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NJ Track Slots Bill Introduced

Thursday, June 05, 2014  By: Standardbred Canada

Republicans in New Jersey have announced that Assemblyman Ron Dancer has introduced legislation which calls for slot-machine gaming to be introduced to racetracks in the state.

Via release, the New Jersey Assembly Republicans have announced that the bill will help bolster the state’s horse racing and casino industries while creating a new and sustainable source of funding for open-space preservation without raising taxes or diverting existing revenues.

Dancer’s bill, A-3194, authorizes slot machine gambling to be conducted at horse racetracks in a mutually beneficial agreement with the casinos (racinos) that dedicates the state’s share of revenues for open space preservation.

“This is hitting the Trifecta with three winners: tracks, casinos and open space,” Dancer was quoted as saying.

“Slot machines at the state's racetracks will capture the flow of people leaving New Jersey for the neighboring racinos in New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware, and (will) increase revenues for the tracks and casinos,” said Dancer. “On top of that, the slots will provide a much-needed source of funds from the state's share to protect open space from development, while providing funds to develop parks.”

Implementation of the bill will require an amendment to the State Constitution, and Asm. Dancer has introduced ACR-152 that proposes the amendment allowing the Legislative action specified in A-3194.

“The horse racing and casino industry have been fighting declining revenues and attendance for years, and the state needs sustainable funding for open space preservation. The extension of casino slots to the tracks is a painless way to stabilize the economics of our racetracks, casinos and conserve New Jersey’s dwindling supply of undeveloped land, without placing a burden on taxpayers.”

(With files from the NJ Assembly Republicans)

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