClassAngus Hall Yearling ON

TFWinner's WayCredit WinnerMichelle's WayConway Hall Yearling NY

PFUp N Away RaeHeston Blue ChipBlue RaeBrowning Blue Chip Yearling NY

PFBonita BouquetArtiscapeFloristRustler Hanover Yearling NY

TFTina RocksCrazedMackenzie HallCantab Hall Yearling NY

PFGoodbye TownDream AwayBoom Town GirlTotally Western Yearling DE

PFShe's A DewarWestern IdealHasty DewarCambest Yearling PA

PFPink IdealWestern IdealPink Is PerfectCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PFRowdy RondaSportswriterRuffle's KissBlissfull Hall Yearling ON

TFBackspaceChapter SevenBack On TrackDonerail Yearling NY

TFBridgegateMuscles YankeeTybridgeGarland Lobell Yearling NY

PFSun ViserHeston Blue ChipBeach BonnetCamluck Yearling NY

PFMystic FormArt MajorMisty SpeedMatt's Scooter Yearling NY

PFLady JackieBadlands HanoverLady LeslieWalton Hanover Yearling ON

PFBay SkyArt MajorBay GirlRoyal Mattjesty Yearling NY

TFGeorgia RainConway HallGeorgia BabyMutineer Yearling NY

TFEmily's SlideGlidemasterEmily's EgoDonerail Yearling ON

PFLight BlueHeston Blue ChipNecessary ElementRed River Hanover Yearling NY

TFHead CaseLucky ChuckyHeadachesSir Taurus Yearling NY

TFGlide N Go GlidemasterRevenue SharesRevenue S Yearling ON

PFClearly BetterBetterthancheddarGlass MakerArtsplace Yearling ON

PFChip TrickHeston Blue ChipDominatricksMagical Mike Yearling NY

TFLeannes RoyaltyRoyalty For LifeTracy My LoveDream Vacation Yearling ON

PFMarvalous MargDelmarvalousMargie's SongAlbatross Yearling PA

TFMiss MannerExplosive MatterMissy LaneLindy Lane Yearling PA

PFIdeal SarahAmerican IdealMerculeseArtsplace Yearling NY

PFBetter SingleBetterthancheddarImoutahereRun The Table Yearling ON

PFDouble KnotVintage MasterShadowed DeuceShadow Play Yearling ON

PFTalented WriterSportswriterKim's Royal DayRoyal Mattjesty Yearling ON

PFSporty KatieSportswriterWestern CatWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PFShe's Movin OnWestern IdealIreneonthemovePowerful Toy Yearling PA

PFPhilly WellnessWell SaidPacific PhillyPacific Fella Yearling PA

PFFunny SaidWell SaidFunny CardCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PFVintage ArtsyVintage MasterHer Own ArtArturo Yearling ON

TFRed Lip ClassicPolitical BriefingMs MarshmalaMalabar Man Yearling DE

TFBig Town DreamsLucky ChuckyDoin' The TownDonerail Yearling NY

TFBrief FilePolitical BriefingSpeed KeeperMeadow Road Yearling DE

PFCloudsinmy CoffeeWestern IdealDreamlands LatteArtsplace Yearling PA

PFSweet SueSweet LouAcey DeuceyCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PFFlipit To WinitWestern IdealFlip For LoveRiverboat King Yearling PA

PFJoe's GirlRoll With JoeDonna's GirlVillage Jove Yearling NY

TFTrendy KimConway HallFashion TangoTom Ridge Yearling NY

TFSummertime FeverCredit WinnerCardio PumpAngus Hall Yearling NY

PFPowerful ChrisBetterthancheddarCell PowerWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PFVegas HighrollerRoll With JoeJukebox MoneyJK Outlaw Yearling NY

PFSaltwater BlueHeston Blue ChipBlue ParadiseArtiscape Yearling NY

PFCup Of ChoiceDelmarvalousCheyenne AvaCamluck Yearling PA

PFChurch BellsRoyal MattjestyArtist JewelsReal Artist Yearling ON

PFBettor's BurnBettor's DelightBeach BurnSomebeachsomewhere Yearling ON

PFBen's JennaMach ThreeBadlands JennaBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

PFBea My DelightBettor's DelightB So LuckyArtiscape Yearling ON

TFSouthern TeaseMuscles YankeeBronteaseBalanced Image Yearling NY

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