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Southern Oaks: 2015 training roster

Sunday, January 25, 2015  By: Kendra Casselman


Here is the 2015 training roster for Southern Oaks, Sorrento, Fla. Sires with first crops in training at Southern Oaks are Big Jim, Broad Bahn, Manofmanymissions, Roll With Joe, Shadyshark Hanover and Up The Credit.

Dave Arrenholtz Stable
Payback For All 2,c,t, Swan For All—Mystical Taya
Really 2,c,p, Real Desire—R Reva Raye

Feetonthedashboard 3,f,p, (p,2,1:53.4, $103,705) Panspacificflight—Incredible Dodger
Maisey Hanover 3,f,t, Explosive Matter—Mary Ana Hanover

John Butenschoen Stable
Acting Out 2,c,p, Art Major—Shake That Junk
American Messenger 2,c,p, American Ideal—Good Stuff
Blueshark Attack 2,f,p, Shadyshark Hanover—Blue Hour
Byob 2,c,t, SJ’s Caviar—Brioni Suite
Diffie 2,c,p, Roll With Joe—Ideal Coast
Fancy Broad 2,c,t, Broad Bahn—Francy Crown
Fiery Will 2,c,p, Well Said—Fiery Buckeye
Hammer Jammer 2,c,t, Donato Hanover—Ladymattic
Hardnottolikeme 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Carmen M
Hititoutofthepark 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Celebrity Liza
Ideally Lindy 2,c,p, American Ideal—Sunshine Sister
Landjack Hanover 2,c,t, Cantab Hall—Likeavirgin Lindy
Lima Cadillac 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Celebrity Deville
Lookin Sharp 2,f,t, Andover Hall—Warrawee Krisp
Major Plans 2,c,p, Art Major—That’s The Plan
Rocabybaby Fashion 2,c,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Eternitys Delight
TC Backstreet Boy 2,c,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Backstreet Sweetie
Twill Be Done 2,f,t, Donato Hanover—Polyester Hanover
Ustinov Bi 2,c,t, Donato Hanover—Crysta’s Image
Western Dial 2,c,p, Western Ideal—Kwik Dial

Ameritime 3,f,p, (p,2,1:58h, $42,158) American Ideal—L’Chaim
Boots N Chains 3,c,t, (2,1:54.4, $119,529) Yankee Glide—Celebrity Liza
Dragon Eddy 3,c,p, (p,2,1:51.1f, $143,607) Dragon Again—Jaska Hanover
Dudes The Man 3,c,p, (p,2,1:51.3, $45,601) American Ideal—Art’s Risk
Gold Coast Muscle 3,c,p, (p,2,Q1:55.1f, $3,740) Art Major—Ideal Coast
Harmonyoakscricket 3,f,p, Panspacificflight—Royal Rulah
Just For A Victory 3,c,t, (2,1:59.3, $14,878) Valley Victor—Just Having Fun
Mistup Magic 3,f,p, (p,2,1:55.3f, $33,100) Dragons Again—Maremma Hanover
Pennyforurthoughts 3,g,p, (p,2,Q1:57.4f, $14,609) Western Terror—Find A Penny
Sports Idol 3,c,p, Sportswriter—Moving Pictures
Strategic Alliance 3,c,t, (2,1:59.1f, $11,600) Yankee Glide—Swift Kid Hanover
Sugar And Cream 3,f,t, (2,Q1:58.4f) Explosive Matter—Chippiesbrownsugar
Suit And Tie 3,c,t, (2,1:58.4f, $49,810) Andover Hall—Warrawee Krisp
Tomy Terror 3,c,p, (p,2,1:50.2, $206,315) Western Terror—Mib Hanover

James “Friday” Dean Stable
Cape Cod 2,f,p, Big Jim—Living With Art
Jimmys Little Girl 2,f,p, Big Jim—Sheer Hose
Northern Lauren 2,f,p, Mach Three—Four Starzz Meliss
Peg 2,f,p, Dragon Again—Western Duel
Shadow Pink 2,f,p, Shadow Play—Pink Is Perfect
Thisorthat Hanover 2,f,p, Sportswriter—Transfer Hanover

Ballybunion 3,c,p, ($3,360) Mach Three—Rosapenna
Split The House 3,c,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Shake That Junk
Ennistymon 3,f,p, (p,2,1:55.4, $8,380) Rock N Roll Heaven—Enniscrone
Jeb 3,c,p, (p,2,1:54.3f, $32,100) Camluck—Keystone Treasure
Platoon Seelster 3,g,t, (2,1:59.4h, $142,000) Federal Flex—Personal Hanover

older horse
Sam 4,m,p, (p,3,1:55.2, $44,340) Dragon Again--Kahlua Queen

Carl Jamieson Stable
Bow Ties N Bourbon 2,c,t, Manofmanymissions—Bobs Muffin
Carter Beach 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Flaming Diablo
Flaherty 2,c,p, Up The Credit—Ingrid Bergrin
I’m In Love 2,f,p, Badlands Hanover—I’m All In
I’m Sporty 2,c,p, Sportswriter—Mach You And Me
Ninoscredit 2,g,p, Up The Credit—Security Banner
Noone To Depend On 2,f,p, Santanna Blue Chip—Tipsy Taters
Not Now They Said 2,f,p, Well Said—Sweethearts Dance
Sayonara Hall 2,f,t, Deweycheatumnhowe—Shooting Starlet
Southwind Mayhem 2,c,p, Sportswriter—Mondiane Hanover
The Big Digger 2,c,p, Up The Credit—Lone Mystic
The Catamount Kid 2,c,p, Well Said—Under Your Spell
The Rocket Man 2,c,p, Manofmanymissions—Under The Pines
To His Credit 2,c,p, Up The Credit—Winning Hand
Up Where We Belong 2,f,p, Mach Three—Spun Sugar
We’ve Had Enough 2,c,t, Kadabra—Disco Inferno<

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