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2018 Earnings
(as of 4/25/18)
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In 2018, Bolt The Duer’s first-crop yearlings will sell.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


Please click on a yearling’s name for more information.

Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam Type State
PCBet On A DreamBetterthancheddarLa DaydreamerAbercrombie Yearling ON

PCIrish CheddarBetterthancheddarArmbro OcaseyAbercrombie Yearling ON

PFSelfmademillionairBolt The DuerMade Of MoneyAbercrombie Yearling NY

PFRoyal AbbyRoyal MattjestyAberdakaraAbercrombie Yearling ON

PCBankers VaultBolt The DuerMargie's SongAlbatross Yearling NY

PCBabbling Art MajorFlibbertigibbet Albert Albert Yearling NY

PCElite RetreatDream AwayWild RetreatAllamerican Ingot Yearling DE

PFElegant NoelleHeston Blue ChipElegant GirlAllamerican Ingot Yearling NY

PFBottle Of RedHeston Blue ChipRed ZinfandelAllamerican Native Yearling NY

PCAmerican NitroBadlands NitroJet AmericaAllamerican Native Yearling DE

PFEclipse DayShadow PlayAmerican TailAmerican Ideal Yearling ON

PCMy Pal JoeRoll With JoePH DiagnosisAmerican Ideal Yearling NY

TCSaratoga SunriseYankee GlideDay At The SpaAndover Hall Yearling PA

TCHetalkstoangelsArchangelJ MarieAngus Hall Yearling ON

TFMuzzle The YakkerExplosive MatterBaileys BreezeAngus Hall Yearling PA

TFFiery AshMuscle MassSmokin AshAngus Hall Yearling ON

TFTuned UpMuscle MassLife ClassAngus Hall Yearling ON

TFFloating On AirYankee GlideLucerne De VieAngus Hall Yearling PA

TFStar Of My ShowCredit WinnerLove To FlauntAngus Hall Yearling NY

TCWords MatterMuscle MassJJ's JordynAngus Hall Yearling ON

TCOnonekneeArchangelPuta Ring On ItAngus Hall Yearling ON

PCLust For PowerHeston Blue ChipLady Of LustArmbro Mackintosh Yearling NY

PCWinter DuerBolt The DuerBoogie Woogie FluArmbro Mackintosh Yearling NY

PCLou's DelightBettor's DelightLinden BeautyArmbro Mackintosh Yearling ON

PFClassic HeartClassic Card SharkDancing HeartArt Colony Yearling ON

PFDivine EssenceVintage MasterWu Wei HanoverArt Major Yearling ON

PFImthebigsisMach ThreeImthebig StarArt Major Yearling ON

PFMach Mine BlueMach ThreeBenazire Blue ChipArt Major Yearling ON

PFShake N GoWestern IdealShake It For MeArt Major Yearling PA

PFRock Star HannahRoll With JoeFeelinglikeastarArtiscape Yearling NY

PCBest BrewBetterthancheddarIrish DayArtiscape Yearling ON

PCBlank StareBolt The DuerHypnotizeArtiscape Yearling NY

PFBridge Of KissesHeston Blue ChipStonebridge KissesArtiscape Yearling NY

PCMaster TreatyVintage MasterArt AllianceArtiscape Yearling ON

PFLuck B MineBettor's DelightB So LuckyArtiscape Yearling ON

PCElusive GentHeston Blue ChipEscape GirlArtiscape Yearling NY

PCBreakout SessionHeston Blue ChipTroubled EscapeArtiscape Yearling NY

PFLand Of ParadiseBadlands HanoverBlue ParadiseArtiscape Yearling ON

PFBet On JulyBettor's DelightFreedom CrossingArtiscape Yearling ON

PFZipping ByShadow PlayBy The ZipArtiscape Yearling ON

PCArt Fund American IdealArt AccountArtsplace Yearling NY

PFDashing DonnaDelmarvalousElla MaeArtsplace Yearling PA

PFShotgun PersuasionWestern IdealMerculeseArtsplace Yearling PA

PFBetter BidBetterthancheddarArts BidArtsplace Yearling ON

PFQueso RellenoBetterthancheddarHay MacarenaArtsplace Yearling ON

PCBall ThreeShadow PlayMichelle’s DreamArtsplace Yearling ON

PFSmart GirlRoll With JoeWisdomArtsplace Yearling NY

PCWinning ChipHeston Blue ChipWinbak Las VegasArtsplace Yearling NY

PFFrills N LaceHeston Blue ChipPrincess LaceArtsplace Yearling NY

PFFlirty FortyAmerican IdealLove You FortyArtsplace Yearling NY

PFGabby TabbyWestern IdealMidnight ArtArtsplace Yearling PA

PCBlake's ChipHeston Blue ChipGlass MakerArtsplace Yearling NY

PCPrince TeaserShadow PlayMy Little ArtArtsplace Yearling ON

PCMy LandBadlands HanoverHer Own ArtArturo Yearling ON

PCLand Of BluesBadlands HanoverCoed BluesArturo Yearling ON

PFHidden CoveAmerican IdealSun N SandAstreos Yearling NY

PFIdeal KattimonAmerican IdealKattimonAstreos Yearling NY

PCCoin FlipRoyal MattjestyDouble FlipBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

PFLaura's LoveBetterthancheddarFit N BadBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

PCAlota ChipsHeston Blue ChipAlota BlingBadlands Hanover Yearling NY

PCLand Of RoyaltyRoyal MattjestyBoogie Woogie LandBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

PCA Bolt Of LuckBolt The DuerLuck Runns OverBadlands Hanover Yearling NY

PFSparkmyinterestBetterthancheddarSpark OutBadlands Nitro Yearling ON

TCBronze YankeeMuscles YankeeBronteaseBalanced Image Yearling NY

TFSpring QueenCR ExcaliburSpring Lane JoanieBaltic Speed Yearling NY

PFBolten BeachBolt The DuerBeach BrettaBeach Towel Yearling NY

PCBolt RulerBolt The DuerJK CabaretBettor's Delight Yearling NY

PCWinning PlayShadow PlayWinbak BetBettor's Delight Yearling ON

PFSophie's DestinyDelmarvalousTina's BlissBlissfull Hall Yearling PA

PFZipline RoyalRoyal MattjestyTopless HallBlissfull Hall Yearling ON

PCScotty DBolt The DuerLeavea SmileBlissfull Hall Yearling NY

TFBrawny BabeMuscles YankeePromising DivaBroad Bahn Yearling NY

PCBlue Ray WillieBolt The DuerBlue RaeBrowning Blue Chip Yearling NY

TCGab In MotionArchangelCall Me HazelCall Toll Free Yearling ON

PCAce The DealWestern IdealAcey DeuceyCam’s Card Shark Yearling PA

PFAmerican ArrowAmerican IdealLadyjack Cam’s Card Shark Yearling NY

PFUnstoppable HallAmerican IdealMarietta HallCambest Yearling NY

PCGone Before DawnAmerican IdealBefore DawnCambest Yearling NY

PFBolt Of BeautyBolt The DuerNatural LuckCamluck Yearling NY

PFBodylikeabackroadAmerican IdealMs HarringtonCamluck Yearling NY

PCBeach Blanket BookSportswriterBeach BonnetCamluck Yearling ON

PFLiberty BellaAmerican IdealLismorebellaCamluck Yearling NY

PFSeel The DarkShadow PlayRafaella SeelsterCamluck Yearling ON

PCBuy InWestern IdealBuy In HanoverCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PCFind Your WheelWestern IdealFreezer CashCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PCHearts Over AcesBadlands HanoverNine Of HeartsCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PFMovie TownAmerican IdealNew HollywoodCam's Card Shark Yearling NY

PFLynnly's MomBolt The DuerLady Kimberly LynnCam's Card Shark Yearling NY

PFPlay My GameShadow PlayGame TableCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PFBrave BeckyVintage MasterFun FillyCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PFCuonthebackstretchBadlands NitroSee You HanoverCam's Card Shark Yearling DE

PCOld PalDelmarvalousStubborn Star PalCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PFLady ReporterSportswriterI'm All InCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PCPress TimeSportswriterFlirtwithedealerCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PFShark IdeaWestern IdealShark LadyCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PFWishful DreamsAmerican IdealMako WishCam's Card Shark Yearling NY

PCDuly NotedBolt The DuerSowhatsyourpointCam's Card Shark Yearling NY

PCFresh DuerBolt The DuerFresh OutlookCam's Card Shark Yearling NY

PCWell ReceivedWell SaidPink Is PerfectCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PCYou So FunnyDelmarvalousFunny CardCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

PCHidden FigureVintage MasterHidden CostCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

PFComing Your WayRoyal MattjestyZipadeedoodahCastleton Success Yearling ON

TFBlazing FuchsiaConway HallFuchsia SeelsterCheyenne Spur Yearling NY

TFBig Screen QueenAndover HallVideo QueenClassic Photo Yearling PA

PCPerfectly SaidWell SaidMy Perfect RhymeCole Muffler Yearling PA

PFPassion N BluesHeston Blue ChipAwaken The PassionCole Muffler Yearling NY

TCBoom CityExplosive MatterDoin The CityConway Hall Yearling PA

TCNeed To SpeedArchangelSpeed TalkerConway Hall Yearling ON

TFLady At ArmsMuscles YankeeMaiden KnightConway Hall Yearling NY

TFRebel PrincessMutineerPrincess RobynConway Hall Yearling NY

TCBlazin PoliticsPolitical BriefingAdore EleanorConway Hall Yearling DE

TFQueen PaigeMuscles YankeeCommando QueenCR Commando Yearling NY

TCThird ShiftChapter SevenOvernight CommandCR Commando Yearling NY

TCMia JeffSebastian K SMia StellinaCR Commando Yearling PA

TCAmerican WhiskeyAndover HallGreat QuantityCR Commando Yearling PA

TCAll LiesPolitical Briefing Bobbi Jo's ExCr Excalibur Yearling DE

TCMid ChapterChapter SevenWinbak HalfCR Excalibur Yearling NY

TCEscape The FireAngus HallRunaway MadonnaCR Renegade Yearling ON

PFJoe's SignRoll With JoeTug River DellaDie Laughing Yearling NY

TFCraving YouKadabraBack On TrackDonerail Yearling ON

TFGuard My HeartArchangelHeartbeat HanoverDonerail Yearling ON

TCBook SevenChapter SevenTantalizing DonnaDonerail Yearling NY

TCVery CandidConway HallCandid ManerDonerail Yearling NY

TCDetonatedExplosive MatterMs KristinDonerail Yearling PA

TCLucky SevensChapter SevenMom's Sweetie PieDonerail Yearling NY

TFClassical MusicCredit WinnerClassical GinnyDonerail Yearling NY

TCKing Of LuckLucky ChuckyKim's Big CrownDonerail Yearling NY

PFShoes GaloreAmerican IdealBagaholicDragon Again Yearling NY

PCBlazing JoeRoll With JoeJersey PearlDragon Again Yearling NY

PCFirst PowerAmerican IdealPower AgainDragon Again Yearling NY

PCBo KnowsWell SaidJennys MoneyDragon's Lair Yearling PA

PFBreak The DealAmerican IdealSpring BreakDream Away Yearling NY

PFFull DeckRoll With JoeWild DreamDream Away Yearling NY

PFLet Freedom RollRoll With JoeFreedom AwayDream Away Yearling NY

TFMississippi MomentCredit WinnerMississippi DreamDream Vacation Yearling NY

TCPowerful SpiritArchangelTracy My LoveDream Vacation Yearling ON

TFAshlee’s Angel Andover HallAshlee’s Dream Dream Vacation Yearling PA

TFYankee GirlfriendMuscles YankeeDaylon MistressDuke Of York Yearling NY

TCSound TrackCredit WinnerCabaret HallGarland Lobell Yearling NY

TCFavorite CanadianGlidemasterTybridgeGarland Lobell Yearling ON

TCSummertime MuscleMuscles YankeeSummer HitGiant Hit Yearling NY

TFRoyalty WinnerCredit WinnerNew RoyaltyGiant Hit Yearling NY

TFTipsy GypsyMuscles YankeeSea GypsyGlidemaster Yearling NY

TCMedal CountConway HallMedallistGlidemaster Yearling NY

TCRealmenwearpinkArchangelPinkcowgirlbootsGlidemaster Yearling ON

PCRockstar HeavenRocknroll HeavenNot EnoughGrinfromeartoear Yearling NJ

PFSilver DustBolt The DuerSilver DialingHi Ho Silverheels Yearling NY

PCSolid ManBadlands HanoverIn SolidIn The Pocket Yearling ON

PCDoc FanelliBadlands HanoverRafanelliIncredible Finale Yearling ON

PCHe's ThriftyShadow PlayTriple FantasyIsland Fantasy Yearling ON

PCGroovy JoeRoll With JoeChotat MilkJate Lobell Yearling NY

PCWell Done SonWell SaidJenna's JoyJenna's Beach Boy Yearling PA

PFLady CenturionBolt The DuerCenturyJenna's Beach Boy Yearling NY

PFSatdnite JukeboxShadow PlayJukebox MoneyJK Outlaw Yearling ON

TFHeavenly SkiesArchangelTravelin SupergirlKadabra Yearling ON

TCConway EmperorConway HallShipps EmpressKing Conch Yearling NY

TCPardon My WayDonato HanoverMiss Michelle HKing Conch Yearling PA

PCBrake CheckBadlands HanoverSlow Down RitaLaag Yearling ON

PFIdeal StyleWestern IdealTiger StyleLife Sign Yearling PA

PFWiggle DelightBettor's DelightWiggle HanoverLife Sign Yearling ON

PCFreedom WriterWell SaidGive Me LifeLife Sign Yearling PA

PFRoll On The OddsRoll With JoeOdds On The HatLife Sign Yearling NY

PFHidden ViewBettor's DelightEnjoy The ViewLife Sign Yearling ON

TCCurrent CommandCR CommandoCurrent YieldLike A Prayer Yearling DE

TCProud LookAngus HallProud MaggieLindy Lane Yearling ON

TFUptown ClassicCredit WinnerClasicaly DesignedLindy Lane Yearling NY

PFThe Tricks on MeBolt The DuerDominatricksMagical Mike Yearling NY

PFFinely TunedHeston Blue ChipPuccini Blue ChipMagical Mike Yearling NY

TFSupreme ChapterChapter SevenSupreme DishMalabar Man Yearling NY

TCHe's ExplosiveExplosive MatterKimco LadyMalabar Man Yearling PA

TCGo CommandoCR CommandoMs MarshmalaMalabar Man Yearling DE

TFShe'sgotwingsLucky ChuckyEnergy DrinkMalabar Man Yearling NY

PCVintage SummerVintage MasterArmbro SummerMatt's Scooter Yearling ON

PFCowgirl LillyWestern IdealSand SpeedMatt's Scooter Yearling PA

PCViking EraVintage MasterViking MaidenMatt's Scooter Yearling ON

PCModern WriterSportswriterModern CinderellaModern Art Yearling ON

TCHis Leading EdgeCR CommandoRadical MissyMr Lavec Yearling DE

TCSaint SebastianSebastian K SManalapanMr Vic Yearling PA

TCPlaying TrixTrixtonMustalgiaMuscles Yankee Yearling NJ

TFPlayoff SeasonCR CommandoPostseasonMuscles Yankee Yearling DE

TFPardon Me PleaseChapter SevenSpare Me PleaseMuscles Yankee Yearling NY

TCSwipe ItCredit WinnerForm FittingMuscles Yankee Yearling NY

TCJive Ninety FiveAndover HallNinety Five JanetMuscles Yankee Yearling PA

TFSpark PlugConway HallStarter UpMuscles Yankee Yearling NY

TCHall Of SecretsAngus HallDont Tell My GirlMutineer Yearling ON

TCAussie LoverAngus HallHis MistressMutineer Yearling ON

TCJovial JerryDonato HanoverMet's InnMutineer Yearling PA

TFRoyal PeachRoyalty For LifeGeorgia BabyMutineer Yearling ON

PFLook N FabulousBetterthancheddarLooknforagirllikeuNo Nukes Yearling ON

PCArt NukemArtiscapeMama NukesNo Nukes Yearling NY

PFStunning LookAmerican IdealShes A PansationNo Pan Intended Yearling NY

PCVintage VinylVintage MasterColie HanoverNo Pan Intended Yearling ON

PFChili PepperHeston Blue ChipPaper CutNorthern Luck Yearling NY

PCStrong PulseQuik Pulse MindaleMarshamarshamarshaNorthern Luck Yearling NY

PFPacific DelightBettor's DelightPacific PhillyPacific Fella Yearling ON

TFAmazing Allison Sebastian K S Galahad’s DamselPine Chip Yearling PA

PCCheap Night OutShadow PlayFree AdmissionPowerful Toy Yearling ON

PFBack To OzClassic Card SharkPowerful Dorothy Powerful Toy Yearling ON

PFDr SarahWell SaidDatefortheballPresidential Ball Yearling PA

PCBrushcutHeston Blue ChipLove That CutPresidential Ball Yearling NY

PCAbstraction Artiscape Lo Gophobia Presidential Ball Yearling NY

PFTop Of Her TradeBolt The DuerCareer SuccessPresidential Ball Yearling NY

TCKeep Your PromiseConway HallPromising DealPromising Catch Yearling NY

PFMovie MavenWell SaidBetterthanrevengeQuik Pulse Mindale Yearling PA

PFFree Flyin TicketBetterthancheddarFree TicketQuik Pulse Mindale Yearling ON

PFBNBBolt The DuerMom's BellaQuik Pulse Mindale Yearling NY

PFAshlee’s DayBolt The DuerAshlee’s CourtQuik Pulse Mindale Yearling NY

PFAgeless GraceWell Said Hasty PulseQuik Pulse Mondale Yearling PA

PFBag Of JewelsRoddy’s Bags Again Artist JewelsReal Artist Yearling DE

PCBook WiseWell SaidOpen Book TestReal Desire Yearling PA

PCBionic ManShadow PlayThe AssassinatorRichess Hanover Yearling ON

PFHappy LynnlyShadow PlayMery Linny LeeRiverboat King Yearling ON

PFBolt Of SpeedBolt The DuerWinbak SpeediRiverboat King Yearling NY

PCRock N Roll MomentBolt The DuerRock N LoveRock N Roll Heaven Yearling NY

PFVillage ArtistArt MajorVillage MadonnaRocknroll Hanover Yearling NY

PFLizzie's LanguageClassic Card SharkZip Zip BoomRocknroll Hanover Yearling ON

PCNight DelightBettor's DelightDancingatnightRocknroll Hanover Yearling ON

PCBetter B SwiftBettor's DelightSwift N ShoutRocknroll Hanover Yearling ON

PFJazz MajorArt MajorWishfor RocknrollRocknroll Hanover Yearling NY

PCNext Treasure*ArtzinaTreasure ValleyRoddy's Bags Again Yearling DE

PCDay DelightBettor's DelightKim's Royal DayRoyal Mattjesty Yearling ON

PCBettor FocusBettor's DelightRoyal DistractionRoyal Mattjesty Yearling ON

PCRollnthejoeRoll With JoeSweet BonnieRoyal Mattjesty Yearling NY

PFThree BabesMach ThreeBunkhouse BabeRoyal Mattjesty Yearling ON

PFRWJ ParadeRoll With JoePillageRoyal Mattjesty Yearling NY

PCRaise You TwentyClassic Card SharkRoyal Lady LesRoyal Mattjesty Yearling ON

PFTalk Show ChicaHeston Blue ChipNotalkingbackRoyal Mattjesty Yearling NY

PFDream DancingA Rocknroll DanceClearly FoxyRoyal Mattjesty Yearling PA

TCConstitution HallAngus HallIndependent DameRoyal Strength Yearling ON

PFFashion BloggerSportswriterFashion GuruRustler Hanover Yearling ON

PCBlazing ArtArtzinaFire One UpRustler Hanover Yearling DE

TCBeyond The LensAngus HallCandidcamerakosmosS J's Photo Yearling ON

TCDior HallAngus HallDior KosmosS J's Photo Yearling ON

TFTwist Of LuckConway HallTwist Of FaithSand Vic Yearling NY

TFMartinisonthebayAndover HallLady TiniSand Vic Yearling PA

TFCharming JulieannLucky ChuckyQueen JuliaSand Vic Yearling NY

PCFlow With JoeRoll With JoeHidden PlayShadow Play Yearling NY

PCLatin KingHeston Blue ChipLatin LiftoffShotgun Scott Yearling NY

PCBeach BrewHeston Blue ChipI Love The BeachShotgun Scott Yearling NY

PFClassic PattyClassic Card SharkWinbak PattyShotgun Scott Yearling ON

PFMajor BurnArt MajorBeach BurnSomebeachsomewhere Yearling NY

PFLock Her Up*Bolt The DuerSomewhere SecretSomebeachsomewhere Yearling NY

PFSporty JulianaWell SaidSportsfancySportsmaster Yearling PA

PCTeam BestSomebeachsomewhereSports ChicSportswriter Yearling PA

TFGolden GavelArchangelGaelic MistressStriking Sahbra Yearling ON

TCMr ArchArchangelMom's Apple PieStriking Sahbra Yearling ON

TCClassic ConConway HallClassical StrikeStriking Sahbra Yearling NY

TCTake The CreditCredit WinnerLove TacticsTagliabue Yearling NY

PCAmerican RebelAmerican Ideal Restive HanoverThe Panderosa Yearling NY

PFAmerican RoseAmerican IdealSantino’s RosaThe Panderosa Yearling NY

PCCard SwapClassic Card SharkShe's DeterminedThe Panderosa Yearling ON

PFPrideinmystrideSportswriterAshley's PrideThe Panderosa Yearling ON

PFRoll With AmyRoll With JoeBalasunThe Panderosa Yearling NY

PFShe's Got GameHeston Blue ChipShe's GameThe Panderosa Yearling NY

PFTristate WonderDelmarvalousWin D WonThree Wizzards Yearling PA

PFBook ListShadow PlayBook OrderThree Wizzards Yearling ON

TCTrue BrewKadabraFashion TangoTom Ridge Yearling ON

PCLunar LaunchVintage MasterCalico MoonTotally Western Yearling ON

TCBig NudgeDonato HanoverVictors VickyValley Victor Yearling PA

PCTrick CardRoll With JoeMagic CardVeeza Yearling NY

PFBethany BeautyDelmarvalousRare FillyVillage Connection Yearling PA

PCRoad Ready WesWestern IdealHallie GallieVillage Jolt Yearling PA

PFGirl Has GameHeston Blue ChipDonna's GirlVillage Jove Yearling NY

PCGuide MasterVintage MasterHoliday GuideVillage Jove Yearling ON

TFBanker ChicConway HallBankers AuditWall Street Banker Yearling NY

PFDouble PlayShadow PlayLady LeslieWalton Hanover Yearling ON

PFWiggle It GirlArt MajorWinbak WiggleWell Said Yearling NY

PFIn The NewsSportswriterWinbak IsabellaWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PFThree TiarasMach ThreePrincess CallieWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PFShesnofoolagainDragon AgainWhat Fools BelieveWestern Hanover Yearling OH

PCWorld WonderBetterthancheddarClandestineWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PCHeart Throb KidQuik Pulse MindaleWestern BeautyWestern Hanover Yearling NY

PFDreamadreamformeBetterthancheddarDream SeekerWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PFGot PowerRoyal MattjestyCell PowerWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PFGround ControlArt MajorThongWestern Hanover Yearling NY

PFAladywithpowerArt MajorMore Power RustyWestern Hanover Yearling NY

PFAcrylic Art MajorMaid WestWestern Hanover Yearling NY

PCMr CheesemanBetterthancheddarBandolera HanoverWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PCIrish PrinceRoyal MattjestyFamily LoveWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PFExpress WriterSportswriterRed Carpet QueenWestern Hanover Yearling ON

PCKing SpencerSweet LouElizabeth SpencerWestern Ideal Yearling PA

PCBig City NewsSportswriterLondon EyeWestern Ideal Yearling ON

PCJournalisticSportswriterEnchanted BeautyWestern Ideal Yearling ON

PFOld School GrooveRoll With JoeIdeal ObservationWestern Ideal Yearling NY

PCGenius ManArt MajorUnred HanoverWestern Ideal Yearling NY

PFSassy MichelleRoll With JoeMichelle's IdealWestern Ideal Yearling NY

TFAlittlebitofsugar Donato Hanover Sugarcane Yankee Windsong’s Legacy Yearling PA

TCAny Ol' Barstool Muscles Yankee Bar BalladWindsong’s Legacy Yearling NY

TFMaggie's IdealAndover HallMaggie's LegacyWindsong's Legacy Yearling PA

TCRoyal ChapterChapter SevenRoyal FamilyYankee Glide Yearling NY

*Agent Horse

2018 Yearling Sale Dates & additional sale information will be posted when available.