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On Monday, October 25th, Winbak Farm was host to a select group of leaders from the state of Delaware. 


Guests included Stephanie Hansen (Delaware Senator), Karen Hartley-Nagle (New Castle County Council President), Anna Shields (Legislative Aide to Senator Hanson), Linwood Jackson (Legislative Aide to President Hartley-Nagle), Judy Davis-Wilson (Delaware Standardbred Breeders Fund), Sal DiMario (Executive Director Delaware Standardbred Owners Association), Rebecca Goldsmith (Delaware’s Deputy Secretary of Finance), and Rebecca Batson Kidner, P.A. (Attorney at Law – Government Relations and Delaware Lobbyist). 


“I believe it is important to show our leaders the importance of farms and the horse racing business for the economy and the trickle-down effect that it has on the local community,” said Joe Thomson, Winbak Farm Owner. “Today’s tour was a success and I believe each of the guests departed with new knowledge, even the ones who may have been here previously.”


The guests first were introduced to Winbak Farm of Delaware and a few of Delaware’s leading stallions including Badlands Hanover and Roddy’s Bags Again. 


“Our stallions were a definite hit with the tour,” said Jack Burke, Winbak Farm. “Roddy’s Bags Again behaved amazingly well and allowed them to see a Standardbred stallion up close and they got their picture taken with him.”


The group then went on a tour of Winbak Farm of Maryland. The group was taught (or refreshed) by James Ladwig, Yearling Manager, on purchasing a yearling and had a chance to see the Delaware-Sired yearlings that Winbak Farm will be selling at the 11/11 & 11/12 Harrisburg Mixed Sale. 


“You never know where the next owner may come from and we want each new owner to have a successful beginning,” said Thomson. “Jimmy, our yearling manager, does a great job showing how to pick out a Winner to the guests.”


The group also toured the Winbak Farm Racehorse Operation with the direction of Jeff Fout, head trainer, and were able to see a yearling line-driving for the very first time. 


“I think the racehorse barns are always a popular stop because the racehorses love the attention,” said Burke. “The horses get fed carrots by guests, and it gives a one-on-one experience to people who may have never had that close of an experience with a racehorse before.”


The tour also included a luncheon and a Clydesdale-drawn tour at the Tybridge division of Winbak Farm. 


“The Clydesdales are a great way to tour the farm,” said Thomson. “I would like to say thank you to each of the guests who came to the farm today and that we hope to see them again soon.”