Jan. 18th

2021 Wins

2021 Earnings
(as of 5/3/21)
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Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


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Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
PCFlash MoveHeston Blue ChipFlibbertigibbetAlbert Albert PA

PCTooty FruityRoll With JoeWild RetreatAllamerican Ingot NY

PFPrincess AronaBolt The DuerAll ItalianAllamerican Ingot NY

PCFixn And MixnBetterthancheddarKate's JoyAllamerican Ingot ON

PCFoutBettor's DelightWeeperAllamerican Native ON

PCAmerica The GreatDelmarvalousJet AmericaAllamerican Native DE

PCGilligans HooliganBetting LineImpact ZoneAmerican Ideal PA

PFPH JodieRoll With JoePH DiagnosisAmerican Ideal NY

PCBrady RocksBoston Red RocksIdeal PaperAmerican Ideal NY

PFPrissy ChrissyRoll With JoePrincess ChristineAmerican Ideal NY

PFBoston CremeBoston Red RocksAmerican TailAmerican Ideal NY

TCAll Star YankeeMy MVPYankee BlondieAmerican Winner ON

TFWinning PaigeCredit WinnerMs PaigeAndover Hall NY

TCFantastic MVPMy MVPRoberta's FantasyAndover Hall ON

TFLottie's GoldCredit WinnerHerculotte HanoverAndover Hall NY

TCHall TabCantab HallKimco HallAndover Hall PA

TCPower ClassCantab HallDay At The SpaAndover Hall PA

TCDancehall KingCantab HallDancing SlippersAngus Hall PA

TCStellar WindChapter SevenBailey's BreezeAngus Hall NY

TFVodka N RosesMy MVPLucerne De VieAngus Hall ON

TFPassport MoniInternational MoniNorthern HopeAngus Hall PA

TFRainbows LegacyResolveRainbow ViewAngus Hall ON

TFCardio MuscleMuscle MassCardio PumpAngus Hall ON

TCNational FlashInternational MoniSmokin AshAngus Hall PA

TCRoman GalleryMuscle MassJ MarieAngus Hall ON

TFAll Girls ClubMy MVPFemales RuleAngus Hall ON

TFSweetest ChapterChapter SevenJj's JordynAngus Hall NY

TCNight StarMet's HallCelestial AngelArchangel NY

PFRed Beauty RocksBoston Red RocksLinden BeautyArmbro Mackintosh NY

PFLady BoltBolt The DuerLady Of LustArmbro Mackintosh NY

PFBoston JiveBoston Red RocksDancing HeartArt Colony NY

PFRolling BayouBettor's DelightBenazire Blue ChipArt Major ON

PFGirl Code^Heston Blue ChipCode InArt Major PA

PCBoston BreezeBoston Red RocksSouthwind JazminArt Major NY

PCBetter B BoldBetterthancheddarB So LuckyArtiscape ON

PCVandalismBetting LineFreedom CrossingArtiscape PA

PCRebal AllianceBoston Red RocksArt AllianceArtiscape NY

PFIdeal StarAmerican IdealFeelinglikeastarArtiscape NY

PFPerfect BlossomAmerican IdealHearts N FlowersArtiscape NY

PFRuffled LilyHuntsvilleLillywhitesArtiscape NY

PCIsland AttitudeShadow PlayBlue ParadiseArtiscape ON

PCPrince ShadowShadow PlayFast PrincessArtiscape ON

PFCruzin The BluesHeston Blue ChipMerculeseArtsplace PA

PFArt NoirShadow PlayMy Little ArtArtsplace ON

PFChai LatteAmerican IdealDreamlands LatteArtsplace NY

PFBet Ona WishBetting LineAngel PlaceArtsplace PA

PFVivie's ArtShadow PlayArts BidArtsplace ON

PFRock My SocksBoston Red RocksKattimonAstreos NY

PFSand In The HandAmerican IdealSun N SandAstreos NY

PFWinning HuntressHuntsvillePleasant Yet BadBadlands Hanover NY

PFBrave ChicRoyal MattjestyFit N BadBadlands Hanover ON

PFAvid SpeedHeston Blue ChipPurrfect DivaBadlands Hanover NY

PFGottagomiss JoRoll With JoeGottalottagoBadlands Hanover NY

PCDows UpShadow PlaySo What's UpBadlands Hanover ON

PCFlow WriterSportswriterSassafras GirlBadlands Hanover ON

PCHidden ArticleSportswriterCover Up HallBadlands Hanover ON

PCTake It HomeArtspeakBad SisterBadlands Hanover ON

PCShipsawayDream AwaySilk SlipBadlands Hanover DE

PFFreestarflightAmerican IdealFree ShowBadlands Hanover NY

PCAlota BoltBolt The DuerAlota BlingBadlands Hanover NY

PFSpark Of LoveWell SaidSpark OutBadlands Nitro OH

PCCrazy BootsDream AwaySiobhanBeach Towel DE

PCBest ShadowShadow PlayKim's The BestBetterthancheddar ON

PFMadison QueenHeston Blue ChipBetter SpeedBetterthancheddar PA

PFSaucy DancerHeston Blue ChipJK CabaretBettor's Delight PA

PFSilky StrideAmerican IdealSilk PajamasBettor's Delight NY

PFMending FencesArtspeakBridge To TomorrowBettor's Delight ON

PCJeopardy JamesBolt The DuerWinbak BetBettor's Delight NY

PFAlabama HannahHuntsvilleUpfrontandpersonalBettor's Delight NY

PCMerry JerryAmerican IdealToy DelightBettor's Delight NY

PCBoston BoundBoston Red RocksAshleeswayrhighwayBettor's Delight NY

PFLeft Turn Liz^Heston Blue ChipJenna's DelightBettor's Delight PA

PFFifth Ave JulieHeston Blue ChipParkavenuejulieannBettor's Delight PA

PFIdeal CoverAmerican IdealAlways CoversBettor's Delight NY

PCYouaremyrockBoston Red RocksRuffle's KissBlissfull Hall NY

PCHank The HunkShadow PlayTopless HallBlissfull Hall ON

PCMr WilliamArtspeakWilma HallBlissfull Hall ON

PFRock On TinaBoston Red RocksTina's BlissBlissfull Hall NY

PCUntuckedAmerican IdealNF SalsaBlissfull Hall NY

PCBrush MarksSportswriterPaints HallBlissfull Hall ON

TCCrypto Currency^International MoniClover MarketBroad Bahn PA

TCSip Of SinArchangelHall Of WishesBroadway Hall ON

PCAmerican FlingAmerican IdealFeeling YouCambest NY

PCEarly PlayShadow PlayBefore DawnCambest ON

PCSpot On JoeRoll With JoeMs HarringtonCamluck NY

PCSolar BoltBolt The DuerBeach BonnetCamluck NY

PCMirrorballArtspeakHappy KimCamluck ON

PCMassive LoveHe's WatchingDreamfair InfinityCamluck ON

PFFace The ShadowsShadow PlayFace To FaceCamluck ON

PFBella RocksBoston Red RocksLismorebellaCamluck NY

PCFearless Fury^Fear The DragonFlirtwithedealerCam's Card Shark OH

PFShadow RiverShadow PlayFresh OutlookCam's Card Shark ON

PFComedy NiteBolt The DuerFunny CardCam's Card Shark NY

PFBestiesBadlands HanoverBrad's FriendCam's Card Shark DE

PCBolt On ByBolt The DuerNew HollywoodCam's Card Shark NY

PFRuby's WishBoston Red RocksMako WishCam's Card Shark NY

PCArt GizmoArtspeakGadgets To GoCam's Card Shark ON

PCRed PlanetBoston Red RocksPlanet OceanCam's Card Shark NY

PCAaron's AceAmerican IdealAcey DeuceyCam's Card Shark NY

PCSpeaker Of PeaceArtspeakI'm All InCam's Card Shark ON

PFTwist My TailAmerican IdealShark TailCam's Card Shark NY

PCPerfect JackAmerican IdealLadyjackCam's Card Shark NY

TFMass EnvyMuscle MassLady Love HanoverCantab Hall ON

TCMac DonnyDonato HanoverMackenzie HallCantab Hall PA

TCSome Kinda Night^TrixtonSome Kinda SpecialCantab Hall NJ

TFFuzzy Dice^International MoniRoll SevensChapter Seven PA

PFFree VerseArtspeakMy Perfect RhymeCole Muffler ON

TCStrong KnightMuscle MassMaiden KnightConway Hall ON

TCStrong OpponentTactical LandingEight BellsConway Hall NJ

TFMy GrandMy MVPSummersgrandladyConway Hall ON

TCCity Of HopeMet's HallDoin The CityConway Hall NY

TCGreat LegendArchangelGreat QuantityCR Commando ON

TCOvernight HaulCantab HallOvernight CommandCR Commando PA

TFNice Top LineMet's HallTriple Bottom LineCR Commando NY

TCSeven KingsChapter SevenCommando QueenCR Commando NY

TFSwipe The StripeCredit WinnerWinbak HalfCR Excalibur NY

TCDevil's ArchArchangelBobbi Jo's ExCR Excalibur ON

TCBonus CreditAndover HallLady With CreditCredit Winner PA

PFDoing MarvelousBolt The DuerMarvelous JoyDelmarvalous NY

PFCountry HouseBoston Red RocksTug River DellaDie Laughing NY

TFShift ChangeConway HallOvernight RailDonerail NY

TFChaos On DeckMutineerFrench DollDonerail DE

TFMets GirlMet's HallBack On TrackDonerail NY

PCStreet ArtArtspeakBagaholicDragon Again ON

PFWaves Of BeautyAmerican IdealTimeless BeautyDragon Again NY

PCBravo SirRoll With JoePower AgainDragon Again NY

PFDon't Test MeSportswriterTesting CenterDragon Again ON

PCGrittyHeston Blue ChipDrag N SandDragon Again PA

PFBest ShowShadow PlayThisthatntheotherDream Away ON

PFDreamofbettortimesBettor's DelightDreams Are GreatDream Away ON

PCTrouble's A BrewinBetterthancheddarRespectednbelovedDream Away ON

PCNight TerrorBadlands HanoverWild DreamDream Away DE

PCWillin WarriorArtspeakBunker AwayDream Away ON

TCMaster FlowGlidemasterFirst TierDream Vacation DE

TFMillion Dollar LuvInternational MoniTracy My LoveDream Vacation PA

TFFair N FlairArchangelState FairDream Vacation ON

PCGranite BeachSunshine BeachApril May DuneDuneside Perch ON

PCHappierdaysrcominAmerican IdealSunduel AFake Left NY

PFSecret SearchBadlands HanoverSearch The FutureFalcons Future DE

PCWaves N RavesDownbytheseasideRacing StarFour Starzzz Shark OH

TCResolve To WinResolveSensual HallGarland Lobell ON

TCMVP HitMy MVPSummer HitGiant Hit ON

TCNewly KnightedDonato HanoverNew RoyaltyGiant Hit PA

TFGypsy DonnaDonato HanoverSea GypsyGlidemaster PA

TFBay City GirlMet's HallAurora BayGlidemaster NY

TFPoised To WinAndover HallPinkcowgirlbootsGlidemaster PA

PCGrey LinesSportswriterBlack StilletosIf I Can Dream ON

PFAmerica's WonderAmerican IdealMakes You WonderJenna's Beach Boy NY

PFJosey's LawHeston Blue ChipOutlawed BeautyJK Outlaw PA

TFNoels MagicArchangelApple MagicKadabra ON

TFEasy WindSouthwind FrankMets LifeKadabra PA

TFMoney Treasure^International MoniAutumn TreasureKadabra PA

TFLeapsnboundsBar HoppingTravelin SupergirlKadabra PA

PFFeelin FancyBetterthancheddarFit N FancyLife Sign ON

PFKiller StripesBadlands HanoverTiger StyleLife Sign DE

PCSlick N QuickSportswriterWho Moved The RockLife Sign ON

PCHe's Heaven SentHeston Blue ChipHeavenly SignLife Sign PA

PCChesapeake SunriseShadow PlayEnjoy The ViewLife Sign ON

TFAudio MissMy MVPNew DVDLike A Prayer ON

TFGold RateCR CommandoCurrent YieldLike A Prayer DE

TFFour Lane HighwayDonato HanoverMissy LaneLindy Lane PA

TFArresting BeautyAndover HallProud MaggieLindy Lane PA

PCArt's LegacyArtspeakLislea PhiaLislea ON

PCXtra CheeseBetterthancheddarFunny ThreeMach Three ON

PFPaddy MeltBetterthancheddarHope For PaddyMach Three ON

PFRoll The MusicRoll With JoePuccini Blue ChipMagical Mike NY

TCGrand Slam HeroMet's HallKimco LadyMalabar Man NY

TFLady BrassCR CommandoSavannah MontanaMalabar Man DE

PCWhattsa MattaBadlands HanoverSt Mattricks WayMatt's Scooter DE

PFModern Day^Heston Blue ChipMisty SpeedMatt's Scooter PA

PFBeantown LassBoston Red RocksViking MaidenMatt's Scooter NY

TFIvory RoseDevious ManIvory PearlMuscle Hill NY

TCTuscan PrinceKadabraToscaMuscle Mass ON

TCSquared Away^Cantab HallK Squared HanoverMuscle Mass PA

TCPrince ArchieArchangelBelle Of The BallMuscles Yankee ON

TFMVP PrincessMy MVPMustalgiaMuscles Yankee ON

TFShower PhoneInternational MoniFitness GirlMuscles Yankee PA

TFShady GirlCantab HallNot A DivaMuscles Yankee PA

TCSpare ChangeArchangelSpare Me PleaseMuscles Yankee ON

TCOffshore AccountInternational MoniMet's InnMutineer PA

TCPass The Grits^International MoniGeorgia BabyMutineer PA

TFMamatoldme^Andover HallDont Tell My GirlMutineer PA

PFMezzo SopranoHeston Blue ChipKeystone MusicalNo Nukes PA

PCPool Party MartyBadlands HanoverMaranatha HanoverNo Pan Intended DE

PFValley Of FearFear The DragonShe's A PansationNo Pan Intended OH

PCWall Street BellShadow PlayBell Bottom PansNoble Ability ON

PFRockn Red DelightBoston Red RocksKG DelightNorthern Luck NY

TFMet GalaChapter SevenMet's RivalPine Chip NY

TCBurning ArchArchangelWinbak RobertaPlesac ON

PFMargarita TimeHeston Blue ChipMargarita MondayPonder PA

PCPebble Beach BroBetterthancheddarWhere's My PebblePonder ON

PCArty MovesArtspeakIreneonthemovePowerful Toy ON

PFTicket To LoveHeston Blue ChipFree AdmissionPowerful Toy PA

PCSpeedfestHeston Blue ChipLo GophobiaPresidential Ball PA

PFFlashy DelightBettor's DelightBest TusslePro Bono Best ON

PCTennessee StrongHeston Blue ChipAshlee's QuikQuik Pulse Mindale PA

PCBolt The CourtBolt The DuerAshlee's CourtQuik Pulse Mindale NY

PFI've Got BlingRoll With JoeArtist JewelsReal Artist NY

PCCatch The SparkArtspeakCatch The ShowReal Artist ON

PCStock TickerHeston Blue ChipKutekatieReal Artist PA

PCText WriterHeston Blue ChipOpen Book TestReal Desire PA

PFFenway FillyBoston Red RocksReal DramaReal Desire NY

PCJoe KnowsRoll With JoeNecessary ElementRed River Hanover NY

PFTame The DragonFear The DragonMichelle's PrayerRed River Hanover OH

TFSix Figure QueenConway HallRevenue SharesRevenue S NY

PCSilencethewitnessArtspeakThe AssassinatorRichess Hanover ON

PCPepper Jack FlashBetterthancheddarMery Linny LeeRiverboat King ON

PCWinmebakShadow PlayWinbak SpeediRiverboat King ON

PFFlippin AwesomeAmerican IdealFlip For LoveRiverboat King NY

PFPatient LassWell SaidPatience Blue ChipRock N Roll Heaven OH

PCRocking The CrownRoyal MattjestyRock N LoveRock N Roll Heaven ON

PFDance With TabbyBettor's DelightDancingatnightRocknroll Hanover ON

PFCandybedandyStay HungryRocknroll WishesRocknroll Hanover PA

PCDauntless Dude*Dude's The ManAzorean SkyRocknroll Hanover NY

PCJournal EntrySportswriterBeaches N DreamsRocknroll Hanover ON

PCSwift OperatorStay HungrySwift N ShoutRocknroll Hanover PA

PCHawaiian Chip^Heston Blue ChipO Narutac KaiulaniRocknroll Hanover PA

PCPark Street BluesHeston Blue ChipTreasure ValleyRoddy's Bags Again PA

PFBeantown BabeBoston Red RocksLogan's GirlRoddy's Bags Again NY

PFAutumn Moon^Heston Blue ChipLunar PhaseRoddy's Bags Again PA

PFEnglish RocksBoston Red RocksAshlee's SpitfireRoll With Joe NY

PFAll SassWell SaidAll LaceRoll With Joe NY

PCShady PlayShadow PlayPleasant RollRoll With Joe ON

PCBolting HomeBolt The DuerSweet BonnieRoyal Mattjesty NY

PCTop BunkArtspeakBunkhouse BabeRoyal Mattjesty ON

PFBetter Not SassBetterthancheddarNotalkingbackRoyal Mattjesty ON

PCHoly JalapenoBetterthancheddarRoyal DewRoyal Mattjesty ON

PFBet The DeckBetterthancheddarRevival CardsRoyal Mattjesty ON

PCMagic ChipHeston Blue ChipKim's MajestyRoyal Mattjesty PA

TCCall Me BadCantab HallCR Sister SuzieRoyal Troubador PA

PFIgnitedClassic Card SharkFire One UpRustler Hanover DE

PFFashion ForwardBetterthancheddarFashion GuruRustler Hanover ON

PFRustler AwayDream AwayRideau RustlerRustler Hanover DE

TFTwisted PromiseChapter SevenTwist Of FaithSand Vic NY

TFLady All StarMy MVPLady TiniSand Vic ON

PCAction ReporterSportswriterLady LynnlyShadow Play ON

PCTalkaboutagiftArtspeakElegant GiftShadow Play ON

PFAvalon FreezeBettor's DelightStonebridge FrostyShadow Play ON

PCSpeak Of WarArtspeakWarrawee TemplarShadow Play ON

PFTotal Control JoRoll With JoeAmazing ControlShadow Play NY

PCRod's BeachRoddy's Bags AgainI Love The BeachShotgun Scott DE

PFLatina RoseRoyal MattjestyLatin LiftoffShotgun Scott ON

PCStep N PepAmerican IdealSister PippaSportsmaster NY

PFLight N FancyBettor's DelightSportsfancySportsmaster ON

PCTwice PlayedShadow PlayTwo Sides Of LoveSportswriter ON

PFTwin DelightBettor's DelightTwin B CheeksSportswriter ON

PCSir Bubbles^Heston Blue ChipLady BubblesSportswriter PA

PFWishing RockBoston Red RocksWriter's WishSportswriter NY

PFWags To RichesBetting LineTwin B ThongSportswriter PA

PFVivans DreamAmerican IdealSports ChicSportswriter NY

PFPhilly SpeaksHeston Blue ChipSass NewtonStorm Compensation PA

TFOver YonderMy MVPBlue YonderTagliabue ON

TFGreat LoveCantab HallLove TacticsTagliabue PA

PCBoardwalk JackDownbytheseasideRestive HanoverThe Panderosa OH

PFWrite The RulesSportswriterBig BottomThe Panderosa ON

PFRollin With PrideRoll With JoeAshley's PrideThe Panderosa NY

PFCharming VixenSportswriterVillage JovialThe Panderosa ON

PFSunshine ChipHeston Blue ChipBalasunThe Panderosa PA

PCRoyal AssentRoyal MattjestyWin D WonThree Wizzards ON

TFMetro MattyMet's HallOrder By MatildaTom Ridge NY

PCBoom Town BoyBetterthancheddarBoom Town GirlTotally Western ON

PCCards A FlyinClassic Card SharkFree Flight FranVeeza DE

PCBak To MagicBoston Red RocksMagic CardVeeza NY

PCExtra RareHeston Blue ChipRare FillyVillage Connection PA

PCMr GallieBettor's DelightHallie GallieVillage Jolt ON

PFMama DonnaArtiscapeDonna's GirlVillage Jove NY

PCPark GuideBadlands HanoverHoliday GuideVillage Jove DE

PCLiberty RoyalRoyal MattjestyKimberly's BabyVintage Master ON

TFDiversifyCR CommandoBankers AuditWall Street Banker DE

PFSeaside BabyDownbytheseasideThongWestern Hanover OH

PFRecycleBetterthancheddarCell PowerWestern Hanover ON

PFZiziBettor's DelightLola PaloozaWestern Hanover ON

PFThrone Of HonorBetterthancheddarRed Carpet QueenWestern Hanover ON

PCKeep BelievingHeston Blue ChipWhat Fools BelieveWestern Hanover PA

PFBella BabeQuik Pulse MindaleWinbak IsabellaWestern Hanover MD

PFSunny PasadenaHeston Blue ChipWestern CityWestern Hanover PA

PCCrime BossRoll With JoeUnlawful SmileWestern Hanover NY

PCPerfect PourRoll With JoeVillage JournalWestern Hanover NY

PCBlue AshesHeston Blue ChipAshlee's StarWestern Hanover PA

PFWestern FlamesBetterthancheddarWestern CatWestern Hanover ON

PFSporty Miss BSportswriterBandolera HanoverWestern Hanover ON

PCDudewithanattitudeHeston Blue ChipMore Power RustyWestern Hanover PA

PFAshlee's SweetieBetterthancheddarAshlee's WayWestern Hanover ON

PCBelightedBettor's DelightMaid WestWestern Hanover ON

PFBourbon BabeRoll With JoeMIchelle's IdealWestern Ideal NY

PFMs Liz CBetterthancheddarElizabeth SpencerWestern Ideal ON

PCRed CoinBettor's DelightUnred HanoverWestern Ideal ON

PFBlazin BabeBetterthancheddarDune SpeedWestern Ideal ON

PFMiss Dew WriteSportswriterShe's A DewarWestern Ideal ON

PFDeadly DelightBettor's DelightShe's PoisonWestern Ideal ON

PCBettor Bea TerrorBettor's DelightDoctor TerrorWestern Terror ON

TCYank My HaloArchangelSugarcane YankeeWindsong's Legacy ON

TFIsland DivaDevious ManIsland TownYankee Glide NY

^Also Kentucky eligible


*Agent Horse


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