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The Jimmy Freight ownership group has introduced a new referral program. 

The program was developed to encourage people to refer mares to Jimmy Freight and to give back to those who help market the stallion. This program is open to everyone, not just mare owners. 

The guidelines are based on if a person refers one to three mares, they will get paid $250 per mare and if they refer four or more mares, they will get paid $500 per foal. 

The money will be paid when a live foal arrives. 

Jimmy Freight is currently standing his second season at Winbak Farm of Ontario. 

When inquiring about breeding, please be sure to ask about his available multiple mare and qualified mare discounts. 

Any questions on the program, should be emailed to You can also call or text 416-890-0553 for more information. 

More information on Jimmy Freight can be found at