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Sept. 13th

Sept. 18th-21st
Oct. 1st-5th

Oct. 19th-20th
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Nov. 7th-8th
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Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Indiana, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.

2019 OnGait Sale LINEUP

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Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam State
9/18-9/21 ONGAIT TCDisc Master+GlidemasterNew DVDLike A Prayer ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PCRicottabkiddinme+BetterthancheddarFreedom AwayDream Away ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PCBe My Shadow+Shadow PlayClearly FoxyRoyal Mattjesty ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PCRoyal Doctrine+Well SaidFast PrincessArtiscape OH

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT TCBlack Tuxx+GlidemasterTracy My LoveDream Vacation ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PCBold Statement+Rock N Roll HeavenFun FillyCam's Card Shark NY

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PCEarl Said+Well SaidJK CabaretBettor's Delight OH

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PCRising Sea+Royal MattjestyPrincess CallieWestern Hanover ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PCNatural Duer+Bolt The DuerWu Wei HanoverArt Major NY

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT TCFirst Over Triumph*Triumphant CaviarOverand Over AgainAndover Hall OH

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PCLoyal Will+BetterthancheddarRespectednbelovedDream Away ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PFFive Card Trick+Classic Card SharkWild RetreatAllamerican Ingot ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PFLady In Lace+Shadow PlayPrincess LaceArtsplace ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PFA Better Game+BetterthancheddarShe's GameThe Panderosa ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PFDeuce's Baby+Quik Pulse MindaleShadowed DeuceShadow Play NY

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PFIrish Daydream+Vintage MasterIrish DayArtiscape ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PFElegant Blue+Heston Blue ChipElegant GirlAllamerican Ingot NY

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT TFJulieann B+Angus HallQueen JuliaSand Vic ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PFLeisure Seeker+Heston Blue ChipBidforakissBadlands Hanover NY

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT TFSummers Luck+Lucky ChuckySummer HitGiant Hit NY

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT TFAngelic Miss+ArchangelGaelic MistressStriking Sahbra ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT TFGirls With Swirls+Angus HallCandid ManerDonerail ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PFFiftyshadesofbliss+Shadow PlayBlissful MaddieBlissfull Hall ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PFCards Of Fools+Classic Card SharkWhat Fools BelieveWestern Hanover ON

9/18-9/21 ONGAIT PFMiss Tango+ArtspeakNF SalsaBlissfull Hall PA

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Sale Dates

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Goshen: 9/8


Ohio Jug: 9/13


OnGait: 9/18-9/21


Lexington: 10/1-10/5


London: 10/19-10/20


Harrisburg: 11/4-11/6


Har. Mix: 11/7-11/8