2024 Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete...Raised To Win

Winbak Farm yearlings are eligible to 7 slot-enriched areas including Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.

In addition, many yearlings are eligible to the profitable Maryland Standardbred Race Fund. Multiple yearlings are dual-eligible to the lucrative Kentucky program.

The 2024 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for pedigree.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
T C Water Slide Ready For Moni Above The Clouds Explosive Matter OH  / KY
P C Comptroller He's Watching Accountable Artsplace DE 
P C Oil On Canvas Cattlewash Acrylic Art Major ON 
T C Worldly Dream International Moni Adreamcomestrue AS Conway Hall PA 
P F All Star Lady Courtly Choice All The Ladies Shadow Play NY 
P C Undercover Speed Stay Hungry Always Covers Bettor's Delight PA 
P C Brave Warrior Courtly Choice Amazing Control Shadow Play NY 
T F Lipsticknlashes Six Pack Amorous Flirt Andover Hall NJ  / KY
T C Hologram Trixton Apple Magic Kadabra ON 
P C Matthew's Star Catch The Fire Ashlee's Star Western Hanover OH 
P C Highway Find Courtly Choice Ashleeswayrhighway Bettor's Delight NY 
T F Bay Chaser Bar Hopping Aurora Bay Glidemaster PA 
P F Utterly Approved Cattlewash Authorize Western Ideal ON  / KY
P C Wick Of Luck McWicked B So Lucky Artiscape ON 
P C Car Wash Blues Cattlewash Badlands Jenna Badlands Hanover ON 
T F Bailey's Pleeze Muscle Hill Baileys Breeze Angus Hall NJ 
P F Battle Ofthe Bands Sports Column Bandolera Hanover Western Hanover DE 
T C Barroom Blitz International Moni Bar Ballad Windsong's Legacy PA  / KY
T F Bar Hall Beauty Met's Hall Bar Bar Bar Hopping NY 
P F Queen Of The Skies Betting Line Bay Sky Art Major ON 
P C Fear The Ocean Fear The Dragon Beach Bonnet Camluck OH 
P C Beach Shadow Shadow Play Beach Burn Somebeachsomewhere ON 
P C Toast The Coast Betting Line Beaches N Dreams Rocknroll Hanover ON 
P C Edge Of Dawn American Ideal Before Dawn Cambest NY 
P F Mc Princess McWicked Believe In Me Roll With Joe ON 
P C Bet On Marshall American Ideal Bet On Chrissy Betting Line NY 
P F Blushing Joy McWicked Bet On Joy Bettor's Delight ON 
P F Sporting The Speed Sportswriter Better Speed Betterthancheddar ON 
P F Party Pumps Courtly Choice Black Stilletos If I Can Dream NY 
T F Flashy Fuchsia My MVP Blazing Fuchsia Conway Hall ON 
T F Misty Blue Father Patrick Blue Yonder Tagliabue PA 
T C Sky Pilot Top Flight Angel Bobbi Jo's Ex CR Excalibur DE 
P C Beach Delight Bettor's Delight Bolten Beach Bolt The Duer ON  / KY
T C High Noon Inn Bar Hopping Boujee Girl Uncle Peter PA 
P F Sunshine Bridge Shadow Play Bridge To Tomorrow Bettor's Delight ON 
P F Batten Down McWicked Bunker Away Dream Away ON 
P F Weekend Delight Bettor's Delight Bunkhouse Babe Royal Mattjesty ON 
T F Core Values International Moni Cardio Pump Angus Hall PA 
P C Show Me Off American Ideal Catch The Show Real Artist NY 
P C Worthy Chance Bettor's Wish Chancey Lady Camluck PA 
T C Thor B Good My MVP Charming Julieann Lucky Chucky ON 
P F Rising Shadow Shadow Play Clara Art Major ON 
P F Bethany Beach Downbytheseaside Clear Idea American Ideal OH 
T F Tricky Missy Trixton Clover Market Broad Bahn ON 
P C Encryption Papi Rob Hanover Code In Art Major PA 
P C Winland Blues Badlands Hanover Coed Blues Arturo DE 
T C On My Command Captain Corey Commando Queen CR Commando PA 
T F Trix N Bubbles Trixton CR Mimosa CR Commando ON 
T F Getmesomeofthat Resolve Craving You Kadabra ON 
P F Hungry For A Crown Stay Hungry Crown Apple Western Ideal PA 
T C Prime Yield Glidemaster Current Yield Like A Prayer DE 
P F Lady Finalist Sportswriter Dance Off Royal Mattjesty ON 
T F Emerald Shoes Green Manalishi S Dancing Slippers Angus Hall ON 
T F Chillax Bar Hopping Day At The Spa Andover Hall PA 
T C Tricky Call Trixton Daylon Mistress Duke of York ON 
T C Read The Room Chapter Seven Debra Hall Cash Hall NY  / KY
P C Devil's Mark Tall Dark Stranger Devil Child American Ideal PA  / KY
T C Devious Swift Met's Hall Devious Maid Devious Man NY 
P F Give Me A Shot Cattlewash Doctor Terror Western Terror ON 
T C Bar Fly Bandit Bar Hopping Donna's Dance Donato Hanover PA  / KY
P F Beach Wishes Bettor's Wish Drag N Sand Dragon Again PA 
P F Cold Brew Sue Shadow Play Dreamlands Latte Artsplace ON 
P F Beentheredunethat Courtly Choice Dune Speed Western Ideal NY 
P F Lady Spencer Lazarus N Elizabeth Spencer Western Ideal NJ 
P F Wicked Skyline McWicked Enjoy The View Life Sign ON 
T F Ann-Mari's Cookie Father Patrick Exotic Form Malabar Man PA 
P F Fire Country Catch The Fire Face To Face Camluck OH 
P C U Can't Pik Family Roll With Joe Family Love Western Hanover NY 
T F Frantastic Fran Archangel Fancy Fran Angus Hall ON 
P F Tequila Sheila Stay Hungry Favorite Margarita Bettor's Delight PA 
P F Final Fling Bettor's Wish Feeling You Cambest PA  / KY
P C Masked Singer Tall Dark Stranger Feelinglikeastar Artiscape PA 
T F Seven Rules Chapter Seven Females Rule Angus Hall NY 
T C Green Shades Greenshoe Fifty Shades Malabar Man PA 
P C Court's Choice Courtly Choice Fit N Bad Badlands Hanover NY 
T F Sinister Sister Father Patrick Fitness Girl Muscles Yankee PA 
P F Instant Headline Sports Column Five More Minutes Betting Line DE 
P C No Hard Feelings Cattlewash Flibbertigibbet Albert Albert ON 
P C Fresh Flip Sportswriter Flip For Love Riverboat King ON 
P F Flippin Liz Stay Hungry Flipit To Winit Western Ideal PA  / KY
P C Dealer's Call Artspeak Flirtwithedealer Cam's Card Shark ON 
P C Quiet Wyatt Betterthancheddar Free Admission Powerful Toy ON 
P F Born To Fly Stag Party Free Flight Fran Veeza ON 
P F Free Your Mind Bettor's Wish Free Show Badlands Hanover PA 
P F Latitude McWicked Freedom Crossing Artiscape ON 
T C Pierreintheaire Top Flight Angel French Doll Donerail DE 
P C Lunar Sport Sportswriter Full Moon Fix Bettor's Delight ON 
P F Happy Tabby Cattlewash Gabby Tabby Western Ideal ON 
T C High Value My MVP Galary Girl Angus Hall ON 
T C Southern Cowboy Archangel Georgia Baby Mutineer ON 
P F Amazing Addy Shadow Play Glass Maker Artsplace ON 
P F All Caps Captain Crunch Grip N Win Betting Line PA  / KY
T C Guard The Gold My MVP Guard My Heart Archangel ON 
P F Cookie Bar Huntsville Had Me At Cookie American Ideal NY  / KY
T F Blaze Of Gloria Archangel Half Filthy Kadabra ON 
T F One Final Wish Archangel Hall Of Wishes Broadway Hall ON 
P F Maxi Gallie McWicked Hallie Gallie Village Jolt ON 
P F My Sweet Becky Captain Crunch Happy Becky Cam's Card Shark PA 
P C Wicked Irish McWicked Hope For Paddy Mach Three ON 
P C Stained Glass Roddy's Bags Again Ideal Paper American Ideal DE 
P F A Clean Deal Cattlewash Ideal Talker Western Ideal ON 
T F I Take The Cake Captain Corey I'll Bring Dessert Chocolatier PA 
P F Jazzy Jodie Shadow Play Jazz Major Art Major ON 
P F Triple Joy Shadow Play Jenna's Joy Jenna's Beach Boy ON 
P F Jersey Jewel Betterthancheddar Jersey Pearl Dragon Again ON 
T F Jordyn B Met's Hall JJ's Jordyn Angus Hall NY 
T C Spray The Bar Bar Hopping Julia's Way Conway Hall PA 
T C Hattrick Patrick Father Patrick Just For You Yankee Glide PA 
P F Happy Court Courtly Choice Kate's Joy AllAmerican Ingot NY 
P F Ideal Pro American Ideal Kattimon Astreos NY 
T C Seven Husbands International Moni Kimco Hall Andover Hall PA  / KY
T F Suburban Lady Glidemaster Kimco Lady Malabar Man DE 
P F Clearly Wicket McWicked Kim's Caper Badlands Hanover ON 
P F Unplugged American Ideal Kim's The Best Betterthancheddar NY 
T C Tricky Kris Devious Man Kristen Y Malabar Man NY 
P F Kosmic Krisp McWicked Krushed Apple Western Terror ON 
P C Ideal Catch American Ideal Kutekatie Real Artist NY 
P C Pepper Jack Cheese Betterthancheddar Lady Jackie Badlands Hanover ON 
T C Hollywood Script International Moni Lady Love Hanover Cantab Hall PA  / KY
P C Better Script Betterthancheddar Lady Writer Sportswriter ON 
T C Fourth Gear Archangel Late Shift Majestic Son ON 
T F Life Is Great Resolve Life Class Angus Hall ON 
P F Prose Sportswriter Lilli Maid Christian Cullen ON 
P F Frilly Lilly Shadow Play Lillywhites Artiscape ON 
P F Philly View He's Watching Lislea Phia Lislea DE 
P C Quickaway American Ideal Logan's Girl Roddy's Bags Again NY 
T C Ten Pin Archangel Love Tactics Tagliabue ON 
T C Bubble Up Chapter Seven Lovely Lynnly Credit Winner NY 
T C Moni Madness Ready For Moni Maggie's Ideal Andover Hall OH 
P C Courtly Senator Courtly Choice Maid West Western Hanover NY 
T C Knight Charmer Muscle Mass Maiden Knight Conway Hall ON 
P C Ain't No Bull Cattlewash Makena Hanover Fear The Dragon ON 
P F Blissful Wishes Courtly Choice Mako Wish Cam's Card Shark NY 
P F Doihaveyrattention Badlands Hanover Maranatha Hanover No Pan Intended DE 
P C Margarita Wish Bettor's Wish Margarita Monday Ponder PA  / KY
P C Hall Of Fear Sportswriter Marietta Hall Cambest ON 
T C You Can Dream Walner Mets Life Kadabra NJ 
T C Wings Of Steel Top Flight Angel Mia Stellina CR Commando DE 
P C Bourbon Boy Shadow Play Michelle's Ideal Western Ideal ON 
P F Midnight Bridget Betting Line Midnight Art Artsplace ON 
P C Knock Out Deal American Ideal Mimi's Delight Bettor's Delight NY 
T C Devious Lane Devious Man Missy Lane Lindy Lane NY 
T F Misty Vodka My MVP Misty Kristy Andover Hall ON 
T C Yacht Club Trixton Moms Apple Pie Striking Sahbra ON 
P F Mom's Vision He's Watching Mom's Bella Quik Pulse Mindale DE 
T F Sweetest Trix Trixton Mom's Sweetie Pie Donerail ON 
P F Playing The Town Shadow Play Movie Town American Ideal ON 
T C Harry's Boy Met's Hall Ms Paige Andover Hall NY 
T F Wistful Angel Archangel Mustalgia Muscles Yankee ON 
P F Bee Perfect Perfect Sting My Little Beach Somebeachsomewhere NJ  / KY
P F Hollywood Hit Badlands Hanover New Hollywood Cam's Card Shark DE 
T F Lily Rein Archangel New Leaf Muscles Yankee ON 
P F Janets Story McWicked New Writer Sportswriter ON 
P F Writing The Play Shadow Play Novel Writer Sportswriter ON 
P C Haleakala Catch The Fire O Narutac Kaiulani Rocknroll Hanover OH 
P C All Booked Up Artspeak Open Book Test Real Desire ON 
T F Matty's Halo Archangel Order By Matilda Tom Ridge ON 
T F Met's Hit Met's Hall Overnight Hit Giant Hit NY 
T F Book My Flight Top Flight Angel Overnight Rail Donerail DE 
P F Sweet Julie Sweet Lou Parkavenuejulieann Bettor's Delight PA 
P F Scarlett's Choice Courtly Choice PH Diagnosis American Ideal NY 
P C Roman Raider Sports Column Pillage Royal Mattjesty DE 
P C Colorful Choice Courtly Choice Pink Ideal Western Ideal NY 
P F Playatyourownrisk Shadow Play Place Your Best Cambest ON 
P C Ocean B Always B Miki Planet Ocean Cam's Card Shark PA 
P F American Shine American Ideal Platinum Choice Admirals Galley NY 
P F Robins Song Papi Rob Hanover Pleasant Roll Roll With Joe PA 
P F Naughty Delight Bettor's Delight Pleasant Yet Bad Badlands Hanover ON 
T C Buzz The Tower Top Flight Angel Postseason Muscles Yankee DE 
P C Just Purrfect Stay Hungry Purrfect Bags Roddy's Bags Again PA 
P C Gotachngurevilways McWicked Qrakmeup Blue Chip Sunshine Beach ON 
P F Beehive Queen Courtly Choice Queen Bee Hanover Somebeachsomewhere NY  / KY
P C Magic Monarch Sweet Lou Queen Fourteen Camluck PA 
P F Ideal Lola American Ideal Queso Relleno Betterthancheddar NY 
P F Country Reba American Ideal Reba Dobie Ponder NY 
P F Runway Diva Betterthancheddar Red Carpet Queen Western Hanover ON 
P F Vanilla Bean Queen Betting Line Redwalls Red River Hanover ON 
P C Wish You The Best Huntsville Regal Wish Cam's Card Shark NY 
P C Spare Betting Line Regally Ready Royal Mattjesty ON 
P F Sugarhowugetsofly Stag Party Respectednbeloved Dream Away ON 
P C Ideal Rebel American Ideal Restive Hanover The Panderosa NY 
P C Wildcard Bet Betting Line Revival Cards Royal Mattjesty ON 
T C Toss Of The Dice Archangel Roll Sevens Chapter Seven ON 
P C Rolling Court Courtly Choice Roll With Amy Courtly Choice NY 
P C Rough Deal American Ideal Ruffle's Kiss Blissfull Hall NY 
P C Contour Downbytheseaside Satisfy My Soul Well Said OH  / KY
T F Island Gypsy Father Patrick Sea Gypsy Glidemaster PA  / KY
P C My Cowboy Bettor's Wish Selinas's Joy Dragon Again PA 
T F Cupid Hall Muscle Mass Sensual Hall Garland Lobell ON 
P C Bettor's Storm Bettor's Delight Serena Said Well Said ON 
P F Sparkling Choice Courtly Choice She's A Dewar Western Ideal NY 
P F Poisonous Delight Bettor's Delight She's Poison Western Ideal ON  / KY
P F Precious Gemma Sweet Lou Silk Pajamas Bettor's Delight PA 
P F Smoked Em Again Betterthancheddar Smokin N Grinin Grinfromeartoear ON 
P C Whats Up Sport Sportswriter So What's Up Badlands Hanover ON 
T F Red Lion Mary Bar Hopping Some Kinda Special Cantab Hall PA 
P C Southern Jazz Bettor's Delight Southwind Jazmin Art Major ON 
P F Sport N A Crush Papi Rob Hanover Sports Chic Sportswriter PA  / KY
P C Liquid Bettor's Delight Sporty Juliana Well Said ON 
P C Cabo San Lucas Bettor's Delight Spring Break Dream Away ON 
T F Divine Royal Archangel Spruce Creek Muscle Hill ON 
P F Lady Helena Cattlewash St Helena American Ideal ON 
P C Artic Circle Bettor's Delight Stonebridge Frosty Shadow Play ON 
P F Hello Beautiful American Ideal Stonebridge Kisses Artiscape NY 
P C Roddy's Rhythm Roddy's Bags Again Streisands Place Artsplace DE 
T F Sugar Packet Six Pack Sugarcane Yankee Windsong's Legacy NJ  / KY
T C Beach Concert Green Manalishi S Summer Sis Swan For All ON 
P F Reef N Sand American Ideal Sun N Sand Astreos NY 
P F Sweet Baby Blues Heston Blue Chip Sweet Bonnie Royal Mattjesty PA 
P C He's Epic Sweet Lou Swift N Shout Rocknroll Hanover PA  / KY
T F Charming Donna Trixton Tantalizing Donna Donerail ON 
P F Telula Blue Heston Blue Chip Testing Center Dragon Again PA 
P F Gunit Girl American Ideal The Assassinator Richess Hanover NY 
P C Nugget Hugit Cattlewash Thong Western Hanover ON 
P C Joses Triplets Betterthancheddar Three Accounts Mach Three ON 
P C Harvest Tide Shadow Play Tide Her Over Roll With Joe ON 
P F Against The Tide Courtly Choice Tidewaterdragonfly Dragon Again NY 
T F Seven Winds Chapter Seven Tosca Muscle Mass NY 
T F Met's Tour Met's Hall Tourin The Town Glidemaster NY 
P C From The Shadows Shadow Play Twin B Cheeks Sportswriter ON 
P C Two Can Play Shadow Play Twin B Thong Sportswriter ON 
P F Monsoon Wind Perfect Sting Typhoon A Rocknroll Dance NJ 
P C Gettinwickedwithit McWicked Upfrontandpersonal Bettor's Delight ON 
T F Massive Victory Muscle Mass Victors Vicky Valley Victor ON 
P C Longview Lazarus N View Of The Land Badlands Hanover NJ 
P C Hangry Boy Stay Hungry Village Madonna Rocknroll Hanover PA 
P C Coopers Hill Betterthancheddar Warrawee Templar Shadow Play ON 
P C Fast Willie Quik Pulse Mindale Wilma Hall Blissfull Hall MD 
P F Miss Wiggles Bettor's Delight Winbak Wiggle Well Said ON 
P C He's So Smart American Ideal Wisdom Artsplace NY 
P C Full Hand Luke American Ideal Wishfora Fullhouse Cam's Card Shark NY 
P C Writers Choice American Ideal Writers Wish Sportswriter NY