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Sept. 10th
Oct. 3rd-7th

Oct. 14th-15th
Nov. 6th-8th

Nov. 9th-10th
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In 2017, Heston Blue Chip’s highly-anticipated first crop yearlings will sell. It will also be the first year for Ontario-eligible yearlings from Archangel and Betterthancheddar.

Our yearlings are eligible in Delaware, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania.

2017 Lexington LINEUP

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Yearling videos will be posted closer to individual sale dates.
SaleHipGaitSexYearlingSireDamSire of Dam Type State
10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFRhyme N Roll+A Rocknroll DanceMy Perfect RhymeCole Muffler Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFDance Obsession+A Rocknroll DanceWhere The Heart IsAbercrombie Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFRock It Hallie+A Rocknroll DanceHallie GallieVillage Jolt Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCDanceathon+A Rocknroll DanceThongWestern Hanover Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCCovered Bridge+American IdealStonebridge KissesArtiscape Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCSouthern Success+American IdealKG DelightNorthern Luck Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCDealer's Table+American IdealHasty PulseQuik Pulse Mindale Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFIdeal Sarah+American IdealMerculeseArtsplace Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCJack Nation+American IdealLadyjackCam's Card Shark Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCLevi's Ideal+American IdealKim's CaperBadlands Hanover Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCArtie's Ideal+American IdealMidnight ArtArtsplace Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCDream Nation+ArchangelMississippi DreamDream Vacation Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFJordans AngelArchangelJJ's JordynAngus Hall Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFCelestial Angel+ArchangelClassical StrikeStriking Sahbra Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFAshlee Sparkles+Art MajorAshlee's StarWestern Hanover Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFBay Sky+Art MajorBay GirlRoyal Mattjesty Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCLight Wind+Art MajorVillage MadonnaRocknroll Hanover Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCMajor Mark+Art MajorFlirtwithedealerCam's Card Shark Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBetter EarlBetterthancheddarBad SisterBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBetter Than Cash+BetterthancheddarKattimonAstreos Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCGold Case+BetterthancheddarPrincess CallieWestern Hanover Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCNo Ordinary Man+BetterthancheddarHypnotizeArtiscape Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFCafe SocietyBetterthancheddarBunkhouse BabeRoyal Mattjesty Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFBetterthanbad+BetterthancheddarFit N BadBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFLove's Delight+Bettor's DelightLove You FortyArtsplace Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBettor's Parlay+Bettor's DelightParlay HanoverWestern Ideal Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBettor's Account+Bettor's DelightArt AccountArtsplace Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFFull Moon Fix+Bettor's DelightBalasunThe Panderosa Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFBea My Delight+Bettor's DelightB So LuckyArtiscape Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCMaintenance Man+Bettor's DelightDouble FlipBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCRide Captain Ride+CaptaintreacherousRestive HanoverThe Panderosa Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFEmpress Crown+Chapter SevenShipps EmpressKing Conch Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCBeer Hall+Conway HallLady TiniSand Vic Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCDesign Winner+Credit WinnerClasicaly DesignedLindy Lane Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCTravel Winner+Credit WinnerTravelin SupergirlKadabra Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFWinner's Way+Credit WinnerMichelle's WayConway Hall Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFMiss Manner+Explosive MatterMissy LaneLindy Lane Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCExplosive Form+Explosive MatterExotic FormMalabar Man Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFLight Blue+Heston Blue ChipNecessary ElementRed River Hanover Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFTerrific Trish+Heston Blue ChipFeelinglikeastarArtiscape Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCHillbilly Rich+Heston Blue ChipHornby LuckyDexter Nukes Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCTrue CustomKadabraJ MarieAngus Hall Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCWicked Wizard+KadabraMet's RivalPine Chip Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFThree Chips+Mach ThreeBenazire Blue ChipArt Major Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFBen's Jenna+Mach ThreeBadlands JennaBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFEarn My Stripes+Mach ThreeTiger StyleLife Sign Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCThree West+Mach ThreeMaid WestWestern Hanover Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TFMuscle N Beauty+Muscles YankeeCabaret HallGarland Lobell Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFJo Jo Rolls+Roll With JoeVillage JovialThe Panderosa Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFJoe's Girl+Roll With JoeDonna's GirlVillage Jove Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBack Road+Roll With JoeRoyal DistractionRoyal Mattjesty Yearling NY

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCRecord Year+Shadow PlayStreisands PlaceArtsplace Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCBag Of Figs+Shadow PlaySass NewtonStorm Compensation Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFOutsider Art+Shadow PlayArt AllianceArtiscape Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCJeff's Journey+Shadow PlayAlota BlingBadlands Hanover Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCCustom Cut+Shadow PlayLove That CutPresidential Ball Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFNew Writer+SportswriterNew HollywoodCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCSharp WriterSportswriterToy DelightBettor's Delight Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFNovel Writer+SportswriterWishfor RocknrollRocknroll Hanover Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFTalented WriterSportswriterKim's Royal DayRoyal Mattjesty Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCSports Bet+SportswriterWinbak BetBettor's Delight Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCGossip Guy+SportswriterFlibbertigibbetAlbert Albert Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFAge Is A Number+Vintage MasterI'm All InCam's Card Shark Yearling ON

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCZip Zip Will+We Will SeeZip Zip BoomRocknroll Hanover Yearling OH

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFPhilly Wellness+Well SaidPacific PhillyPacific Fella Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFSerena Said+Well SaidSelinas's JoyDragon Again Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCWalking Trail+Western IdealWalk SoftlyAllamerican Native Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PCFive Oclock Idea+Western IdealMargarita MondayPonder Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFCloudsinmy Coffee+Western IdealDreamlands LatteArtsplace Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON PFPink Ideal+Western IdealPink Is PerfectCam's Card Shark Yearling PA

10/3-10/7 LEXINGTON TCBlue Max Inn+Yankee GlideMet's InnMutineer Yearling PA

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