Winbak Farm Yearlings

Born To Compete And Raised To Win

Be sure to check out our lineup to take advantage of opportunities in slot-enriched states.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania. In addition, many yearlings are eligible to the Maryland Standardbred Race Fund.

The 2022 Yearling Roster is displayed below. Please click on a yearling’s name for more information.

Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates. Click on a sale name to see Winbak Farm’s full roster for that sale.

Sale Hip Gait Sex Yearling Sire Dam Sire of Dam State
9/12 GOSHEN 27 P F Vivacious Viola* Huntsville Da Believer Western Terror NY
9/12 GOSHEN 90 P C Smart N Sassy Courtly Choice Smart Girl Roll With Joe NY
9/12 GOSHEN 46 T C G Q Hall* Conway Hall Great Quantity CR Commando NY
9/12 GOSHEN 64 T C Leno's Star Met's Hall Mia Stellina CR Commando NY
9/12 GOSHEN 39 P C Family Secret Courtly Choice Family Love Western Hanover NY
9/12 GOSHEN 67 P C Boston Delight Boston Red Rocks Mimi's Delight Bettor's Delight NY
9/12 GOSHEN 85 P F Julieann's Elsa Courtly Choice Redwalls Red River Hanover NY
9/12 GOSHEN 9 P F Cheri's Choice Courtly Choice Winbak Speedi Riverboat King NY
9/12 GOSHEN 69 T C Stellar Way - OUT Conway Hall Miss Stellina Explosive Matter NY
9/12 GOSHEN 58 P F Queen Kim Roll With Joe Kim's Majesty Royal Mattjesty NY
9/12 GOSHEN 83 P F Powerful Melissa Bolt The Duer Pulse Power Quik Pulse Mindale NY
9/12 GOSHEN 14 P C Joe's Rollin Roll With Joe All The Ladies Shadow Play NY
9/12 GOSHEN 6 P C Vodka N Cran Artiscape Vodka N Lime Shadow Play NY
9/12 GOSHEN 49 P F Roll Again Roll With Joe Here Again American Ideal NY
9/12 GOSHEN 60 T C Jack's Boy Met's Hall Kristen Y Malabar Man NY
9/12 GOSHEN 92 T C Ride Free Met's Hall State Fair Dream Vacation NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 897 P F Josie's Party Roll With Joe Thisthatntheother Dream Away NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 465 P R Spring Blake Courtly Choice Spring Break Dream Away NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 861 T C Smokin Power Muscle Mass Smokin Ash Angus Hall ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 141 P F Bridge Of Love American Ideal Stonebridge Kisses Artiscape NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 658 P C King's Column Courtly Choice Fast Princess Artiscape NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 581 T C Hall Of Legends Cantab Hall Bobbi Jo's Ex CR Excalibur PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 882 T C Market Surge The Bank Supreme Dish Malabar Man ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 597 T C Athens Hall Conway Hall Celestial Angel Archangel NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 927 P F Mighty Mackie Courtly Choice Linden Beauty Armbro Mackintosh NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 240 P F Pass Code Bettor's Delight Code In Art Major ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 932 P F Easy Cheesy Betterthancheddar Wisdom Artsplace ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 914 P C Perfect Noodle American Ideal Use Your Noodle Artzina NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 770 T F Family Riches Met's Hall Mom's Apple Pie Striking Sahbra NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 817 P C Twisted Joke McWicked Qrakmeup Blue Chip Sunshine Beach ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 578 P C Book Deal Sportswriter Big Bottom The Panderosa ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 427 P C Restive Spirit McWicked Restive Hanover The Panderosa ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 879 P F Sandy Court - OUT Courtly Choice Sun N Sand Astreos NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 13 P C Ashers Basher Bettor's Delight Ashlee's Star Western Hanover ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 784 P F Wicked Girl McWicked New Hollywood Cam's Card Shark ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 786 T F Crypto Queen International Moni New Royalty Giant Hit PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 800 T C Overnight Text Trixton Overnight Hit Giant Hit NJ
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 708 P F Jenna's Court Courtly Choice Jenna's Joy Jenna's Beach Boy NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 721 T C Bitcoin Magic The Bank Kimco Lady Malabar Man ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 166 P C Dealers Turn American Ideal Wishfora Fullhouse Cam's Card Shark NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 673 P F Sinfully Wicked McWicked Gadgets To Go Cam's Card Shark ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 757 P F Marie's Choice Courtly Choice Marietta Hall Cambest NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 272 P F Desperate Dream Boston Red Rocks Dreamlands Latte Artsplace NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 684 P C Road Zipper McWicked Gottalottago Badlands Hanover ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 655 T C Your Fancy Man Cantab Hall Fancy Fran Angus Hall PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 742 T F Flauntin Curls E L Titan Love To Flaunt Angus Hall NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 808 P F Pink Crush Laura Shadow Play Pink Is Perfect Cam's Card Shark ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 751 T F Princess Noelle Met's Hall Maiden Knight Conway Hall NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 734 P F Ur Very Sassy* Roll With Joe Wild Retreat Allamerican Ingot NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 801 P C Dab O'Color Sportswriter Paints Hall Blissfull Hall ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 605 T C Market Banker The Bank Clover Market Broad Bahn ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 412 P F Chris's Choice Courtly Choice Princess Christine American Ideal NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 713 T F JJ's Jingle International Moni JJ's Jordyn Angus Hall PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 763 T F Melissas Day Resolve Melissa's Angel Archangel ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 376 T C Highly Motivated International Moni New Leaf Muscles Yankee PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 906 P C Sir Trouble Courtly Choice Troubled Escape Artiscape NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 203 P F Plum Lucky Bettor's Delight B So Lucky Artiscape ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 606 P F Lizzie Blue Courtly Choice Coed Blues Arturo NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 537 P C Watch Me Roll Roll With Joe Amazing Control Shadow Play NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 892 P C Wicked Night McWicked Warrawee Templar Shadow Play ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 697 P F Hydrate Betterthancheddar I Love The Beach Shotgun Scott ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 574 P F Reprisal Heston Blue Chip Betterthanrevenge Quik Pulse Mindale PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 823 P F Drama Club American Ideal Real Drama Real Desire NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 493 P F American Tide American Ideal Tidewaterdragonfly Dragon Again NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 826 P C World Revival Stag Party Revival Cards Royal Mattjesty ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 727 T C Beerncheers International Moni Lady Tini Sand Vic PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 910 T F Twist Of Tabby Cantab Hall Twist Of Faith Sand Vic PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 53 P C Astarwasborn Bettor's Delight Feelinglikeastar Artiscape ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 733 P F Lilly's Court Courtly Choice Lillywhites Artiscape NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 205 P F Angel Bay American Ideal Bay Girl Royal Mattjesty NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 590 P C Cowboy Cargo Jimmy Freight Bunkhouse Babe Royal Mattjesty ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 535 P F Bneath The Cover Shadow Play Always Covers Bettor's Delight ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 748 T F Beach Bank The Bank Beach Magic Dream Vacation ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 549 P F Summer Games Shadow Play April May Dune Duneside Perch ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 308 T C Skillet Bar Hopping Happy Michelle Explosive Matter PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 296 P F Crafty Crystal American Ideal Glass Maker Artsplace NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 839 P C Flag Party Stag Party Sassafras Girl Badlands Hanover ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 831 T F Six Inch Heels Six Pack Roll Sevens Chapter Seven NJ
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 425 P C Bet On Red Bettor's Delight Red Carpet Queen Western Hanover ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 741 P C Flag Day Lazarus N Love That Cut Presidential Ball NJ
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 809 T C Cowboy Rules International Moni Pinkcowgirlboots Glidemaster PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 236 P F Groovy Jane Ann Roll With Joe Chotat Milk Jate Lobell NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 805 P C Party Pass Stag Party PH Diagnosis American Ideal ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 694 T F Hopeful Angel Archangel Northern Hope Angus Hall ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 614 T F Velvet Slippers International Moni Dancing Slippers Angus Hall PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 644 T F Beauty Bar International Moni Eight Bells Conway Hall PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 849 P F Selina's Choice Courtly Choice Selinas's Joy Dragon Again NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 723 P F Golden Krisp Roll With Joe Krushed Apple Western Terror NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 472 T C Soncando Cantab Hall Sugarcane Yankee Windsong's Legacy PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 325 T F Bar Town Bar Hopping Island Town Yankee Glide PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 928 P F Clubhouse Stag Party Winbak Wiggle Well Said ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 645 P C Court Docket Courtly Choice Elizabeth Spencer Western Ideal NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 565 P C U Go Joe Roll With Joe Badlands Jenna Badlands Hanover NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 634 P F Fair Deal American Ideal Dreamfair Infinity Camluck NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 711 P F Comic Play Shadow Play Jet America Allamerican Native ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 540 P F Style's Choice Courtly Choice American Tail American Ideal NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 787 P F Jose's Girls Shadow Play NF Salsa Blissfull Hall ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 363 T C King Fury Chapter Seven Mom's Sweetie Pie Donerail NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 632 P C Bet On Sunshine Betting Line Drag N Sand Dragon Again PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 416 P F Purrfect Patricia Courtly Choice Purrfect Bags Roddy's Bags Again NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 615 P C Night Swing McWicked Dancingatnight Rocknroll Hanover ON
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 431 P F Rock The Court Courtly Choice Rocknroll Wishes Rocknroll Hanover NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 764 P F Rollnindreams Roll With Joe Michelle Rocks Rocknroll Hanover NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 410 P C Ideal Ponder American Ideal Ponder Dat Ponder NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 793 P F Blue Kaiulani Heston Blue Chip O Narutac Kaiulani Rocknroll Hanover PA
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 318 P C Joe Can Talk Roll With Joe Ideal Talker Western Ideal NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 555 P F Kim's Choice Courtly Choice Artomatic Love Western Ideal NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 570 P C Ouchie American Ideal Beach Burn Somebeachsomewhere NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 220 P F Hottubpoppinbubbly American Ideal Lady Bubbles Sportswriter NY
11/7-11/9 HARRISBURG 908 P F Kiss My Cheek McWicked Twin B Cheeks Sportswriter ON
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 958 P F Bad Nella Monella* Badlands Hanover Nella's Bus Roddy's Bags Again DE
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 953 P F Blue Madam Heston Blue Chip Maranatha Hanover No Pan Intended PA
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 959 P F Paper Heart Heston Blue Chip Paper Cut Northern Luck PA
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 941 P F Venice Beauty Dream Away All Italian Allamerican Ingot DE
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 970 T F Shesmybetterhalf Trixton Winbak Half CR Excalibur NJ
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 957 P F Ms Aviation Heston Blue Chip Ms Harrington Camluck PA
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 951 P F Ashlee's Forty Badlands Hanover Love You Forty Artsplace DE
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 952 P F Overly Classy Classic Card Shark Luck Runns Over Badlands Hanover DE
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 963 P F Curtsyforpurrseco Roddy's Bags Again Purrfectly Bad Badlands Hanover DE
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 1600 P F Lady B* Boston Red Rocks Testing Center Dragon Again NY
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 945 P C Rowdy Dragon Roddy's Bags Again Delightful Play Shadow Play DE
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 967 P C Toy With Me Heston Blue Chip Toy Delight Bettor's Delight PA
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 962 P C Pasta Sauce Badlands Hanover Puccini Blue Chip Magical Mike DE
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 972 P F Dontcountonme* Stag Party Youcancountonme Artsplace ON
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 943 P C Getaway Driver Roddy's Bags Again Artist Jewels Real Artist DE
11/10-11/11 HARRISBURG MIXED 971 P F Bella's Dream Dream Away Winbak Isabella Western Hanover DE
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 304 P C Wicked Prince - OUT McWicked Novel Writer Sportswriter ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 449 P F Hailey's Hope Courtly Choice Hallie Gallie Village Jolt NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 60 P C Like The King Bettor's Wish Kattimon Astreos NJ
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 856 P F Yoga Pose Jimmy Freight Mystic Form Art Major ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 617 P C Chip In Blue Heston Blue Chip Modern Cinderella Modern Art PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 664 T C Breezy Hall Cantab Hall Baileys Breeze Angus Hall PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 584 P F Jenny's Heart Bettor's Delight Hearts N Flowers Artiscape ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 623 P C Party Place Stag Party Streisands Place Artsplace ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 260 P C Jacks Got Game McWicked Lady Jackie Badlands Hanover ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 443 P C Brooklyn Strong Shadow Play Kim's The Best Betterthancheddar ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 578 P C Jubilant Jerry American Ideal Makes You Wonder Jenna's Beach Boy NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 59 T C Amazing Catch Walner Mets Life Kadabra NJ
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 255 T C Trek Cantab Hall Travelin Supergirl Kadabra PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 752 T F Met My Lady Met's Hall Lady Winona Credit Winner NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 282 T F Spa Chic International Moni Day At The Spa Andover Hall PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 627 T F Fitness Class Muscle Mass Life Class Angus Hall ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 732 P C Urgent Bay Stag Party Bay Sky Art Major ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 377 P C Hunter Green Huntsville Benazire Blue Chip Art Major NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 863 P F Diamonds Choice Courtly Choice Flirtwithedealer Cam's Card Shark NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 804 P F Cheddar Crossing Betterthancheddar Bunker Away Dream Away ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 829 P C Dreams Of Boston Boston Red Rocks Dreams Are Great Dream Away NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 504 T F Southern Moni International Moni Mississippi Dream Dream Vacation PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 539 T C Workout Video Muscle Mass Video Chic Lucky Chucky ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 233 P F Mystic Bell American Ideal Hypnotize Artiscape NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 684 T C Terrific Tim International Moni Sensual Hall Garland Lobell PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 669 P C Best Night Ever Betterthancheddar Before Dawn Cambest ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 881 P C Foiled Dragon Fear The Dragon Place Your Best Cambest OH
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 305 P F Nawty Stay Hungry Open Book Test Real Desire PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 591 T C Five Second Rule Cantab Hall Females Rule Angus Hall PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 246 P C Regal Idea American Ideal Regal Wish Cam's Card Shark NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 190 T F Sweet Sweet Jane Cantab Hall I'll Bring Dessert Chocolatier PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 895 T C Bank Of Stars The Bank Starlit Eyes CR Commando ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 793 T C Perfect Form Conway Hall Exotic Form Malabar Man NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 776 P C Fear The Day Fear The Dragon Sand Speed Matt's Scooter OH
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 687 T C Forbidden Treasure Cantab Hall Ivory Pearl Muscle Hill PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 115 T F Senorita Siete Chapter Seven Tosca Muscle Mass NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 891 T C Heaven's Count The Bank Silent Blessings Muscles Yankee ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 235 T C Seven Minute Abs Chapter Seven Fitness Girl Muscles Yankee NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 874 P C Courtly Gesture Courtly Choice Bet On Sis Bettor's Delight NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 565 P C Courtly Prince Courtly Choice Ruffle's Kiss Blissfull Hall NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 743 P F Sweet Report Sportswriter Sweet Bonnie Royal Mattjesty ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 481 P F Powerful Idea American Ideal Walk Softly Allamerican Native NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 208 P F Hungry World Stay Hungry Inanotherworld Artsplace PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 346 P F Ready For Fun McWicked Regally Ready Royal Mattjesty ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 556 P C Macwow McWicked Pleasant Yet Bad Badlands Hanover ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 461 P C Salute America American Ideal State Of Joy Badlands Hanover NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 633 P F Media Chic Sportswriter Shes A Pansation No Pan Intended ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 857 T C Met's Challenge Met's Hall Winbak Roberta Plesac NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 54 P C Devils Cocktail - OUT Sweet Lou Margarita Monday Ponder PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 755 P C Legal Attack Bettor's Delight Impact Zone American Ideal ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 811 P F Drinksinthesand Fear The Dragon My Little Beach Somebeachsomewhere OH
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 675 P F Swift Talker McWicked Flibbertigibbet Albert Albert ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 652 T C Wishing Spell Trixton Hall Of Wishes Broadway Hall NJ
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 348 T C Townplace International Moni U Wanna Lindy S J's Photo PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 710 P C Aintbluenomore Heston Blue Chip Jenna's Delight Bettor's Delight PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 538 P C Mcpleasant McWicked Pleasant Roll Roll With Joe ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 880 T C Stock Options The Bank Revenue Shares Revenue S ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 488 P F Ideal Entry American Ideal Free Admission Powerful Toy NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 727 P F Bettor's Best Bettor's Delight Best Tussle Pro Bono Best ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 388 P F Bettor Sisters Bettor's Delight Ashlee's Quik Quik Pulse Mindale ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 501 P F Free Flyin Fiona Courtly Choice Free Ticket Quik Pulse Mindale NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 62 T F Just For Ash Cantab Hall Just For You Yankee Glide PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 646 P F Vivi Z Betterthancheddar Kimberly's Baby Vintage Master ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 795 T C Devil's Kiss Archangel Adreamcomestrue As Conway Hall ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 814 T F Seasons Of Love The Bank Broadway Concert Broadway Hall ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 629 T C Dynamic One Devious Man Roberta's Fantasy Andover Hall NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 738 P F Raffle Winner McWicked Chancey Lady Camluck ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 444 T F Lady Eight Chapter Seven Lady Love Hanover Cantab Hall NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 838 P C Zip My Lip Stag Party Double Flip Badlands Hanover ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 789 P C Bet On Brady Betting Line I'm Just Special Camluck PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 418 P F Dune Shadow Shadow Play Dune Speed Western Ideal ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 681 P C Totally Toxic Courtly Choice She's Poison Western Ideal NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 672 P F Wicked Serena McWicked Serena Said Well Said ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 540 P F City Of Stars Courtly Choice Western City Western Hanover NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 457 P F Empty Nest - OUT American Ideal Smokin N Grinin Grinfromeartoear NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 883 P C Your Party Stag Party Not Enough Grinfromeartoear ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 239 P C Rule The West Bettor's Delight Maid West Western Hanover ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 674 P F Access Granted Captain Crunch Authorize Western Ideal PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 806 P F Betterwithglasses Betterthancheddar London Eye Western Ideal ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 243 T C Fitness Pro Cantab Hall Lovely Lynnly Credit Winner PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 288 T C Bourbonic Cantab Hall Kirsi Hanover Donato Hanover PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 592 T F Summer Crush Muscle Mass CR Mimosa CR Commando ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 448 P C Wicked Feeling McWicked Feeling You Cambest ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 620 P C Jersey Driver Shadow Play Jersey Pearl Dragon Again ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 575 T C Take A Stance Cantab Hall Tantalizing Donna Donerail PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 595 T C Sainthood International Moni Truffles Chocolatier PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 9 P C Believe In America American Ideal Believe In Me Roll With Joe NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 65 P C Hoop Star Courtly Choice Sports Chic Sportswriter NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 741 P C Bet N Shout Betting Line Swift N Shout Rocknroll Hanover PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 436 P F Leanne's Choice Courtly Choice Village Madonna Rocknroll Hanover NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 739 P F Winner Bells Shadow Play Bell Bottom Pans Noble Ability ON
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 513 P F Platinum Express Huntsville Platinum Choice Admirals Galley NY
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 102 T C Well Met Walner Met's Inn Mutineer NJ
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 754 P C The Blue Easy Heston Blue Chip Easy De Vie No Pan Intended PA
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON 628 P F Queen's Castle Courtly Choice Queen Bee Hanover Somebeachsomewhere NY
9/16 OHIO SELECTED 187 P C Slay Another Day Fear The Dragon Patience Blue Chip Rock N Roll Heaven OH
9/16 OHIO SELECTED 271 P F Slay My Way Fear The Dragon Where's My Pebble Ponder OH
9/16 OHIO SELECTED 233 P C Valid Point Well Said Sowhatsyourpoint Cam's Card Shark OH
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 38 P C Wordstoinspire Artspeak Mom's Bella Quik Pulse Mindale ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 14 T C Fast Buck Fout Archangel Command A Buck CR Commando ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 26 T F Essential Quality The Bank Great Quality Glidemaster ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 9 P C Sports Banquet Sportswriter Black Stilletos If I Can Dream ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 19 T C Cash To Ash The Bank Fiery Ash Muscle Mass ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 16 T F Yell It Archangel Dont Tell My Girl Mutineer ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 33 P F Lightning Lizzie Betterthancheddar Lilli Maid Christian Cullen ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 39 P C Zippennrippen Shadow Play My Perfect Rhyme Cole Muffler ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 30 P C Gouda Luck Betterthancheddar Irish Day Artiscape ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 50 P F Timeless Kiss Artspeak Timeless Beauty Dragon Again ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 46 P F Stag Royal Stag Party Royal Dew Royal Mattjesty ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 28 T F Valuable Miss My MVP His Mistress Mutineer ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 10 P C Shade Of Blue Shadow Play Blue Paradise Artiscape ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 35 P F Speak Of Joy Artspeak Marvalous Joy Delmarvalous ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 13 T C Fly Higher Archangel Candid Maner Donerail ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 3 P F Justinothershadow Shadow Play Arts Bid Artsplace ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 29 P F Starzy Shadow Play Imthebig Star Art Major ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 34 P F Queen Of The Deck Betterthancheddar Magic Card Veeza ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 5 P C Baga Cash Shadow Play Bagaholic Dragon Again ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 18 P F Party Style Stag Party Elegant Gift Shadow Play ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 11 P F Single To Mingle Stag Party Bunkhouse Play Shadow Play ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 44 T F Hit The Bank The Bank Queen Julia Sand Vic ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 4 T C Game Stats My MVP Back On Track Donerail ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 32 P F Lady Wicked McWicked Lady Jen Royal Mattjesty ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 40 P C Battle Of York Betterthancheddar Pillage Royal Mattjesty ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 49 T F Light Her Up Archangel Starter Up Muscles Yankee ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 24 T F Royal Allure My MVP Georgia Baby Mutineer ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 42 P C Power Master Shadow Play Power Again Dragon Again ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 8 P F Bet I'm Shady Shadow Play Winbak Bet Bettor's Delight ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 12 P F McWicked Move* McWicked Call Your Mamma Cam's Card Shark ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 17 P C Look N Learn Betterthancheddar Double Ideal Western Ideal ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 41 P C Sailor's Shadow Shadow Play Pink Ideal Western Ideal ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 47 P C Bettor's Rush Bettor's Delight Sister Pippa Sportsmaster ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 1 P C Advice Party Stag Party Advice Column Sportswriter ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 52 P F Love Party Stag Party Two Sides Of Love Sportswriter ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 7 P F Cabana Nana Betterthancheddar Beaches N Dreams Rocknroll Hanover ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 25 P F Lady Graph He's Watching Graphene Rocknroll Hanover ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 36 P F Mery Mayhem Shadow Play Mery Linny Lee Riverboat King ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 51 P C Pirates Shadow Shadow Play Treasure Valley Roddy's Bags Again ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 53 T F Gaming Queen The Bank Video Queen Classic Photo ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 48 P C Party It Up Stag Party So What's Up Badlands Hanover ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 21 T C Eiffel Power My MVP French Doll Donerail ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 6 P C Officer Cheese Betterthancheddar Bandolera Hanover Western Hanover ON
9/25 ONTARIO SELECT 27 P C Naughty Pursuit McWicked Happy Kim Camluck ON