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Sept. 9th
Oct. 2nd-6th

Oct. 13th-14th
Nov. 5th-7th

Nov. 8th-9th
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In 2018, Bolt The Duer’s first-crop yearlings will sell.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.


Please click on a yearling’s name for more information.

Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TCEscape The Fire+Angus HallRunaway MadonnaCR Renegade ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TCProud Look+Angus HallProud MaggieLindy Lane ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TCAussie Lover+Angus HallHis MistressMutineer ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TCDior Hall+Angus HallDior KosmosS J's Photo ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TCConstitution Hall+Angus HallIndependent DameRoyal Strength ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TCBeyond The Lens+Angus HallCandidcamerakosmosS J's Photo ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TCHall Of Secrets+Angus HallDont Tell My GirlMutineer ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TCPowerful Spirit+ArchangelTracy My LoveDream Vacation ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON TFHeavenly Skies+ArchangelTravelin SupergirlKadabra ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON TCGab In Motion+ArchangelCall Me HazelCall Toll Free ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT TFGuard My Heart+ArchangelHeartbeat HanoverDonerail ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT TCNeed To Speed+ArchangelSpeed TalkerConway Hall ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON TCHetalkstoangelsArchangelJ MarieAngus Hall ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT TCMr ArchArchangelMom's Apple PieStriking Sahbra ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TCRealmenwearpink+ArchangelPinkcowgirlbootsGlidemaster ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TFGolden GavelArchangelGaelic MistressStriking Sahbra ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TCOnonekneeArchangelPuta Ring On ItAngus Hall ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCDoc Fanelli+Badlands HanoverRafanelliIncredible Finale ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCBrake Check+Badlands HanoverSlow Down RitaLaag ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCMy Land+Badlands HanoverHer Own ArtArturo ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCHearts Over Aces+Badlands HanoverNine Of HeartsCam's Card Shark ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PCLand Of Blues+Badlands HanoverCoed BluesArturo ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFLand Of Paradise+Badlands HanoverBlue ParadiseArtiscape ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCSolid Man+Badlands HanoverIn SolidIn The Pocket ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCWorld Wonder+BetterthancheddarClandestineWestern Hanover ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PFLaura's Love+BetterthancheddarFit N BadBadlands Hanover ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PFDreamadreamforme+BetterthancheddarDream SeekerWestern Hanover ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFQueso Relleno+BetterthancheddarHay MacarenaArtsplace ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PCIrish Cheddar+BetterthancheddarArmbro OcaseyAbercrombie ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCMr Cheeseman+BetterthancheddarBandolera HanoverWestern Hanover ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PFBetter Bid+BetterthancheddarArts BidArtsplace ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PFLook N Fabulous+BetterthancheddarLooknforagirllikeuNo Nukes ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PCBet On A Dream+BetterthancheddarLa DaydreamerAbercrombie ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PCBest Brew+BetterthancheddarIrish DayArtiscape ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFFree Flyin Ticket+BetterthancheddarFree TicketQuik Pulse Mindale ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFSparkmyinterest+BetterthancheddarSpark OutBadlands Nitro ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PFPacific Delight+Bettor's DelightPacific PhillyPacific Fella ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PFBet On July+Bettor's DelightFreedom CrossingArtiscape ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCLou's Delight+Bettor's DelightLinden BeautyArmbro Mackintosh ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCNight DelightBettor's DelightDancingatnightRocknroll Hanover ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PFHidden View+Bettor's DelightEnjoy The ViewLife Sign ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PFLuck B Mine+Bettor's DelightB So LuckyArtiscape ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCBetter B Swift+Bettor's DelightSwift N ShoutRocknroll Hanover ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCBettor Focus+Bettor's DelightRoyal DistractionRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCDay DelightBettor's DelightKim's Royal DayRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PFWiggle Delight+Bettor's DelightWiggle HanoverLife Sign ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFBack To Oz+Classic Card SharkPowerful Dorothy Powerful Toy ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFClassic Heart+Classic Card SharkDancing HeartArt Colony ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCCard Swap+Classic Card SharkShe's DeterminedThe Panderosa ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCRaise You Twenty+Classic Card SharkRoyal Lady LesRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFLizzie's Language+Classic Card SharkZip Zip BoomRocknroll Hanover ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFClassic Patty+Classic Card SharkWinbak PattyShotgun Scott ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED TCFavorite Canadian+GlidemasterTybridgeGarland Lobell ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT TFCraving You+KadabraBack On TrackDonerail ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON TCTrue Brew+KadabraFashion TangoTom Ridge ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PFMach Mine Blue+Mach ThreeBenazire Blue ChipArt Major ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PFImthebigsisMach ThreeImthebig StarArt Major ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PFThree BabesMach ThreeBunkhouse BabeRoyal Mattjesty ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PFThree Tiaras+Mach ThreePrincess CallieWestern Hanover ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON TCWords MatterMuscle MassJJ's JordynAngus Hall ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON TFFiery AshMuscle MassSmokin AshAngus Hall ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON TFTuned UpMuscle MassLife ClassAngus Hall ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFZipline Royal+Royal MattjestyTopless HallBlissfull Hall ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFComing Your Way+Royal MattjestyZipadeedoodahCastleton Success ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCCoin Flip+Royal MattjestyDouble FlipBadlands Hanover ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFGot Power+Royal MattjestyCell PowerWestern Hanover ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCIrish Prince+Royal MattjestyFamily LoveWestern Hanover ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCLand Of RoyaltyRoyal MattjestyBoogie Woogie LandBadlands Hanover ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFRoyal Abby+Royal MattjestyAberdakaraAbercrombie ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT TFRoyal Peach+Royalty For LifeGeorgia BabyMutineer ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFPlay My Game+Shadow PlayGame TableCam's Card Shark ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCWinning Play+Shadow PlayWinbak BetBettor's Delight ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PFZipping By+Shadow PlayBy The ZipArtiscape ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFSeel The Dark+Shadow PlayRafaella SeelsterCamluck ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PFDouble Play+Shadow PlayLady LeslieWalton Hanover ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCBall Three+Shadow PlayMichelle’s DreamArtsplace ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCBionic Man+Shadow PlayThe AssassinatorRichess Hanover ON

11/8-11/9 HARRISBURG MIXED PFBook List+Shadow PlayBook OrderThree Wizzards ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCPrince Teaser+Shadow PlayMy Little ArtArtsplace ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCHe's Thrifty+Shadow PlayTriple FantasyIsland Fantasy ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFEclipse Day+Shadow PlayAmerican TailAmerican Ideal ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCCheap Night Out+Shadow PlayFree AdmissionPowerful Toy ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFSatdnite Jukebox+Shadow PlayJukebox MoneyJK Outlaw ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PFFashion Blogger+SportswriterFashion GuruRustler Hanover ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PCModern WriterSportswriterModern CinderellaModern Art ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PFIn The News+SportswriterWinbak IsabellaWestern Hanover ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFPrideinmystride+SportswriterAshley's PrideThe Panderosa ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCJournalistic+SportswriterEnchanted BeautyWestern Ideal ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PCPress Time+SportswriterFlirtwithedealerCam's Card Shark ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCBeach Blanket Book+SportswriterBeach BonnetCamluck ON

10/2-10/6 LEXINGTON PCBig City News+SportswriterLondon EyeWestern Ideal ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PFExpress Writer+SportswriterRed Carpet QueenWestern Hanover ON

11/5-11/7 HARRISBURG SELECT PFLady Reporter+SportswriterI'm All InCam's Card Shark ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCLunar Launch+Vintage MasterCalico MoonTotally Western ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCViking Era+Vintage MasterViking MaidenMatt's Scooter ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFBrave Becky+Vintage MasterFun FillyCam's Card Shark ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCVintage Vinyl+Vintage MasterColie HanoverNo Pan Intended ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PFDivine Essence+Vintage MasterWu Wei HanoverArt Major ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCMaster Treaty+Vintage MasterArt AllianceArtiscape ON

10/13-10/14 LONDON SELECTED PCHidden Figure+Vintage MasterHidden CostCam's Card Shark ON

*Agent Horse

+Stored Stem Cells Available


2018 Sale Schedule

Goshen - 9/9

Lexington - 10/2-10/6

London - 10/13-10/14

Harrisburg - 11/5-11/7

Har. Mix - 11/8-11/9


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