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On Friday, January 22nd, Jimmy Freight’s, p, 2, 1:52.3s; 3, 1:48.3s; 1:48.1s -'19 ($1,457,405), first foal was born. The colt is also the son of Walk On Air, p, 3, 1:54.4f ($46,385).


“We have been highly anticipating the first arrival of Jimmy Freight’s initial crop and were definitely impressed when we saw the first foal,” said Pat Woods, Winbak Farm of Ontario Manager.


The mare and foal will reside at Winbak Farm of Ontario. The duo is owned by Adriano Sorella, who is also the owner of Jimmy Freight.


“It is a special feeling knowing that you now get to experience a whole new part of the industry,” said Sorella. “I went from being a racehorse owner to taking an active role in stallion ownership and breeding, and now I will be able to watch the offspring grow and hopefully one day race.”


Walk On Air is a Sweet Lou daughter from the family of Millionaires Rocknroll Hanover and Royalflush Hanover.


Recently, the Jimmy Freight ownership group sent out information on a new process being used to assist Jimmy Freight in getting more mares in foal in 2021. Click here to read more about the 2021 process.


“The breeding part of the business is definitely not the easiest process, but it’s one that can create a whole new set of memories,” said Sorella.


For more information on Jimmy Freight, please visit For any breeding-related questions, please call Pat Woods at 905.838.2145 or email him at


“We are excited for more Jimmy Freight foals to arrive,” said Woods. “As Jimmy Freight’s foals and other Winbak Farm-related foals arrive, their pictures will be posted on Winbak Farm’s Facebook page. Be sure to follow!”