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In advance of the 2021 breeding season, the owners of pacing stallion Jimmy Freight have issued a statement regarding the stallion's 2020 breeding season results.

The statement is as follows.

Dear Potential Breeders,

We know that when it comes to breeding your mare there are many variables to take into consideration, and at the end of the day, regardless of how well you plan things, there's always a small leap of faith that you need to take. One thing that you shouldn't have to worry about is the stallion's fertility, so Jimmy Freight ownership would like you to know the following:

As the 2020 breeding season came to a close, we were not happy with the pregnancy results for mares bred to Jimmy Freight in his first year. After discussions with equine reproductive experts, Dr. Charles Hall (Winbak Farm of Canada Vet) and Dr. David Scoffield (Select Breeders Services Vet), we felt it was in our best interest to add Dr. Charles Love at Texas A&M University to our panel. Dr. Love ran a series of tests on Jimmy Freight’s semen. After the results, it is in our reproductive experts' opinion that we could increase pregnancy rates by making a few small changes to our collecting, extending and insemination process. These small but important changes will normally increase pregnancy results significantly.

Winbak Farm’s new protocol for the 2021 breeding season in regards to Jimmy Freight semen will be as follows.



    Jimmy Freight will be collected every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as normal.




    Jimmy Freight semen will be centrifuged after every collection to remove seminal fluid, then extended to more concentrated smaller volume doses.




    All breeders will use certified reproductive vets for ultrasound and insemination of Jimmy Freight semen.




    All breeders' vets will use deep horn insemination technique to breed their Jimmy Freight booked mares



It is in our reproductive experts' opinion that by centrifuging Jimmy Freight’s semen, we can provide our clients with a more concentrated and more motile dose of extended semen. The technique of deep horn insemination will get the semen closer to the ovulating follicle and increase conception rates. Also, the smaller more concentrated dose will stay in the mare longer to do its job of fertilizing the egg. To help clients that want to breed to Jimmy Freight in the 2021 season, Winbak is accepting mares this coming year for breeding.

We hope this update will help with your 2021 breeding decisions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, at or call/text 416-890-0553.