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“I am so happy to announce Jimmy Freight, full and closed,” said Pat Woods, Winbak Farm of Ontario Manager. “He's a fan favorite and I loved to watch him race.”


Jimmy Freight, p, 2, 1:52.3s; 3, 1:48.3s; 1:48.1s -'19 ($1,457,405), is standing his first year in 2020. He stands at Winbak Farm of Ontario.


“He could race from any post, on any track, against anyone,” said Woods. “He competed every night and beat some of the nicest horses in North America. I am glad to see the breeders recognize the potential and support this horse.”


Jimmy Freight’s connections are grateful for the support that he has had in North America.


“It's fantastic to see the response he's had from breeders both in Canada and the US,” said Adriano Sorella, Jimmy Freight’s owner.


Adriano spearheaded a massive marketing plan to get Jimmy Freight attention amongst a competitive lineup of Ontario stallions. He introduced the $100,000 Jimmy Freight Stakes that is going to be just for Jimmy Freight offspring. The plan included using social media and race simulcasting to his full advantage.


“The response to the marketing and advertising efforts were great. I was looking to do just a little more and add my experience as an online marketer to the racing side of it,” said Sorella.


Woods looks forward to seeing Jimmy Freight’s offspring race.


“I really like what Jimmy brings to the Ontario breeders, his slick gait and ability to carry his speed in the corners will allow his offspring to get around any size track,” said Woods.  “These traits should make his offspring competitive in Ontario Sire Stakes racing and beyond.”


Sorella is excited to see what his own mares produce (that are being bred to Jimmy Freight) and to have the opportunity to buy future Jimmy Freight offspring from other breeders.


“I have personally bred a few to him and I am excited to see his foals go through the sales ring in the years to come.


Mares that are booked to Jimmy Freight for 2020 are highlighted by fast and rich race mares including:

  • Artimittateslife, p, 3, 1:51.3s ($997,901) 
  • Barockey, p, 1:50.2s ($619,301) 
  • Dazzling Rockette, p, 1:51s ($375,115) 
  • Dingle Bay, p, 3, 1:52f ($341,798) 
  • Exhilarated, p, 1:50.1s ($632,880) 
  • Fancy A Dream, p, 1:51.3s ($342,145) 
    • Dam of Awesomeness, p, 1:50s ($429,489) 
  • Lola Palooza, p, 1:51.3 ($275,666) 
  • Love That Cut, p, 1:53.3f ($301,062) 
    • Half-sister to Lather Up, p, 1:46 ($1,917,935) 
  • Pacific Date, p, 1:51s ($234,214) 
  • Sgt Molly Pitcher, p, 1:51.2 ($244,574) 
  • Shadows Wonder, p, 3, 1:53.2s ($205,760)
  • The Assassinator, p, 3, 1:51.1f ($304,029)
  • Whats New Pussycat, p, 3, 1:51.4f ($294,001) 
    • Dam of JK Willpower, p, 1:49s ($782,442)


Jimmy Freight’s 2020 book also includes multiple sisters to Millionaires including:     

  • Ainteasybeingeasy, a ½-sister to Western Dreamer, p, 1:49 ($1,812,176) 
  • Australia Hanover, a ½-sister to Dynamic Youth, p, 1:48.1f ($1,227,793) 
  • Classic Rock, a full-sister to Blue Moon Stride, p, 1:48.4s ($1,244,786) 
  • D Gs El Nina, a ½-sister to Southwind Tempo, p, 1:48.2 ($2,445,541), and Hula’s Z Tam, p, 1:52.2h ($1,076,610) 
    • Dam of D Gs Pesquero, p, 1:50.3s ($485,837) 
  • Light Of Day, a ½-sister to Bettor’s Edge, p, 1:48.1s ($2,204,531)
  • Mowet Blue Chip, a ½-sister to Georgia Pacific, p, 3, 1:49.1f ($1,388,160)
  • Pacific Classic, a ½-sister to Pacific Fella, p, 1:48.2 ($1,064,631) 
  • Panettone, a ½-sister to Symphony In Motion, p, 1:49 ($1,065,949)
  • Sand Gesture, a full-sister to Wakizashi Hanover, p, 1:47.3 ($1,602,724)
  • Sweet Otra, a ½-sister to In The Arsenal, p, 3, 1:49.1 ($1,056,803)
  • Wishing Well, a ½-sister to Rare Jewel, p, 1:49s ($1,396,153)


Additional proven producers booked to Jimmy Freight include:

  • Pro Bowl Best, dam of Higher and Higher, p, 1:49.1f ($944,224), & Santanna One, p, 3, 1:51.4s ($549,747)
  • Rising Sun, dam of Nefertiti Bluechip, p, 3, 1:52.2s ($320,177)
  • Shellys Delight, dam of Sports Bettor, p, 1:50.3f ($506,542)
  • Tampa Town, dam of With Anticipation, p, 1:47.2 ($497,383), & Mach Lady, p, 1:51.3f ($344,634)

The farm thanks Adriano Sorella for allowing Jimmy Freight to stand at Winbak Farm of Ontario.


“It has been a pleasure working with Adriano, once the deal was made to stand Jimmy,” said Woods. “Adriano's passion for the sport can only lead to more great ideas that will benefit the breeders and owners of Jimmy Freight offspring.”


Limited syndicate opportunities are still available. Call 905.838.2145 for more information. More information on Jimmy Freight can be found at and on his very own website at