Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete And Raised To Win

Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania. In addition, many yearlings are eligible to the Maryland Standardbred Race Fund.

The 2022 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for more information.

Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates. Click on a sale name to see Winbak Farm’s full roster for that sale.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 741 P C Flag Day Lazarus N Love That Cut Presidential Ball NJ
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 652 T C Wishing Spell Trixton Hall Of Wishes Broadway Hall NJ
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 800 T C Overnight Text Trixton Overnight Hit Giant Hit NJ
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 59 T C Amazing Catch Walner Mets Life Kadabra NJ
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 60 P C Like The King Bettor's Wish Kattimon Astreos NJ
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 102 T C Well Met Walner Met's Inn Mutineer NJ
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 970 T F Shesmybetterhalf Trixton Winbak Half CR Excalibur NJ
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 831 T F Six Inch Heels Six Pack Roll Sevens Chapter Seven NJ